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Outside of Kelly’s, Gregory, Finn, Violet, and Cam pack up the car for a camping trip. Laura tells them that Elizabeth will love to learn they are going on a trip together as a blended family. A distraught Cam has to get to work and rushes off. Laura tells Finn that she’ll talk to him.

Gregory asks Finn about Liz, and Finn tells his dad that Liz asked him to leave her alone because his presence was making it worse for her. Gregory knows his son and thinks he’s planning a way to help Liz whether she wants it or not. Finn admits he’s considered reaching out to Liz’s parents. Gregory suggests he focus on taking care of Elizabeth’s boys and trust Elizabeth to know what is best for her.

Finn gregory pack car GH

In Kelly’s, Laura asks Cam if he’s not going on the trip. Cam claims he has work and other things going on and roughing it in a state park isn’t his idea of a good time. Laura feels he should admire that Finn is trying to keep things normal for Jake and Aiden, as well as Violet. Cam vents that things won’t get better until their mom comes home.

Laura encourages Cam GH

Laura tells Cam about her visit with his mother and that she is concerned that he and his brothers are putting their lives on hold for her. Laura feels this camping trip could be a way to distract his brothers from what’s going on. She also thinks Finn could use Cam’s help right now and this is the time for their family to come together.

Cam listens to Laura advice GH

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At the hospital, Portia helps Epiphany study for the MCATs. Curtis and Marshall arrive, and Marshall smiles at Epiphany. They are there to have Marshall’s bandage changed. Epiphany takes Marshall to his room and will let his doctor know he’s arrived.

Portia helps Epiphany study GH

Portia asks how things went with his father. Curtis explains Marshall is okay with her knowing everything and tells her that he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Curtis explains his father felt he was protecting them from himself by leaving. Portia asks if he’s had any recent episodes, and Curtis says the medication has kept him under control.

Curtis portia talk MArshall GH

Curtis asks Portia if this disease can be passed along genetically. She explains there is a genetic component to it, but it’s not that simple. However, if he wanted to be sure, he could get genetic testing and counseling. He is interested in it but wants to talk to Marshall first. After Curtis leaves to check on his dad, Portia makes a call to set up an appointment with a genetic specialist because she has several serious questions. She appears concerned.

Curtis tells Portia about Marshall GH

In Marshall’s room, he tells Epiphany she doesn’t have to stick around until the doctor arrives. She tells him that’s not why she is there and lets him have it for up and leaving her. However, he did encourage her to go for her dream of being a doctor. He is proud of her and reveals he’s back to face his past and to stay.

By the elevators, Felicia and Mac wait to hear about Bailey’s visit with the pediatrician. Suddenly Ryan is wheeled in, and Felicia gasps, “No!” Mac approaches Rory and asks why Ryan is there. Rory explains he is to undergo a series of tests. Mac gets in Ryan’s face and says if it was up to him, he would have taken him down a long time ago. He assumes Ryan hates his life as a vegetable, which is still way better than he deserves.

Mac Felicia see Ryan

Suddenly Ryan screams in Mac’s face, jumps out of his chair and onto Mac. He yells, “You never were very bright!” and then bites into Mac’s neck as Felicia screams. However, it was all in Ryan’s head. Mac has Rory make sure the room Ryan is put in is locked up and guarded.

Ryan fantasizes killing Mac GH

Mac checks with Felicia, and she is okay because evil like Ryan can’t win. She also says they have a baby on their side. Mac notes they’ve been dancing around this for weeks, so he asks if she’s pregnant. She is not and she was speaking about Bailey Lou. They have something to look forward to in her, while Ryan has nothing. Mac asks if she regrets that they never had a child of their own, but she doesn’t as he helped her raise two beautiful girls.

Locked in his room, Ryan clenches his fist.

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At the gallery, Trina receives an email from PCU. Joss gets a copy too, and they read it to find out she’s been found guilty of violating PCU policies. A meeting will be scheduled to impose sanctions, including possible expulsion.

