Sonny deals with Dex GH
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Wu visits Sonny at his office to give him the shared profits from the games. She’s also worried about the harbor master being fired and how it will affect her shipments. Wu thinks someone new is making their move. Sonny assures her that he knows what is going on and handling it.

Wu has concerns GH

At the gym, Brando runs into Dante who is looking for Sonny. Brando says he’s not there, and then asks about what Dante knows about Dex. Dante doesn’t know much about him. Brando is worried as he feels Dex might see Michael as a problem that he needs to solve in order to impress Sonny.

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At the Quartermaine stables, Michael asks Dex what he’s doing there. Dex says he’s showing initiative. Michael assumes Sonny sent him, but he explains Sonny doesn’t know he’s there. Michael tells him to leave, but Dex won’t because he’s come for a reason. Dante and Brando arrive and intervene. Brando introduces Dex to Dante, and decides to see him back to his boss and explain his bad sense of direction.

Dex confronts Michael GH

Dante asks Michael what Dex wanted, and if it had to do with Sonny’s coffee business troubles. Michael tells his brother to mind his business. Dante explains they came because Brando had a bad feeling about Dex. Dante realizes Michael is the one making trouble for Sonny and asks if it is worth it to humiliate their father.

Dante lectures Michael

Michael feels Dante’s siding with Sonny, but the detective is trying to keep the peace. Michael goes off on Sonny and the trial, and yells Sonny didn’t just betray him, he betrayed his code to put family first. Dante asks how messing up Sonny’s business balances the scales. Michael wants Wiley to grow up the son of a successful businessman, not the grandson of a mob boss. Dante says if he grows up with a dad hell-bent on revenge it makes him no better than Sonny.

Michael and Dante argue GH

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At the Metro Court pool, Brad finds Brook Lynn and brings up the GIF going around social media. BLQ has seen it and laughs at Britt’s sloppy drunkenness. She wonders who posted it. Brad mumbles that he only sent it to one person… She can’t believe he did that to his best friend.

BLQ criticizes Brad GH

Cody enters while looking at the GIF of Britt in the pool on his phone and laughs. He approaches Brad and BLQ and asks if he can join them as he didn’t book a table or lounge. They invite him, but BLQ has to take off for work. Cody joins Brad at the table.

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In her room, Britt is on the phone with someone and orders them to have the GIF deleted from the web and to find a way to fix this before they both lose their jobs. Later she calls Obrecht and leaves a message apologizing and says she’s going to keep calling until she calls her back.

Britt upset about GIF

Britt arrives at the pool and overhears Cody talking to Brad about the hot mess who fell into the pool. She notes she didn’t fall, he slammed into her. Britt asks why he isn’t in jail. Cody explains it’s because he didn’t do anything wrong. When a man brings Cody a drink, he realizes he doesn’t have his keycard to pay for it, so Brad puts it on his Aunt’s tab.

Cody talks to Brad GH

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Britt yanks Brad aside and asks why he hates her? First, he made her a meme, now he’s aiding the enemy and living off his aunt’s money. Brad assures her that he adores her, and Cody didn’t mean to knock her into the pool. They continue to bicker about Cody knocking her into the pool, and she glances over at him. She tells Brad she hasn’t forgiven him for the GIF, or his intervention and siding with her mom. Brad admits he shouldn’t have sent the video. He knows something is going on and she’s been acting weird for a while. He begs her to talk to him and tell him what’s wrong.

Brad and Britt debate Cody GH

Britt admits she has been going through something, but they are interrupted by Cody. Cody asks if she’s done yelling at her friend. She tells him to leave before she changes her mind and sues him for bodily harm. Cody ogles her and notes her body doesn’t look like it was harmed to him. When he calls her by her name, she asks how he knows who she is. He shows her the GIF on his phone and laughs that it’s all over his feed.

