Sonny convinces Nina to stay in Port Charles
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At the cemetery, Sonny finds one of the half heart lockets on Nelle’s grave. He calls Phyllis and swears he’ll find Nina. He then calls Brick to have him try and track Nina Reeves’ phone because she’s not in a good state of mind and may do something rash. Brick relays that he’s discovered that Nina’s bought a ticket to Milan.

Sonny concerned about Nina GH

In a car, Nina ignores her phone’s notification and has the driver take her to the Port Charles airport, the international terminal. On the way, they stop so Nina can pick up her passport and she asks to make one more stop on the way to the airport.

Nina in a car to somewhere GH

Nina stops by the cemetery where she runs into Sonny. Sonny heard the hearing didn’t go her way. She says Michael and Willow won’t have to worry about her again as she’s leaving, she just needed one thing. Sonny holds up the necklace but refuses to give it to her. Sonny won’t let her leave.

Nina and Sonny argue necklace GH

Nina cries that she doesn’t want to leave him, but she’s lost her grandson, the last link she has to her daughter. Sonny says Michael and Willow can’t keep Wiley from her forever, but Nina says they won’t allow Wiley to see anything redeemable in her. She begs him to give her the necklace, it’s all she has left of Nelle and Wiley, and it hurts too much to stay here. He gives her the necklace but tells her that one day Wiley will want to know his mother and grandmother, and if she runs, then Wiley will believe what he’s told about her. He asks her to stay because she has a life here and could have one with Wiley. However, she won’t know if she runs away.

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Nina agrees to stay, but she is not sure how she’ll handle watching that sweet boy become terrified of her based on what Michael and Willow tell him. Sonny says she won’t be facing it alone, she has him and Phyllis. Nina cries in Sonny’s arms.

At Charlie’s, Dante and Cody reminisce on how they met. Dante explains it was when he was 12 and being sent to summer camp to stay out of trouble. At camp is how he met Cody. Sam asks if Cody was a corrupting influence. Cody laughs that Dante got into his fair share of trouble on his own. They run down the various pranks they pulled. Cody goes to get them another round, and an old back injury acts up on the way thanks to his tumble into the pool.

Dante takes questions about Cody GH

Alone, Sam asks Dante why he hasn’t brought up Cody before. Dante admits they lost touch. Sam notes he’s a good guy, and Dante adds, “Good at getting into trouble.” Cody returns with another round, and Sam notices he doesn’t have a wedding ring on. Cody says he’s free as a bird, so she asks if he has kids. He doesn’t. She questions if he skydives for a living or is it a side hustle. He reveals he used to be a stunt rider, but he had to hang up his saddle after too many tumbles.

Sam questions Dante about Cody GH

Cody asks Sam and Dante how long they’ve been together, and Sam answers they are coming up on a year. Cody inquires as to how they met, and Sam explains her ex-husband was friends with Dante’s father. Cody remembered he wanted to find his father and asks who he is. When Dante reveals who his dad is, Cody knows the name Sonny Corinthos, and that he roasts a mean bean. Sam invites Cody to dinner at her place tomorrow. However Cody has to hit the road for his next gig, but thanks Sam for the offer. She asks if he’s looking for a long-term job because she knows of a job that may be perfect for him. She explains her kids have a new horse at their grandmother’s, and they could use help tending the horses and stables. Dante isn’t sure that’s the right job for Cody as he never gets too comfy in one place. Dante explains Cody has always had adventure in his veins. Cody admits Dante’s right, and the job isn’t a fit for him.

Cody is Dante's old friend

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Joss finds Cam working his other job at the Metro Court pool and asks if they can talk about what’s going on. She can tell something is bothering him. As he is about to confess Spencer’s plan, they are interrupted by Adam (played by Joshua Benard), the PCU student who teased Joss about the sex tape during a study session.

