Ava calls out Spencer GH
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Sam meets Carly at the Metro Court. Carly wants to know if there are any updates on Esme. Sam reveals she may have a lead on someone close to Esme. Spinelli approaches, and Carly comments on his new clothes. He responds, “New look, new me.” Spinelli is interrupted by a call and excuses himself.

Carly thinks something is off with Spinelli, and Sam agrees. Sam gets back to Esme and tells her about tracking down Esme’s old nanny Maggie Fitzgerald. Carly wonders how she found out about her. Sam has a source, and this source says Maggie knows a lot about Esme’s upbringing. Carly asks who the source is. Sam can’t reveal them and returns to what’s going on with Spinelli. She feels like he’s trying to be someone he’s not. They look over and see Spinelli arguing with a man, and Spinelli shaking a piece of paper in his face.

Carly asks for an Esme update GH

After the man leaves, Carly and Sam confront Spinelli. Sam knows he’s in trouble and demands he stop lying to her. Spinelli claims he’s been seeing a therapist after his break-up with Ellie. However, there was a billing issue, and that man was from a collection agency. He says it’s been settled now and runs off.

Sam talks to Spinelli GH

Neither Carly nor Sam believes him. Carly suggests they take Spinelli to the hatchet-throwing place and make him talk. She then adds this is Spinelli, so he can’t be in real trouble.

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At the pool, Britt can’t believe Cody is suggesting she sue him. Cody says she doesn’t want her to sue him, but the corporations that take advantage of the little guy and gal. He admits his stunt shouldn’t have gone that far, but Ventura Corps didn’t make sure his landing pad was clear. She asks if they hired him, but he says it was arranged through Society Setups, and the Metro Court should also have taken more responsibility for their guests. He suggests she sue them all.

Cody advises Britt GH

Cody offers to be Britt’s star witness and adds he had a meeting with Zelda Telesco, the matchmaker behind Society Setups. He had issues with the skydiving stunt, but she reassured him. Britt asks if her star witness would be motivated by wanting a percentage of her winnings. He comments, “Who knows what motivates people.” Britt thinks she knows what motivates him and pushes him into the pool.

Britt talks to Cody GH

Cody climbs out of the pool and Britt has figured out his game. Zelda Telesco appears looking for Britt. Cody asks if Zelda has his check. Zelda says he’ll get it after she talks with Britt. Cody leaves to dry off.

Social Setups Zelda GH

Zelda apologizes for what happened and offers her six months of Society Setups for free. She’ll make Britt her top priority, and she doesn’t have to waste any more time being alone. Cody returns and Zelda hands over his check. Zelda says she’ll be in touch and departs. Cody opens the envelope and declares, “Son of a bitch!” Zelda screwed him out of the agreed amount for amenities he needed to prepare for the stunt. Britt jokes he could just sue and walks off.

In an alley behind the Metro Court, Spinelli meets with Zelda and hands her a wad of cash. She promises him Britt won’t be a problem. Spinelli can’t have anyone knowing what he’s up to.

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At Wyndemere, Nikolas is deep in thought about having sex with Esme. Ava finds him and asks him to share his thoughts. He says he’s had a lot on his mind since yesterday. Ava admits she can’t believe how close they came to ending their marriage. Nikolas is happy to have her in his bed again. She knows they are still taking it slow, but she loves him too much not to work things out.

Nikolas lost in thought GH

In the foyer, Esme and Spencer share a kiss, and he thought she might have regrets about staying there. She has no regrets as his father has been wonderful.

Esme and Spencer enter the living room as Ava and Nikolas move in for a kiss. Esme announces, “Love is all around!” Spencer is sorry for intruding, but Nikolas notes this is his house too. Nikolas asks if they have plans. Spencer was thinking of car shopping, but they also have some errands to run. They go to leave, but Ava tells them first they need to hash things out.