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Britt still doesn’t know why Cody is hanging around. Selina appears and reminds Brad they have a meeting. They excuse themselves, and Britt tells Cody that he can go. He reveals he’s there to get what he’s owed.

Britt grabs a seat alone and starts receiving emails from the board. She calls Terry and leaves a message saying she’s not coming in for obvious reasons and is sorry if she’s fielding calls from the board. Cody joins her and she rants that this pool debacle is ruining her life and reputation. She swears she should sue. Cody agrees that she should.

At a table, Selina tells Brad that she’s very impressed with his work, and he admits he’s been enjoying it. Brad thinks he’s ready to handle more and contribute to the family business. She notes he has no experience, and he needs to train and work his way up. She says it’s time to go and he can prove his dedication right now. He follows her out.

At Sasha and Brando’s, Sasha needs to run an errand, so Gladys says she’ll come with her. Sasha refuses and rants she’s driving her crazy. Gladys admits she’s hovering, and she’s just trying to make sure she doesn’t slip. Sasha reminds her that she went through a rehab program, and she knows to stay clean she has to want it, which she does.

Gladys is a pain

There is a knock at the door and Sasha finds a package waiting. She opens it and it’s a small pair of sneakers she bought for Liam. She begins to sob. They were back-ordered and she forgot about them.

There is another knock at the door and it’s BLQ. Gladys invites her in, and Brook Lynn sees Sasha in tears. Sasha explains the situation with the shoes. Brook Lynn thinks it must have been a shock, but Sasha assures her she’ll be fine. Sasha inquires as to what brings her over. BLQ reveals the Home and Heart channel wants to give Deception a one-hour slot, and they need her to appear on the show and sell their products. Gladys loves that show but warns they need to make sure they have plenty of merch and don’t sell out because then Sasha will have to fill the time blathering with the host. Sasha’s hands shake, and she excuses herself to go to the bathroom.

BLQ gives Sasha big news GH

In the bathroom, Sasha tries to pull herself together. In the living room, Gladys thinks she should check on Sasha. Sasha returns to find BLQ asking Gladys if there is something going on with Sasha as she seems to be overly concerned about her. Sasha assures BLQ that she is fine. She just wants to be prepared for the show, so they start discussing what products to focus on.

Back at Sonny’s restaurant, Brando explains to Sonny that he and Dante found Dex at the Quartermaine’s with Michael. Dex says he was just going to have a talk with him, it wasn’t like he was going to clip the guy. Sonny yells at Dex that if he touches one of his kids then he’ll kill Dex himself. He warns him that his family, including Michael, is off-limits. Dex understands.

Sonny threatens Dex GH

Sonny sees Brando out and asks why he went after Dex in the first place. Brando admits he heard part of their conversation at the gym, and something about Dex rubbed him the wrong way. Sonny thanks him and sends him home to his beautiful wife.

Sonny returns to Dex and reminds him that he gave him a job, and nowhere in his orders was Michael’s mentioned. He wants him to do nothing less and nothing more than what he’s told. Dex blurts out, “That doesn’t work for me.” He doesn’t think Sonny wants a robot, he wants someone who can anticipate problems and deal with them. Sonny informs Dex that hasn’t earned his trust yet. Dex admits he blew it today, and he was just trying to impress him and show initiative. Sonny appreciates his enthusiasm, but he’s not there yet. To get there, he tells Dex to listen to what he says and obey his orders.

Later Dante arrives to see Sonny in his office and asks who this Dex guy is and what is he up to. Sonny assures him that Dex has been handled and will follow his orders.

Back at Brando’s, Sasha takes a bottle of pills out of her purse and opens it. Gladys catches her and slaps them out of her hands, just as Brando enters.

sasha sick of Gladys gh

Michael runs an errand down at the docks where he runs into Dex. Michael asks if everything is okay. Dex answers, “Sure thing boss.” Michael tells Dex that coming to his home was risky, and his family is off-limits. Dex is confused seeing he hired him to take down his father.

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