Joss Trina find man selling phones GH
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Chase is at home eating cereal and watching the game. BLQ calls him from The Metro Court pool and says she thought they were meeting up. He says he’ll be there soon and hangs up.

Chase eventually shows up at the pool and sits next to BLQ. In the corner, Linc is chatting with Selina Wu, and Brook Lynn keeps an eye on them. Chase rattles on about how he’s glad to have this break from chasing down Linc until he notices the guy’s there and BLQ is watching him.

Chase BLQ relax pool GH

BLQ thinks Chase’s detective intuition should be tingling as he was just talking to Selina Wu. Chase promises her that he will get her songs back, but she needs to let him take the lead. BLQ waxes on about how important her songs are to her, and songwriting is the only thing she has left from that part of her past since she can no longer sing.

BLQ Chase at Metro Court Pool GH

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Linc approaches Chase and BLQ and asks how his favorite and personal ATM is doing this fine evening. He throws his jacked down on a lounge, and BLQ asks why he’s back in town. He says he’s just visiting in between all his meetings and taunts her that her songs are much more valuable without her attached to them. He just wanted her to know how much money he’s making off them, and then makes lewd comments directed toward her.

Linc taunts BLQ GH

Linc heads to the bar, and Chase follows him and tells him to leave BLQ alone and stop with the sick innuendos. As he tells him off, Brook Lynn goes through Linc’s jacket and finds a card for The Savoy and another with a password. Chase continues to lay into Linc and asks him to at least be decent and split the profits with Brook Lynn, but Linc says she’s rich enough. Linc eventually grabs his jacket and says he has better places to be and heads out.

BLQ updates Chase GH

BLQ tells Chase that what he did was the perfect diversion as Linc is up to no good and she knows what he’s doing. She fills him in on what she found in Linc’s pockets and says they should go to The Savoy and investigate. He tells her to slow down and enjoy this evening, there is plenty of time to deal with Linc. She sighs that maybe he’s right and asks him to go get the next round. When heads to the bar, she sneaks out.

BLQ Updates Chase GH

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In the hotel, Cody follows Zelda to a room, where Spinelli is waiting. He listens at the door as Zelda tells Spinelli she handled Britt Westbourne, but the parachuting idiot wasn’t part of the plan.

Cody listens to Zelda and Spinelli GH

Later, Spinelli heads out of the room and Cody confronts him. Cody knows what he and Zelda are up to, and says it’s going to cost him to keep his mouth shut.

Spinelli approached by Cody GH

At The Savoy, Sonny asks Nina not to head home and stay with him. They grab a table, and Sonny feels things are going to turn around, and with the trial over, they can finally face what is going on between them.

Elsewhere, TJ shows up to check in on Curtis. He tells him that Marshall explained everything to him, and he’s surprised Curtis came to work tonight with everything going on. Curtis sees Wu and says he has some events tonight that need his attention.

TJ and Curtis talk about Marshall GH

Wu approaches them and Curtis introduces his nephew to her. He then asks TJ to go order them a round as he needs to talk to Ms. Wu. In private, Wu informs Curtis that tonight’s game will have a very influential player joining them for the first time. Wu also wanted to check on him personally seeing he took some time off for a family matter because as an ally, their businesses are dependent on one another. She wants him to know he can talk to her at any time.

Wu warns curtis business tied GH

Later, Linc arrives and Curtis spots him. Curtis joins TJ at the bar and tries to convince him to head home and spend time with Molly. TJ realizes Curtis is trying to get rid of him. Curtis explains he has work to do, and with TJ there, he’ll keep focusing on Marshall. TJ agrees to leave as Wu shows Linc into the private game.

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At their table, Sam points Sonny and Nina out to Dante, but he’s going to pretend they aren’t here. Sam thinks that gives him the opportunity to fill her in on what trouble he and Cody got into back in the day. Dante again explains his mom sent him to camp to keep him out of trouble, which is where he met Cody. Cody was different, one of the only country kids in a camp full of city boys. Dante remembers the first time he saw a horse and how he was scared to death, and it was Cody who helped him to overcome the fear. He knows Cody may be a screwup, but he has a heart of gold.

Sam and Dante talk Cody GH

Back at Sonny and Nina’s table, Nina tells him that his son is here and hasn’t even said anything. Sonny assures her that he has no problem with Dante. He takes her hand and asks if she wants to go someplace more their speed.

