Laura faces a recall GH
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Laura arrives at the hospital and says hello to Epiphany, Portia, and Britt at the nurses’ station. Portia asks if they’ll see her at the softball field later. Laura hopes they will. She heads off, and Britt comments, “You’d never know that was a dead woman walking.”

Britt calls Laura a dead woman walking GH

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Sonny chats with Violet in the waiting area. Sonny hurt himself boxing, and Violet has a case of poison ivy that needs to be checked out. Finn approaches and reminds Violet not to scratch, and also tells Sonny he’s advised him about his boxing. Laura arrives and says hello to everyone. Sonny and Finn both saw the piece in The Invader, and she assures them that she has everything taken care of.

Finn counsels Sonny and Violet GH

Laura runs into Kevin, who asks how she’s doing. She admits she’s so nervous that she feels sick. Kevin tells her that she doesn’t need a tidal wave of votes to know she’s loved. They head into a meeting room, where Scott welcomes her to the first meeting of the committee to save her hide.

Kevin encourages Laura GH

Laura explains the first order of business is to say goodbye to Mac. She can’t have it look like impropriety is going on with him as a member of the PCPD. Sam notes she and Curtis are here to pick up the slack for Mac on the investigative front. Mac departs, and they get the meeting underway. Alexis apologizes for the story, but she had to run it as it was legitimate news. Scott can’t believe there were enough people to sign a petition for a recall election. Scott reads the letter sent to the op-ed, blaming Laura for the surge of crime in the city among other things from a group calling themselves The Friends of Port Charles.

The committee to save Laura GH

Laura asserts the anonymous writer had the right to voice their opinion, but Curtis points out it’s not everyone’s opinion. Scott has a four-point plan. First Laura will submit a rebuttal to the paper, and he and Robert will form a legal strategy to help her. Scott says they need someone to help win the townspeople over, so Kevin and Carly agree to work on that. Finally, Sam and Curtis will be looking into who this group The Friends of Port Charles are.

People support Laura GH

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Later, Carly and Sam arrive at the Quartermaine mansion where Ned has called a family meeting to strategize for the upcoming softball game. Carly and Sam accuse Ned, the former mayor, of being behind The Friends of Port Charles. Ned assures them that he’s moved on from politics, and the family backs him up.  Michael admits he could see how they might assume it was Ned though.

Quartermaine Softball Game GH

Back at the hospital, Laura thanks Scott for what he’s doing. He tells her, “You’re my friend, well, you are more than that.” They flash back to their wedding.

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Earlier at Kelly’s, Obrecht found a woman with the petition to unseat Laura. She said she wanted to sign it because there is someone feeding the pigeons outside, which she called a flagrant violation of the law. She dragged the woman off to show her. Scott then swooped in and took a photo of the petition.

Scotty captures the petition GH

In the present, Scott shows the list to Laura, with one particularly notable signature he circled. Laura is shocked. Scott says it’s not what they are up against, it’s who.

Laura walks into an office and asks Bobbie, “So, how long have you been waiting to settle the score.” Bobbie says of course she wants payback after what Lucy did to her last year at the softball game. Laura is confused, shows her the petition, and asks if this is her signature. Bobbie explains she signed a petition to save the whales, and she would never agree to recall Laura. She thought they had gotten past their fighting over Scotty 40 years ago. They flash back to their fighting over Baldwin and laugh about it. Bobbie assures her that this group is just a loudmouth minority. She points out many of those people likely thought they were signing another petition. Laura knows that the op-ed was personal and dirty, and she wonders who would do this to her. She also apologizes for jumping to assumptions about Bobbie.

Bobbie flashback with Laura GH

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Sonny and Curtis meet with Ms. Wu at Sonny’s office. They ask if she knows her nephew was helping to spearhead a group to recall Laura. Wu admits she does, and she volunteered him for the job. Sonny explains Laura is a friend, so she needs to back off. Wu agrees, and Curtis asks for the name of her contact in the group.

