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At The Metro Court pool, Michael tells Drew that he’s sorry the talk with Ned didn’t go well. Drew thinks Ned will come around and shows Michael the latest Aurora share projections which are skyrocketing. Michael asks who is buying all these shares?

Michael Drew talk Aurora GH

Carly appears and says, “You are welcome.” Michael reminds her that he didn’t want her involved, but she says Aurora is traded on the open market. Michael inquires how many shares she bought? She will only say she met with her financial advisor and took a calculated risk. She feels it’s paid off. Drew gets them drinks and they toast to Carly, ELQ, and Aurora. Carly also adds, “And to finally being rid of Valentin Cassadine.”

Carly buys stock GH

After Carly leaves, Drew asks Michael how he really feels about what his mom did. Michael thinks the pressure is on even more now to make sure they succeed. They need all hands on deck, and not just Ned’s. Lucy enters, and Michael and Drew approach her to shore up some prospects. Michael goes to get Lucy a drink, and Drew asks her how life is post IPO. She admits this right now is the first break she’s had in weeks. Michael returns, and she feels they want to pitch something.

Drew makes Lucy pitch GH

Michael says the winds are changing and they’d like her support at the upcoming shareholders’ meeting. Lucy asks if Valentin has done a bad job? They can’t say he has, but it’s a family business and he’s not a Quartermaine. Lucy wonders what is in it for her? Drew swears her to secrecy and reveals that Aurora and ELQ are merging. Michael explains that would work well for Deception, including a much wider global reach and cheap advertising rates. She says they’ve given her a lot to mull over, and she will be in touch. Lucy departs, and Drew thinks Lucy seems very tempted.

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In The Metro Court bar, Jordan interrupts Valentin and Martin’s meeting. Jordan informs Martin she got a call from the bureau about his brother. She says there is strong evidence he was not behind the attack on Martin and Laura while they were in protective custody. However, the FBI still doesn’t know who targeted them. Martin thanks her for the update. Jordan leaves them, and Valentin can see he’s worried.

Jordan gives Martin news

Valentin offers Martin around-the-clock security, but Martin isn’t worried about himself. He is worried about Laura, and he’ll do anything to protect her. Martin changes the topic to the upcoming ELQ vote. Valentin believes Ned will come over to his side, and he’s not worried about how the vote will go. Martin says if the Quartermaines do beat him, he had a good run. Valentin states ELQ has been his salvation as he was at his lowest when Ava and Nikolas took Wyndemere from him. He states failure is not an option. Valentin also has something else to discuss, but Martin assures him that he’ll make sure Lucy votes with him.

Valentin won't lose GH

Jordan stops by the bar to say hello to Sonny. Sonny tells her that she has something of his and he wants it back. He informs her that he has a ship of coffee sitting in the harbor, and every hour it sits there, he loses money. He wants to know what the holdup is with the port authority. Jordan honestly doesn’t know and she can’t help him. She asks Sonny what is really eating him. Jordan heard about the hearing and brings up her own troubled past with TJ. She believes Sonny will get through his issues with Michael too. Sonny says it’s different as TJ wasn’t hellbent on destroying her. Jordan believes a parent’s role is to never give up on their children.

Jordan Sonny talk sons GH

Carly arrives behind the bar and tells Sonny that she’s sorry to keep him waiting. Jordan decides to leave them, but Carly first asks if there is any news on Trina’s case. She tells them there isn’t anything new, but not to give up hope. Jordan departs, and Sonny and Carly head to her office. Carly wants to talk about the kids, and how to make sure they all are happy. Sonny mentions Micheal telling him that after the trial, he’s thrown away his relationship with his kids. Carly shocks Sonny and says she agrees with Michael.

Carly doesn't know Sonny GH

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At Kelly’s, Spencer tells Laura that the condition for his allowance from Ava is that he and Esme remain at Wyndemere. Laura is confused, and Spencer doesn’t blame her. However Spencer planned to work things out with his father anyway, so why shouldn’t he take the money too. She notes his relationship with money has always been problematic. He knows, but his priorities have shifted. She inquires what his priorities are now. He may never like Ava, but he can recognize she is important to the people who matter to him. Therefore, he can learn to live with Ava. Laura is very proud of him, however, she’s not sure he can reconcile with his father with Esme around.