Esme declares love is all around GH

Ava feels they should all try to get along, and Spencer and Esme agree. Ava also reminds them that the allowance she is giving Spencer is dependent on how they both behave, now that Esme is also staying here. If they revert to their past behaviors the deal is off. Esme blurts out, “So what, the next time something happens with your precious Trina you throw us out on the streets?” Ava suggests she not talk about Trina in her presence. Esme warns Ava she’s not her puppet and she doesn’t control her.

Ava makes demands GH

Nikolas intervenes and thought they were moving past the animosity, and believes they can trust Esme to do the right thing. Spencer agrees to Ava’s change to her terms, and Esme cries all she wants is what is best for Spencer and Mr. Cassadine. Esme storms out, and Ava declares she needs a drink. Nikolas follows Esme, claiming to get Ava some ice.

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In the foyer, Esme smiles that she was hoping Nikolas would come to find her. Nikolas reiterates what happened between them was two hurt people looking for comfort, and it doesn’t mean anything more. Esme says, “Absolutely, and they never have to know. I care about you and don’t want what happened to complicate your life.” He is going out this afternoon and asks if he should get her anything from the pharmacy. She assures him that she has it all taken care of. However, if he changes his mind and wants to tell Ava what happened, she’ll support him.

Esme could be pregnant GH

In the living room, Spencer asks Ava to release him from his restitution at the gallery as working around Trina will only provoke Esme more. Ava doesn’t care what Esme feels. He notes Trina doesn’t want him around when she’s with that guy either. Ava asks, “What guy?” He refers to the cop keeping an eye on Trina and knows he’s interested in her. Ava asks why this is creating a problem for him and realizes his attempt to work things out with Esme isn’t what it appears. He states he loves Esme. Ava thinks he may have once loved her, but now he’s far more invested in his feelings for Trina.

Joss meets Trina at the gallery and says they should leave Port Charles. Joss suggests they take a semester abroad next year. Trina reminds her that by next year she could be expelled or in prison, likely both. Joss is sure she will be found innocent, Trina admits she’s just been focusing on the worst, and she told Rory she needs a distraction. Joss inquires as to why she talked to Rory about this. Trina explains they spent time together yesterday, and while it was great, she still can’t stop worrying about the future.

Joss wants to have fun with Trina GH

Trina appreciates Joss’ support but can’t help but notice she hasn’t brought up Cam. Joss feels Cam isn’t telling her something, and it’s about Spencer and Esme. She reveals Cam snapped when she suggested they break up Spencer and Esme. Trina agrees they can’t do that. She points out that if they break them up, then Esme has no reason to stick around and will slink off and hide away. Trina thinks to nail her that they have to think out of the box. Suddenly Trina gets an email from PCU. They’ve made a decision on the Title IX investigation.

Trina worried about the trial GH

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Brando arrives home just as Gladys slaps a bottle of pills out of Sasha’s hand. They spill across the floor, and he asks, “What the hell just happened?” Sasha says it was aspirin for her headache, and Brando asks why Gladys knocked them out of her hand? Gladys babbles about the baby shoes that came. Brando asks his mother if she thought Sasha was using again.

Sasha explains his mother was concerned she may be relapsing after everything that’s been going on. Brando realizes this is why Gladys moved in and asks Sasha if she’s using again. Sasha swears she’s not, and she didn’t want to worry him with his mother’s concerns. Gladys confronted her about them and she told her she was wrong. Brando doesn’t believe her and thinks Sasha is back on drugs. He insists they will get her into rehab. Sasha exclaims, “No!”

Gladys defends Sasha and tells Brando his past addiction simply caused her to overthink. She reminds him that he used to lie to her face every single day about using. She saw the same signs in Sasha and didn’t want to fail her the way she failed him. Brando asks his mom for a minute alone with Sasha.

Gladys thinks Sasha on drugs GH

Alone, Brando asks Sasha to be honest, and if there is truth to his mother’s concerns. Sasha admits she’s been overwhelmed with the Deception launch, but Gladys overreacted. She won’t claim she’s happy all the time, but her days are filled with more good than bad, and Brando is her drug of choice now. They embrace as Gladys returns. Sasha mouths, “Thank you,” to her.

Sasha insists she's not on drugs GH

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