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Drew is swimming at the Metro Court pool and Carly, not knowing it’s him, tells him the pool is closed. He exits the pool and was hoping the owner could bend the rules for him. Carly ogles him, and he hopes she won’t revoke his membership for breaking the rules. She calls him just the distraction she needs after this day.

They sit down and Carly rants to him about what Scott did to Michael in court, and how Sonny comforted Nina afterward. He thinks she must have been devastated. She was, but at the same time, weirdly grateful. The Sonny she married, the father of her kids, he’s gone. She says what Sonny did in that courtroom severed the last tie between them. She finally feels free.

Drew congratulates her and thinks they should celebrate. She asks what he has in mind, and he suggests a night swim. She doesn’t have her suit, so he teases she can skinny dip. She hesitates and says, “Rain check.” He asks her to at least sit with him and put her feet in the water. She complies, and they eat ice cream cones together. She marvels this is just perfect. Afterward, Drew takes off his shirt to work off the ice scream swimming laps. She thanks him for the celebration, but he says it’s not over and it’s just getting started.

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At Charlie’s, Nina asks Sonny if he kissed her because he fought with Carly. He says when he kissed her that he wasn’t thinking about Carly. However, he did fight with Carly, who feels he’s gone against his family. They discuss the trial, and Nina explains she didn’t know the details of Michael’s past that Scott was going to bring up. Sonny explains Michael had no intention of killing Claudia. Nina knows that now, and she hated what Scott did to Michael because she didn’t like what she set in motion and that she might lose Sonny over it. Nina wanted to play fair, but Michael and Willow never intended to play fair. She vents they would never have let Wiley see her, and by the time he was an adult he’d have been brainwashed against her. Sonny believes she had every right to go for visitation.

Sonny explains when he saw Nina in court so hurt, he just wanted to make her feel better. She cries that small act of compassion he showed her by touching her cheek meant more than he’ll ever know. He smiles. Sonny explains Carly saw that, and that’s what they fought over. She felt he sided with her and Scott in going after Michael and said she was done with him. He explains Donna is the only thing between them now. Nina knows Carly would never use Donna as a pawn. Sonny admits he always thought he’d have some connection to Carly, from their past or the kids. He recalls her telling him that she doesn’t know who he is anymore and relates that to Nina.

Sonny knows a lot has happened since Nixon Falls and he’s changed. He feels Nina is the only one who understands him. He’s tired of hurting, and she accepts him for who he is. Nina wants to embrace this happiness, so he asks how they start. She suggests slowly. He thinks they’ve been dancing around this since Nixon Falls, so how much slower can they go. She admits she could fall hard for him, but what happens to her when it fizzles out. She wants them to build something real. He is okay taking it slow if that’s what she wants. She decides to head home but says she’ll call him

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Anna and Valentin go on their date to a drive-in to see a Hitchcock film. She has never been into a drive-in and tells him he’s a lot like this movie, complex. Anna gushes that she loves this movie, and he teases she’ll love the second feature even more. However, he won’t tell her what it is. He surprises her with a charcuterie board, sushi, and popcorn from Japan flavored with Umami. She is more old fashion and rather likes the movie popcorn with butter. He says he’s usually better at surprises, but she gives him points for remembering she loves Hitchcock.

Anna gets a message from work and shuts her phone off. Valentin asks if it’s about the Jennifer Smith case. She says no, and the WSB thinks that’s over and shut. She however can’t stop thinking about the French naval captain Jennifer mentioned. Valentin thinks back to posing as him and then suggests to Anna that Jennifer Smith made him up, or he’s just a poor sap she met and is trying to point the finger at. Anna moans and wonders if this is really a date, or a tactic to get information out of her.

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The cops raid The High Side, and Joss and Trina try and escape before they are busted, only to run into Rory. They explain why they are there, and Joss begs him to let them go because Trina can’t get arrested again. A higher-ranking officer pulls Rory aside to ask if he got IDs on the two girls. Rory returns to them and asks them for their IDs. Trina asks which ones, their real ones or their fake IDs. Joss explains this was her idea and to bust her but let Trina go.

After the other officer informs Rory that everyone has been rounded up, so to close down the scene, Rory returns to Trina and Joss. He lets them off with a warning and is interested in what they found. They tell him that Esme bought a burner phone from the bartender. Rory offers to run a background check on the guy and see what he can turn up. He gets paged to another scene and asks how they will get home. Joss says they’ll get a ride share.

Later the ride share arrives and Joss and Trina get into the car. They discuss all that went down tonight. Joss says Rory let them go because he likes her. Trina gathers he does.

At The Savoy, Linc orders a drink as Chase arrives and stops Brook Lynn from confronting him. He again tells her to trust him to handle this. She explains she followed Linc to see what he was up to and something went very wrong tonight for Linc. When Linc came out from the backroom she could tell he was not happy.

Britt returns and asks Nica at the bar if anyone turned in a phone as she left hers behind. Nica goes to check, and Linc tells Britt that he hopes she finds her phone as he hates seeing a lady in distress. He recognizes her from the GIF gone viral and would love to recreate it for a music video. He explains he’s a producer and flaunts all his wealth and success in her face. Nica returns with Britt’s phone, and she thanks her. She then blows Linc off and calls him a loser.

Link flirts with Brook Lynn

Meanwhile, Brook Lynn doesn’t listen to Chase’s advice and confronts Linc after Brook Lynn blows him off. Linc tells her to get lost as he’s expecting a call from Korea. The call comes in, and he offers one of Brook Lynn’s songs to a K-Pop boy band. Brook Lynn snatches his phone and tells the person that the song is no longer available and hangs up. Linc becomes furious, and Chase quickly intervenes. Linc threatens to sell Brook Lynn’s songs to a porn producer and then snarks since she can’t sing anymore she can still make some money acting in the films. Chase ups and decks Linc.

Meanwhile, Wu arrives and asks Brad why he called her back. Brad tells his aunt there is a problem with the game. Judge Abbott called out, so Brad let another player buy-in. She is furious as the player wasn’t vetted. Brad explains he knew the password and thought he’d be okay. Just then Cody exits the backroom with a lot of cash. Wu recognizes Cody, and he explains Brad was nice enough to let him sit in on the game. Cody tries to sneak off, but Wu sicks her guard Li on him and says she needs to have a word with him outside.

Cody is thrown out back by Li, and he explains to Wu that he bought into the game and won fair and square. Ms. Wu is furious because he beat all the players and caused the game to end too soon. When the game goes on, the stakes get higher, and she makes loans to cover the players.

Cody gets it now, as Wu vents he cut into her business. She wants him to pay her with his share of winnings. Li beats him to a pulp and takes his money, leaving Cody with a measly fifty dollars. Wu tells him that he’s still in her debt. Wu orders Brad and Li to follow her, and they head back into the club.

Cody gets beat up

Britt exits the club and finds Cody in bad shape. Cody ends up dozing off, and she fears he may have a concussion and orders him to stay with her. She examines him and suspects his ribs may be cracked and he should get an X-Ray. She helps him up, and Cody cries out in pain. She can’t believe he is the same guy who fell out of the sky and says she will get him to the hospital. He thinks that will cost too much, and he knows someone who can help him because they owe him.

Back in the club, Rory arrives and Linc tells him he was assaulted and wants to press charges. Rory approaches Chase and has heard of him by name. Chase knows what has to happen, turns around, and places his hands behind his back. Rory places Chase under arrest as a guilty Brook Lynn insists Chase was provoked.

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