Laura and Spencer talk family GH

Spencer is determined to make sure Esme doesn’t stand in the way of progress with his father. Laura just wants Spencer not to let having money again make him forget what he learned when he had none. The subject turns to Cam, and Spencer asks how he is. Laura feels if he wants to know how Cam is doing then he should talk to him himself. She also wants to see him work things out with all his friends, including Trina. Spencer knows he and Trina will never have a friendship as long as he’s with Esme.

Spencer's priorities GH

Laura asks if Spencer can blame Trina as he chose Esme. Spencer didn’t want to choose Esme, but she can be territorial. Laura knows she’s insecure and lonely, and she thinks maybe the lack of mothers in their lives is what drew them together. Spencer realizes the key to Esme is her past. Laura eventually must depart, and they share a hug. Spencer swears he will become the man she always told him he could be.

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At Wyndemere, Nikolas drops a bomb on Ava and asks her for a divorce. She asks what happened to working things out? Nikolas tells Ava this marriage of theirs is dead and unsalvageable. He wants to end this marriage and remarry her for real this time.

Nikolas wants Divorce GH ABC

Ava notes they are still working their way back to one another and they haven’t even slept together again yet. Ava worries about what could happen if they sever this union and they face another challenge preventing them from tying the knot again. Nikolas asks her to trust him that starting over is the best way to move forward.

Ava is unsure about the divorce GH

Laura arrives, and Nikolas tells his mother her timing is good as they have news to share. She hopes this means they are working things out. Ava tells Laura she and Nikolas are ready to move forward and begin a new chapter. Nikolas tells his mother before they can do that, they must get a divorce.

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At General Hospital, Ryan clenches down on Esme’s hand hard and tells her that words can’t express his disappointment in her. Esme explains his plan is good, but hers is better.

Ryan hurts Esme's hand GH

Outside of Ryan’s room, Felicia approaches the cops on duty, and they allow her inside. Felicia steps in and asks, “Who do you think you are fooling?” She enters the room and tells Ryan that his eyes give him away, he’s not helpless. Felicia asks Esme who she is, and Esme explains to her that she works at Spring Ridge with Dr. Chamberlain. Esme asks Ryan if he wants this visitor here, and he blinks, “Yes.” Felicia realizes he’s able to communicate and says he may be locked in, but as long as he can share his poisonous thoughts with another living being then he’s just as dangerous as he ever was.

Felicia Esme Ryan face off GH

Esme thinks Felicia should leave, but she explains she and Ryan go way back. She warns Esme that she may think she’s helping Ryan, but he’s a homicidal maniac. She advises Esme that Ryan’s very good at getting what he wants from people. Esme inquires who she is, so Felicia introduces herself. Esme wonders how she knows Dr. Chamberlain. Felicia explains Ryan stalked and was obsessed with her for years before Ava caught his eye. Ryan tries to communicate, and Esme translates that he’s saying Felicia is the bomb.

Felicia explains that’s Ryan’s idea of a joke, as he crashed her wedding reception with a bomb. She cautions Esme about what Ryan does to women, and that he left his own brother in an asylum for months. She advises her if Ryan would do that to his own brother, what would he do to her? Esme assures her that she’ll keep that in mind. Felicia warns her not to let Ryan get into her head, because once she’s served her purpose, he’ll discard her and probably kill her. Felicia departs, and Esme notes her father mentioned Felicia but left out a lot of details. Ryan vents that she is one of the great disappointments in his life, and Esme shouldn’t become one too.

Felicia faces Ryan GH

Esme insists to her father that if she exposes what she and Nikolas did right now, Ava and Nikolas will realize her agenda and kick her out. She hates to tell him this, but Ava and Nikolas are devoted to one another and could get past his infidelity. Ryan hopes she knows what she’s doing. Esme promises what she has planned will blow that family apart once and for all. Ryan hopes so as he needs to get on with the second part of his plan.

Esme questions Ryan GH

Later, in the halls, Felicia watches as Ryan is taken out of his room. They lock eyes before he goes into the elevator, and she appears to notice a smirk on his face as her eyes widen with fear.

Esme finds Spencer at Kelly’s. They kiss, and he tells her that after this shift he wants to spend every free minute with her.

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