Cam confesses to Joss GH

Adam needs to talk to Joss, and Cam gets back to work. Adam wants to offer an apology. He is ashamed that he didn’t understand how she felt about having her privacy invaded by the tape, but does now after he read the article in The Invader. She thanks him and accepts his apology. Cam rejoins Joss, and Adam explains he was just apologizing to Joss, and tells them they are both pretty brave.

Adam is sorry GH

Adam leaves, and Joss explains that their article helped Adam change his perspective. Cam hopes it gave her some closure. She won’t get that until Esme gets what she deserves. She still can’t shake that Cam is keeping something from her. He thinks it’s just his concern about his mom giving off weird vibes.

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Rory sees Trina home from the pool, and after they hit up a food truck Trina suggested. He is excited to see what she introduces him to next. Inside, Taggert asks Portia to give Trina a big hug from him. He opens the door to exit, only for them both to find Rory and Trina on the doorstep.

Tagert Portia meet Rory

They invite Rory in, and Portia remembers seeing him at the station when Trina was arrested. He says that was his first day. Rory compliments Taggert on taking down Cyrus with Jordan’s assistance. Taggert notes he broke the law in doing so. He asks if Rory likes breaking the rules and is that why he’s hanging out with his daughter? Rory says he’s a by-the-book guy, and there are no rules that he can’t be a friend to Trina. Portia asks what he does with his free time. Rory says Trina has been teaching him about art. He also likes to swim, work out and keep active. He says right now he’s trying to make more time for things he enjoys and find that life-work balance. Taggert shakes his head.

Rory Trina get grilled GH

Rory eventually has to leave, and Taggert sees him out as he’s departing too. Alone, Trina and Portia get all jumpy and giggly over Rory.

At Wyndemere, Spencer tells Esme that he thought a lot about what she said to him. He is sorry for how he has treated her and begs her to forgive him. She appreciates his apology, but it’s not that simple. He understands and wants to be the man she deserves, and he’s trying to do better by her.

Esme cries fake tears GH

Esme feels he isn’t trying hard enough, and she deserves better. She chides that his father reminded her of that. He’s surprised she talked to his father. Esme explains she was on the verge of leaving after their fight, and he gave her a talk about relationships. Spencer swears he’s ready to do anything to make this work between them. Esme tells him that she loves him and wants to make their relationship work too. She thinks this can be a new start.

Spencer is angry GH

In the living room, Nikolas tells Ava he was ready to give up on their marriage. Ava admits she was too, but that’s the last thing she wants. She asks if they can find their way back from this? Nikolas is unsure that things between them that can be that easily resolved. Ava feels that hasn’t stopped them from trying before, and when they are together, they are unstoppable. She won’t let Esme and Spencer tear down the life they’ve built. She cries and asks if he’s still in this with her?

Ava cries to Nikolas GH

Nikolas swears he is in this with Ava, always and forever. She moves to kiss him, but he pulls away. She thinks forever didn’t last long. He explains it may take time for things to feel normal between them again. She says there is one thing between them that needs to be settled. She will still give Spencer his allowance money, on the condition that he remains at Wyndemere and works on his relationship with Nikolas. Of course, that means she’ll have to put up with Esme. Nikolas reveals Spencer and Esme may be breaking up. Ava thinks that calls for a toast and runs for some alcohol.

Nikolas needs to confess GH

Later Esme and Spencer run into Ava and Nikolas, and Ava explains to Spencer she doesn’t want him to move out, and he’ll still get his allowance. She also heard that Esme is leaving them, but knows she’ll find some other family to terrorize. Esme gloats she and Spence worked things out. She says if Spencer stays then so does she. Ava only wants Nikolas and Spencer to work out their problems, so she guesses Esme will be sticking around. Spencer accepts the offer, and Ava decides to wire him his first payment.

Ava leaves and Spencer followers her. Esme tells Nikolas she never thought they’d go. Nikolas tells Esme that they are both back with their partners, and Ava and Spencer never need to find out what happened. Esme agrees.

In the hall, Spencer asks Ava if she’s really okay with Esme staying there. Ava only wants him and his father to make amends, so she’ll find a way to suck it up and deal with Esme.

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