Wyatt and Austin setup camp
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Cam, Jake, Violet, Finn and Gregory arrive at their campsite in Pautuck for the evening. Aiden soon joins them in his PC Pioneer outfit. Cam tells Finn he needs a break from all this pretending and is going to grab his phone.

Aiden Jake Cam camping GH

Cam calls Joss, who is outside of Kelly’s with Trina, and can’t believe PCU ruled against Trina. Joss tells him not to worry as they have a plan. She asks where he is, and he explains he went on a family trip camping. He just hates acting like everything is okay when it’s not.

Cam calls Joss GH

Cam returns to the campsite, and Finn asks him if he’s okay. Cam vents that coming here was a huge mistake. Cam tells him about Trina’s case, refuses to talk about it, and storms off.

Cam thinks camping a mistake GH

Finn consults with his dad about Cam’s troubles and his unwillingness to talk to him. Gregory suggests he try again, but Finn has a better idea.

Finn has an idea GH

Later, Gregory approaches Cam and talks to him about his friend. Cam opens up about Trina’s Title IX troubles, which he honestly finds confusing. Gregory offers to answer questions as a college professor. After a talk, Cam feels better. Gregory reveals it was Finn who suggested he talk to him.

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At another campsite, Maxie surprises Austin, who is setting up camp with Wyatt. Austin is shocked to see her. She explains Georgie is a PC pioneer, though she’s not here this weekend, but as a parent, she is also a volunteer. He makes fun of all the things she brought, which she points out is part of glamping.

Austin happy to see MAxie GH

Maxie gets Austin to help her set up her tent, and she reminisces about a horrible camping incident with her sister Georgie when they were kids. After they get her tent set up, Austin reveals he is going to be sleeping under the stars because it’s supposed to be a clear night. He brought his dad’s guidebook of the trails because it makes him feel like his dad is here with him. She’s glad she can be here with him too, and they hold hands.

stick with here GH

Later, Wyatt returns a bag to Maxie that he found by her parked car. She calls him a savior because it’s her toiletry bag. Wyatt then goes over to Finn’s campsite and reveals he’s leading the sing-along tonight and they should come. Finn gets an idea.

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Violet, Aiden, and Jake meet up with Austin and Maxie. Violet is glad to see another girl and thinks they need to get this party started. As everyone gathers for the sing-along, Finn checks in with Gregory. Gregory says Cam was grateful for the talk, and to give him time because he will come around and warm up to Finn. Meanwhile, from the bushes, someone or something seems fixated on Maxie and Austin.

In her office at The Metro Court, Carly speaks with Sonny about their kids. Sonny tells Carly that Michael told him he’s thrown his relationship with his children away, and Carly agrees. She wants to discuss this rift between him and Michael. They argue, and  Carly doesn’t understand how he could hurt Michael by testifying for Nina and allow Michael to be attacked by Scott. Sonny points out it was court, he couldn’t stand up and stop Scott. Carly also saw what happened after Scott’s attack, instead of reaching out to Michael he consoled Nina. She cries she doesn’t know him anymore, and the man who came back from Nixon Falls is a stranger. Carly vents he had a family who adored him and he threw it away.

Carly doesn't know Sonny GH

Sonny reminds her that he wanted to work things out, but she pushed him away, and accuses her of punishing him. He knows sleeping with Nina was wrong, and he is sorry he hurt her. However, she wanted a divorce, she gave up on them. Carly insists she wanted time, which he wouldn’t give her, and he was lying to her for months about Nina. He quips, “And you wouldn’t know anything about lying?” He reminds her that when he came home, she was married to his best friend. Carly rants she and Jason never would have gone there if not for Nina’s lies. Sonny knows what Nina did was wrong, and he was furious with her at the time, but he still had those feelings for Nina from Nixon Falls. The lie she told was wrong, but the connection was real.

Sonny dejected by Carly GH

Carly accuses Sonny of choosing that connection with Nina over his family. Sonny states no, she and Michael chose to freeze him out, and she is cheerleading him on as he’s trying to destroy his business. Carly says Michael’s decision as a grown man is his own, and as Donna’s mother she must look out for her. Sonny asks if she’s planning to keep Donna from him. She insists she would never do that, but calls Donna their only connection now. She tells Sonny to live his life and she’ll live hers. Sonny agrees and walks out.

Sonny Carly argue over Donna GH

At the pool, Cody confronts Zelda about the missing money from his paycheck, but she tells him that he was paid what he was owed. He reminds her a drunk woman was not part of the deal and thinks that what he’s owed is worth it to protect her image.