Trina found guilty

Rory arrives and listens in as Joss and Trina talk. Trina feels this decision has done her a favor, and if anyone will clear her name, it must be her. Joss says she has her family, her, and hopefully Cam to support her. Rory enters and hopes there is room for one more supporter.

Rory helps Trina GH

Rory tells Joss and Trina that once he’s off duty, they’ll come up with a plan to help Trina. Trina won’t let Rory, Joss, or Cam get involved in this. She wants to do this on her own and has to find a way to prove Esme set her up. Rory thinks if Joss and Trina are both gunning for Esme, then that girl is going to need a lot of luck. Rory leaves, and Joss tells Trina that she likes that guy. Trina relays that they need to break down Esme’s story and get her to admit what she did, and she knows how to do that.

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At Wyndemere, Spencer tells Ava that she’s way off base and he is back with Esme. Ava snarks he knows how much Trina means to her, so she wants the truth about what game he’s playing. Spencer explains he cares about Trina, but his loyalty is to Esme. Ava doesn’t understand why he cares for Trina if he thinks she hurt his friends. She threatens to take away his trust fund allowance if he doesn’t spit the truth out.

Spencer rushes out GH

In the foyer, Esme promises to stand by Nikolas should he feel the need to unburden himself and tell Ava they made love. Nikolas reminds her they’ve been given second chances with Ava and Spencer. She agrees to forget about what happened if he can. Nikolas thinks about them having sex, but feels he has to do something for Ava now that she’s returned and made concessions to work things out with him and Spencer. She hugs him for good luck and skips off.

Esme offers to support Nikolas GH

Nikolas returns to the living room as Ava is asking Spencer whose side he’s on, Trina’s or Esme’s? Nikolas asks, “What did I miss?’ Spencer explains Cam is expecting him at Kelly’s and rushes out. Alone, Ava tells Nikolas she was so close to finding out what Spencer is up to with Esme. She notes that, unlike his father, Spencer’s choice of women is flawed. Suddenly she recognizes Esme’s scent on him. Nikolas explains Esme stopped him outside and simply wished them luck on their reunion. They share a kiss. Nikolas has something to give her in return for this second chance. Ava doesn’t need presents, but he states he wants a divorce.

Ava questions Spencer's game GH

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Esme arrives at the hospital to see Ryan, with the letter board from Spring Ridge and claims to the guards she’s been sent to help him communicate with the doctors. She’s allowed in, and alone tells her daddy she’s there to make his dreams come true. Ryan asks what she did.

Esme tells Ryan that she made Nikolas an offer he couldn’t refuse, she offered him herself.  Ryan is thrilled to learn she seduced the prince and asks how Ava reacted when she told her. She hasn’t yet and claims she’s playing the long game. Angry, Ryan grabs her hand and squeezes it untill it hurts. He tells her words alone aren’t enough to express how disappointed he is in her.

Meanwhile, Felicia assures Mac that just the two of them are enough for her, and now they have Bailey Lou. Mac gets a text and has to report to the station, but he shouldn’t be long.

Spencer arrives at Kelly’s and blurts out that he has great news for Cam. However he didn’t know Laura was there, and she asks what this news is. Spencer asks for a moment alone with Cam, but Cam thinks he can say anything in front of their grandmother. He tells Cam everything has been taken care of, Ava’s given him an allowance, and he’s giving his notice. Violet interrupts and tells Cam it’s time to go on their trip. Cam informs Spencer that he was on schedule for tonight and needs him to do this last one, hands him an apron, and walks out. Laura asks Spencer what he’s giving Ava in return for his allowance.

Spencer quits GH

On the next General Hospital: Lucy suspects Drew has a pitch to make.  Ava tells Nikolas she thought they were working things out. Ryan continues to express his disappointment in Esme. Felicia blurts out, “Just who do you think you are fooling?” Spencer knows Esme’s past is the key to bringing her down. Sonny tells Jordan she has something of his that he wants back.

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