Marshall gives Curtis answers GH
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At the Metro Court pool, Carly chats with Drew and he notes she is looking better. Carly is just glad Nina is finally out of their lives. Drew adds it’s a relief that Nina is not Willow’s mother. Michael and Willow arrive after dropping Wiley off at swim lessons, and Drew asks to steal Michael aside to talk ELQ.

Carly and gang at the pool GH

Carly and Willow discuss the hearing, and Willow admits she’s never been as angry with someone as she is with Nina. Carly recalls the DNA tests and tells Willow not to let Nina live in her mind rent-free. Willow admits dealing with Nina has made her come to a decision about finding the identity of her biological mother.

Willow fumes over Nina GH

Willow has realized that blood doesn’t make family, and she thinks her mother just abandoned her in a commune and wasn’t even concerned with her. She thinks Nina’s actions regarding Wiley served as a warning, and she shouldn’t go looking for someone who could be more harm to her than good. She has all the family she needs between Carly, Michael, Wiley and the Quartermaines. Carly feels she’s making the right decision.

Carly listens to Willow ranting GH

Drew and Michael discuss Ned rejecting their offer. Michael knows Ned only wants to be CEO, and it would be a mistake to give that job to him. Michael changes the subject to Nina and the hearing, and Sonny choosing Nina over his family. Drew asks him to let this go, but Michael refuses. He wants to crush Sonny and for Sonny to know he was the one who did it. Drew doesn’t want him to do something he’ll regret. Michael reveals a plan is already in the works, and not to worry because ELQ isn’t involved. He suggests they get back to focusing on ELQ and increasing the value of the stocks. Drew feels it’s not as easy as he thought it would be.

Michael wonders if he made a mistake GH

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At the Quartermaine stables, Ned and Olivia surprise Leo with a horse, which he loves. Ned knows equestrian therapy is supposed to help kids on the spectrum, but this just looks like a kid getting a horse.

Leo gets a horse GH

Olivia takes Leo to the kitchen to get some carrots for the horse. Ned pets the animal and thinks he needs a name. Valentin appears and says he’s always been fond of Comet. He also comes with an offer for Ned. He brought some of Charlotte’s equestrian gear that she outgrew and thought Leo might like to have some of it. Ned thanks him, but knows this isn’t why he stopped by. Valentin admits he wants to work with Ned before Michael and Drew push him out of ELQ.

Valentin tries to make a deal with Ned GH

Valentin asks Ned what his price is to work with him, but Ned snarks that Valentin couldn’t afford what it would take for him to betray his family. Valentin feels Ned is the one being betrayed. The Cassadine promises to give him whatever job he wants, so Ned asks to be CEO. Valentin won’t give that up but can offer a position that is equal to his own. Ned wonders why he’d give up that power. Valentin says half of something is better than nothing.

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Olivia returns with Leo and wonders what is going on. Ned explains Valentin brought by some riding gear for Leo. Valentin decides to get going, and Olivia suggests Leo run to the house and get some sugar cubes for the horse. Alone, Olivia tells Ned that she thinks Valentin is up to something regarding ELQ. Olivia pushes Ned to go to Michael and Drew and make a deal regarding the company, and this doesn’t have to be another Quartermaine blood feud. He thinks maybe she’s right.

Ned and Olivia GH

At the hospital, Terry gets a text from Chet saying he just landed in Chicago. Terry is surprised when TJ arrives as he asked for the week off. TJ explains he had a family situation, but it’s been resolved. He also needs a distraction and was hoping for a rotation. Terry doesn’t want him dealing with patients if he’s distracted, so she suggests he observe a few surgeries and learn some new techniques.

Terry chats up TJ GH

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Curtis returns home to Portia and has Stella and Marshall with him. Portia is glad to see Marshall and tells him that she made up the spare bedroom and to make himself at home. Stella suggests they get him freshened up as he’s been in the same clothes for days.

Marshall returns with Curtis GH

Stella and Marshall head upstairs, and Portia and Curtis talk about his father. Curtis feels he pushed Marshall away and put him in danger. He knows Marshall left Port Charles because he felt he’d never trust him. Portia explains trust is earned, and Marshall wouldn’t give him explanations about what was going on with him and why he left.

Portia questions Curtis about Marshall GH

Stella returns to the living room and says Marshall is getting cleaned up. Portia needs to get to work, but first Stella apologizes to Portia. She wasn’t honest about Marshall when he returned, and she lied to her in order to protect her sister’s secret. Portia thinks she doesn’t need to apologize as she was protecting her family. Portia leaves to give them some space.

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Stella notes Portia has the patience of a saint and asks Curtis when he’ll make her an official part of the family. Curtis points out they’ve only been together for a year. Plus the divorce with Jordan is still so fresh. Stella spaces out, and Curtis asks if she’s okay? Stella says she is, and the last few days are just catching up with her.

Stella and Curtis discuss marrying Portia GH

Marshall returns and tells Curtis it’s time to give his son the answers he needs. They sit down, and Marshall reminds Curtis that he served in Vietnam. When he came back, he was disillusioned about the world. He needed a purpose, and he found it in protests. Curtis’ mother Irene thought he was pushing himself too much, not getting enough sleep, and that it was causing him to be paranoid. Marshall says he was convinced they were being watched. Marshall continues that at his last protest the police got involved, and he had another episode. The cops dropped him off at a psych ward, and there they diagnosed him with schizophrenia.

At Shady Brook, Laura visits Liz when Finn arrives with flowers for her. Liz is confused as she asked him not to visit her. Finn didn’t want her to think he abandoned her. She reveals the doctors diagnosed her with dissociative fugue, brought on by the pills. Finn wants to help in any way he can. Liz feels when she’s with him, he makes her feel it will all be okay. However, she worries that if he keeps coming, she will never face what’s wrong with her. Finn agrees to leave because he’d do anything for her. However, he’s not giving up on them, and when she’s ready, he’ll be there. Laura walks Finn out.

In the hall, Finn feels this is his fault. Laura tells him that is not the case. Finn asks if she thinks something other than losing Franco triggered this in Liz. Laura reiterates Liz’s request for him to keep his distance.

Laura returns to Liz and points out the pills were in her system for over a year before she began acting out, so what if something more is going on. Laura asks if something happened recently to trigger something in her? Liz looks unsettled and says she needs to rest. Laura tells her to get some and she’ll come back soon then.

Valentin arrives at the Metro Court pool and greets Drew and Michael. Drew feels he seems pretty chipper for someone about to be voted out. Valentin thinks nothing is set in stone yet.

Drew and Michael discuss Ned GH

Drew and Michael return to Carly and Willow, and Michael thinks Valentin is planning something before the shareholders’ meeting. Willow and Michael decide to depart to check on Wiley’s swim class. Carly suggests to Drew that he let her help save ELQ from Valentin.

Finn returns to the hospital and Terry asks if he saw Liz, and how she’s doing. Finn saw her, but she wouldn’t tell him how she was doing. He reveals that Liz asked him to leave because she can’t do the work she needs to when he’s there. Terry knows he loves Liz and the two of them will find their way back to one another once she deals with her grief. Finn feels this is more than grief, and Liz is repressing something. Terry brings up the falling out with Liz’s parents and asks if anyone has reached out to Caroline and Jeff. Finn doesn’t know, but thinks it’s time someone did.

On the next General Hospital: Carly offers to help Drew with ELQ. Sonny thinks he knows who is behind what’s going on. Stella says now is not the time to turn away. Curtis asks Marshall why he didn’t come back years ago. Michael warns Ned now is not the time to turn away, because if he loses they all lose.

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