Sonny Brando and Dex discuss business GH
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Britt wakes up in her Metro Court room hung over. Brad offers her some hair of the dog or water. Britt asks for aspirin instead for her pounding head. Obrecht appears and tells her daughter she’s about to bring the real pain. Britt wants to sleep and orders them to go away, but they refuse. Obrecht tells her that she’s lost her way, and Brad welcomes Britt to her intervention. She asks how they even got into her room. Brad explains he created a distraction and Obrecht swiped a housekeeper’s keycard.

Britt has a hangover GH

Obrecht fears Britt’s performance at the mixer will affect her reputation at the hospital. Britt notes it’s not her fault she got dunked by a himbo falling from the sky. Obrecht is speaking of her drunken performance before that, about the failings of love. Britt doubts anyone will care, but Obrecht tells her that she’s become a meme.

Obrecht brings the pain GH

Obrecht shows Britt the viral video of her, and Britt asks who recorded her? She looks over at Brad, who admits he did it. He thought one day that she and her husband would laugh at it. He also calls Cody a prayer answered as she had just said something about love falling out of the sky. Obrecht thinks they are getting off-topic, and Britt hasn’t been herself. Brad points out she’s been mopey and aimless. Britt calls it one bad day, but Obrecht says she has had a string of them. Britt screams she doesn’t have many days left, so they are hers to do what she wants to with.

Brad calls her strong and resilient and thinks she’s going to outlive them all. Obrecht asks Brad to leave them, so he departs. Britt tells her mother she appreciates her help, and she knows she means well. However, she gave Society Setups her best shot and it didn’t pan out. She is taking a break from putting herself out there. Obrecht only wanted her to feel the happiness she’s discovered with Scott, and she worries that Britt is flailing. Britt explains she wants a man who not only could save her life, but she can tell she has Huntington’s and will have a horrible and debilitating death. The only man she knows like that is buried on Cassadine Island. Obrecht hates the idea that she will outlive her children. She cries Nathan is gone, and every morning she feels grateful for every day she has with Britt. Obrecht wonders when Britt will feel the same about herself and storms out.

Brad pleads with Britt GH ABC

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At the Metro Court pool, Carly offers to help Drew deal with Valentin and ELQ. He reminds her that Michael turned her down when she made an offer to buy stocks before. Carly points out Aurora trades on the market, so she can buy in and help him whether he wants her to or not. She asks if he doesn’t want to save ELQ as it’s his family’s legacy. Drew feels it’s more Scout’s legacy and admits he came late to the Quartermaine family. Carly calls him the best of the Quartermaines and says that he’s a Lila.

Carly has a plan to help Drew GH

Drew asks what Jason would think of her buying into the company. Carly reminds him that he told her that he is his own person apart from Jason. She thinks she’ll make a lot of money on this merger. He knows she’s just doing this for Michael and him. She admits it’s a way to settle with him. He wonders what debt she thinks she owes him. Carly recalls lying to him about Nina and Willow, but claims she ruined his plans for Victor and he’s been there for her as her marriage has fallen apart. He agrees not to stand in the way of her investment, as long as she points out if he starts veering away from Lila and towards becoming an Edward.

Drew hears out Carly GH

At the gym, Sonny chats with Brando (temporarily being played by Brad Schmidt) about Gladys moving in, and offers to put her up elsewhere. Brando says it’s not necessary as Sasha seems happy to have Gladys with them. Sonny tells him his offer always stands as he helps his family when they want it. Brando figures things with Michael are still bad, and he offers to talk to him. Sonny doesn’t want him to get involved and alienate Michae. Plus, Sonny feels things are likely to get worse. Dex arrives and tells Sonny they have problems.

Sonny and temporary brando GH

Sonny and Dex step aside, and Dex tells him that the coffee shipments haven’t gone out, and Vince at the docks has been fired. Dex feels someone is trying to cut into Sonny’s market share. They now have competition in the coffee business, and several local restaurants and retailers are tearing up their contracts with Corinthos Coffee. Dex asks if it could be Wu, but Sonny doesn’t believe so as they have an agreement. He suspects he knows who is behind it. He advises Dex to check in with the other clients, so Dex steps aside to make some calls.

Dex delivers bad news GH

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Brando asks Sonny if there is a problem. Sonny believes Michael is striking against his legit business. He gives his son credit for strategizing and being smart. However, he fumes that Michael blames him for ruining their family when Michael got together with Willow when she was still with Chase. He seethes that Michael makes allowances for himself but not his father. Sonny walks off, and Brando asks an eavesdropping Dex if there is a problem. Dex says, “Nothing I can’t solve.” Brando notices the gun in his back pocket.

Sonny suspects someone GH

After Sonny changes out of his gym clothes and into his suit, Brando again offers to help him and Michael to find their way back together. Sonny feels they are too late for that.

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At the Quartermaine stables, Michael chats with Ned as he grooms Leo’s new horse. Michael praises him as a family man, and can’t wait until ELQ is under Quartermaine control again. Michael hates fighting with him, and they agree Valentin has to go because he’s not a Quartermaine. He brings up his and Drew’s offer, but Ned won’t take a meaningless job. Michael suggests Ned make a counter-offer then.

Ned suggests he, Michael, and Drew be co-presidents, with equal footing, and it’s a way for them to move forward into the future. Michael will take the offer to Drew, but feels he likely won’t be receptive. Ned reminds Michael that Drew never worked for ELQ, but Michael points out he did. He tells Ned if he loses sight of what’s at stake then they all lose.

Michael is stubborn GH

Ned storms out and looks at his phone. He has Valentin’s number pulled up. Meanwhile, Michael calls Drew to inform him of the offer Ned made. Suddenly Dex appears and Michael asks if he can help him. Dex thinks he can.

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At Curtis’ place, Marshall tells his son that he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Curtis asks Aunt Stella if this is the secret she’s been keeping. Stella explains this isn’t her story to tell, and they are just getting started. Marshall explains he is on his meds, and they keep him level and from breaking with reality. Curtis asks if the meds had anything to do with his episode a few months ago, as he’s worried because he doesn’t want him to run away a second time.

Stella pushes Curtis to listen GH

Marshall explains he’s never had a relapse since he was diagnosed and put on the meds and considers that pure luck. He explains Curtis and Tommy were babies at the time he left. He was afraid of the man he might have become had he stayed. Marshall reminds Curtis he was a cop for years, so he had to have come across some of those people rambling to themselves, alone, and bumbling down the street. When he was diagnosed, he was afraid that is what would have become of him. He felt he was in danger of becoming someone else. He breaks down and cries that he’s sorry he hurt him and Tommy, but at the time he didn’t know what else to do.

Curtis asks MArshall why he didn't come home GH

Marshall decides to go take a rest, but Curtis has one more question. He asks why Marshall didn’t come home once his drug regimen was refined and he failed to have any relapses. Why did he choose to come back now? Marshall explains it was Curtis who brought him back. When he opened up The Savoy he felt it was a message telling him it was time to come home, it was time to play music again.

Marshall explains himself GH

On the next General Hospital: Sonny threatens to kill Dex if he ever messes with one of his kids. BLQ doesn’t understand how Brad could do that to his best friend. Sasha tells Gladys that she’s driving her crazy. Britt orders someone over the phone to fix this mess before it becomes a legal nightmare. Dante asks Michael what makes him think he’s any better than Sonny.

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