Sonny and Curtis question Ms Wu

At the Metro Court pool, Victor has assembled the family to dominate in the softball game today. Laura enters and says, “So the Cassadines are going to dominate the softball game? Like they once tried to dominate the world? Not while I draw breath!” Alexis asks Victor if he wrote the op-ed in The Invader. Victor scoffs that if he was to make a move against Laura it wouldn’t be anonymous, and Nikolas notes it would cause them to unite against Uncle Victor.

Laura confronts Victor GH

Curtis calls Laura after following leads from Ms. Wu. He has news of who is behind The Friends of Port Charles, and she won’t like it.

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Laura heads to Pentonville and visits Cyrus, who assumes she read his letter. She asks if he’s the mastermind of The Friends of Port Charles. He insists he can’t mastermind anything behind bars and he is only an advisor. She asks who is in charge. He explains it’s a group of people who are disillusioned by the way she is running the town. He rants that the police department is corrupt, General Hospital is an aging money pit, and ELQ and Cassadine Industries get tax breaks at the expense of the little men and women. Laura wonders if these people are of such high morals then why did they hire a criminal like him as an advisor. He blasts her for condemning him when that is up to God and preaches she needs to turn back on the path of righteousness. She wonders where God was in that scathing op-ed of his filled with hate. She tells Cyrus she forgives him and thanks him for watching out for Port Charles. He’s rendered speechless and on the verge of tears as Laura leaves.

Laura visits Cyrus GH

Back at the hospital, Curtis drops by to give Portia news. Cyrus has been transferred back to Pentonville, and Jordan assures him he is locked down tight. Portia won’t let that evil man ruin this beautiful day.

Back at Sonny’s, Wu swears to Sonny that she never would have gotten involved in this group had she known Cyrus was part of it. Sonny is glad to hear that.

At Kelly’s, Mac, Kevin, Scott, and Robert discuss the situation. Talk turns to teasing Scott, as the men wonder how Obrecht will react to Scott running to Laura’s rescue. He assures them he can help Laura and still have Liesl as his girlfriend. They disagree.

Lucy brings Obrecht to the nail salon where they run into Laura, Felicia, Bobbie, and Anna. Lucy and Bobbie take verbal jabs at one another over last year’s game in which Lucy struck Bobbie out twice. Bobbie advises Liesl not to turn her back on Lucy, because who knows when she’ll steal another man.

Girls at the Nail Salon GH

Scott enters, and apologizes for interrupting their beautification time, but is glad he has an audience to witness what he’s about to do. He gets down on one knee and announces he’s laying his heart at Liesl’s feet and asks her to make him the happiest man on the planet. Obrecht tells him with all her heart, “No!” She explains she’s already his and they should leave marriage to other fools. She affirms they have each other and don’t need anything more.

Laura and Maxie go to visit Elizabeth at Shadybrook. Liz enters the visitation room and she’s surprised to see Maxie. Maxie explains she brought her a bunch of products from Deception and they wish her a speedy recovery. Liz hopes her boys aren’t running Laura ragged. Laura says Carly gave them an open account at the Metro Court pool, so they are satisfied, and they send her a message to get better soon. Laura assures her that Scotty, Nikolas and Spencer, and Finn and Violet check in on the boys often, and she is so loved.

Laura and Maxie visit Liz GH

Laura heads to Charlie’s, where everyone arrives after the softball games. The crowd rallies around Laura and tells her to hang in there. Alexis again apologizes for the letter, but Laura is ready to publish her rebuttal. Laura’s voiceover notes The Friends of Port Charles weren’t entirely wrong, and there will always be problems. However, everything they claimed was wrong with their town is what is great about Port Charles. She insists they are a strong community, and she is proud to be a member. They are not just a town, but a family who takes care of each other. Kevin proposes a toast to Laura, and everyone cheers.  Laura continues that if she loses the recall then so be it. If the person who replaces her is a Port Charles lifer, as she is, then they’ll continue to grow as a town.

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