Cody wants his money GH

Dante and Sam arrive and Dante asks what is going on. Zelda explains this man is trying to extort her, but Cody tells them she’s stiffed him what he’s owed for incidentals. Zelda says the money for incidentals he wants was deducted from his check because of everything he charged to his room, which was provided for free. Dante tells Zelda they’ll get him out of her hair and leads Cody off.

Dante and Sam rescue Cody GH

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At Kelly’s, Joss and Trina meet with Spinelli, who Joss is hoping can find something on the burner phone to connect it to Esme. He’s tried but can’t find anything. The phone was only used twice, and the serial number indicates it never made it to the store to be sold. Joss realizes the phone was stolen.

Spinelli advises trina and Joss

Spinelli gets a text message and is distracted when Trina asks him where one could buy a hot phone. He answers, “The High Side,” which he’s quick to point out is a bar they should not go to. He advises they give his information to Scott. Spinelli has to go but begs Joss not to do anything stupid. After he leaves, Trina googles the club address and they take off.

Spinelli helps Joss Trina GH

At The High Side, Joss calls her mom to tell her that she and Trina are going to be out late dancing. Carly tells her to have fun. They then head into the bar.

Joss and Trina at Highside Bar

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At The Savoy, Britt asks Nina what’s new with her. Nina reveals she almost left Port Charles. Britt is glad she didn’t because she has family here, and she rounds out her and Maxie and their motley crew. She asks why Nina decided to stay? Nina admits Sonny talked her into it and pointed out she can’t abandon Wiley. She says she must try to prove to Michael and Willow that she deserves a place in his life. Britt worries she could be setting herself up to get hurt, or she’ll do something to reinforce Michael and Willow’s decision. Nina thanks her for her encouragement. Britt reminds her she is the one who went to court and lost, so she has to give Michael and Willow time. Britt tells her on the bright side, she still has James… and Sonny. Nina doesn’t think she has Sonny, they just have something between them.

Nina britt talk Savoy GH

Sam, Dante and Cody arrive, and Sam goes to the bar to buy them a round of drinks. Cody and Dante grab a table and he notices Britt at the other table, and she spots him. He vents to Dante that Britt is here. Dante doesn’t want to talk about Britt. He’s worried about Cody being so hard up for cash. Cody swears he is not in trouble and he just lives gig to gig. Dante offers to loan the cashe, but Cody refuses to owe him like that.

Cody Dante chat GH

Sam returns with the drinks and asks if she’s interrupting something. Cody explains that Dante kindly offered to help him out with a loan. Sam doesn’t mean to pry but asks if he’s in trouble. Cody assures them there is no trouble but he does have plans. He’s saving up to open his own ranch. Sam thought he said he couldn’t stay in the same place for too long. Cody thinks it just needs to be the right place.

Cody won't owe Dante GH

Back at Britt and Nina’s table, Britt ignores her phone. Nina asks if she needs to answer it? Britt vents it’s Brad who thinks she’s depressed. She’s letting him sweat because he’s the one that took the video of her that went viral. They toast to making him suffer.

Britt gets real with Nina GH

Later, Cody catches Britt at the bar and offers her one last chance to buy him a drink. She asks if he’s leaving town? He confirms he is tonight. She tells him it’s still a no. Britt gets her drinks and tries to return to Nina. He yells back at her that he still can’t believe she’s not going to sue Society Setups. She suggests if he has a problem with them, handle it himself.

Cody rejoins his friends and tells Dante and Sam that he needs to get going but is happy they found one another. Cody explains there is one loose end he has to tie up before leaving town. Cody departs, and Sam tells Dante that he has an interesting friend there. Dante tells her that she has no idea. Britt and Nina walk by, and Britt comments to Dante that she doesn’t understand how Mr. Law and Order got caught up with such a con artist. Sam tells Dante she’s curious about that herself.

Sonny arrives as Britt and Nina are on their way out. Britt tells Nina good night and leaves them. Sonny was hoping he’d find Nina here. He asks where she’s headed, so she explains back to her place. Sonny asks her to stay with him tonight.

Cody returns to the Metro Court and follows Zelda to a room. Zelda heads inside, and moments later, Spinelli wheels a dinner cart out and heads back in.

On the next General Hospital: Cody tells Spinelli he can help him. BLQ informs Chase that Linc’s up to no good and she can prove it. Wu explains to Curtis that their businesses aren’t interdependent. Trina and Joss question a man at the bar if he remembers selling a phone to Esme. Sonny promises Nina that he’ll make it worth her while. In the woods, a startled Maxie asks, “What was that?”

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