Sonny Nina toast GH

Eventually, Dante and Sam decide to head out when Cody returns and urges them to stay as the party is just getting started. Dante tells him it’s late and they have to go.

Cody approaches Nica at the bar and explains he’s looking for Brad. She directs him to the back, which is where he heads, and pulls out a wad of cash. Meanwhile, Brook Lynn enters the club.

Back at the Metro Court, Spinelli returns to Zelda’s room and she asks what took so long. He says he had to stop by the ATM and that they have an issue. Back up at the pool, Chase keeps calling and leaving messages for Brook Lynn asking where she is.

At the campgrounds, Finn and Gregory talk about Cam. Finn doesn’t think Cam wants his help, but Gregory thinks he’ll come around in time. Meanwhile, Cam tries to teach Aiden how to hold the guitar, but Aiden snaps that he wants to figure it out himself. Jake tells his brother that Cam just wants to help, but Aiden vents that Cam is in college and soon Jake will be too, and if mom doesn’t come home then he’ll have to start figuring things out on his own.

Aiden flips out at Cam GH

Austin and Maxie go searching in the words for sticks to make smores when something appears to be watching them. Maxie hears some branches break and exclaims, “What was that?” Austin thinks it could be a fox, or maybe a skunk. As they try and hightail it out of there, Gregory and Violet appear out of nowhere and Violet yells, “Boo!” Gregory apologizes if they startled her, and explains they were gathering sticks for smores too.

Maxie hears something in woods GH

Back at camp, Finn pulls Wyatt aside and asks him if he can find a way for Aiden to participate in the sing-along. Wyatt thinks he has a perfect idea. Wyatt approaches Aiden and explains he needs to pick a campfire song and asks for his help.

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Cam later approaches Finn and knows he had a hand in calming Aiden down, and he thanks him. Cam understands Finn just wants what’s best for him and his brothers because he cares about them and his mom. He apologizes for jumping on him earlier, and admits he’s scared and so are his brothers. Finn reveals he’s scared himself, but they’ll get through this. They shake hands.

Cam and Finn bond GH

Eventually, everyone gathers around the fire as Wyatt plays a song and sings with Cam, who also drums on a log. The song centers around making it through the tough times because they have love on their sides. Everyone applauds when it’s over, and Maxie notices Austin is missing.

Cam and Wyatt sing GH ABC

Austin heads back to the woods and tells someone they made their point. A figure comes out, and he says the next time he wants to talk to come to him and leave Maxie and her friends alone. Austin asks them what they want?

Austin mystery person GH

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At The High Side, a gentleman asks Joss and Trina if they are lost? He demands to see IDs, and they produce some fake ones, which the man immediately calls them on. He tells them to beat it and suggests they invest in better fakes in the future. Trina explains that’s why they came, they heard someone here could get them fake IDs and a phone. The man points to the guy behind the bar and tells them to make it quick.

Man busts Trina and Joss GH

Trina and Joss ask the bartender for fake IDs and a burner phone, and point out the guy who sent them his way. He tells Joss the phone will cost a grand, and Joss says that won’t be a problem. Trina notes they don’t want to get scammed again, as they’ve been burned before. She shows him a photo of Esme who told them she got her phone here and asks if he recognizes her. He does recognize her and says she had an attitude.

Joss and Trina investigate Esme GH

A man approaches Joss and Trina from behind and recognizes them as being the girls all over the news a few weeks ago. Joss tries to convince him that he has them confused with someone else, but he knows all about them and that Trina’s father is a cop. The bartender freaks as the other guy calls Joss the PCU campus porn queen and gets handsy. She shoves the creep off of her. The man who called out their fake IDs intervenes to help, and the lecherous man tells him to butt out. An all-out brawl breaks out. The cops soon arrive, and Joss and Trina find themselves trapped.

Trina Joss witness bar fight GH

Nina and Sonny arrive at Charlie’s and grab a table. Sonny wants to talk about them and what happens next. He then pulls her into a kiss. After he tells Nina he now knows there is no going back for him, and Carly made it clear they are done. Nina asks, “Did that kiss just happen because you got in a fight with your ex-wife?”

Sonny Nina at Charlies GH

On the next General Hospital: Brad warns Selina there’s a problem with the game. Chase catches up to BLQ and advises that she’s in a far worse position than she was before. Joss asks a cop to bust her, but to let Trina go. In the Metro Court pool, Drew asks Carly to bend the rules for him.

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