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At the Metro Court, Britt is knocked into the pool by a shirtless man skydiving from a plane above. Britt climbs out and suggests Dante arrest the guy. Maxie tries to keep Britt cool and assumes the man is part of the party entertainment. Dante asks the guy to get out of the pool and is stunned to recognize his old friend Cody.

Dante recognizes someone GH

Cody exits the pool and Brad hands him a towel while ogling him. Britt tells Brad to calm down. Cody apologizes to Britt as he was told the pool would be empty. Britt again insists Dante arrest him, and Cody laughs and can’t believe Dante is a cop. Dante puts cuffs on him and asks if it’s still funny. Cody thinks he’s joking, but Dante tells him what he did was reckless endangerment. Cody insists this was a legit gig and to take it up with the people who hired him. He was supposed to parachute into the pool, but Britt moved into his landing zone. Spinelli finds the marketing idea brilliant, men raining out of the sky at a singles event. Dante still refuses to let Cody go and decides to take him down to the station. Sam accompanies him.

Cody crashes the pool GH

BLQ and Chase watch everything unfold and she knows Chase was dying to get in there and help Dante. He suggests they sit down and talk. Chase promises her that he will do everything he can to get her music back, and she smiles at him. He receives a text from Finn, and Chase explains he’s having trouble with Liz gone. She says he should go be with his brother. Chase tells her that tomorrow will be about her and getting her music back.

Chase and BLQ talk heartbreak GH

Spinelli brings Britt some coffee and tells her and Brad that one day they’ll look back on this with fond memories. Brad doesn’t mind remembering Cody, and Britt tells him not to get any ideas because he is all hers. Brad can’t believe she has the hots for parachute guy. She smirks that she will sue him for assaulting her, even if she must sue him for every stitch of clothing he wasn’t wearing.

Britt is all wet GH

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Joss and Wiley hang out in the park. Joss gets a message from Cam saying not to worry about Spencer as he’ll set him straight. The message puzzles her. She then suggests to Wiley they take a little trip.

Wiley in the park GH

In court, Michael asks Carly what the envelope she’s holding is, and if it’s bad news. She recalls reading the results that Nina is Willow’s mom. Drew enters and asks how things went. Michael and Willow reveal they won, and Nina can never stake claim to their family again. Drew borrows Michael to talk to him in private.

Michael questions Carly envelope

Michael and Drew step outside, and Drew tells Michael if he wants to go after Sonny then that’s his call, but he can’t use ELQ. Michael vents that Nina lied to him and his family for six months and let them all grieve Sonny. Michael further rants that today Sonny testified on Nina’s behalf. He knew his father wasn’t the same when he came back from Nixon Falls, but had no idea how much he’d changed his father took the stand.

Drew questions Michael ELQ GH

Drew points out that he’s had this campaign against his dad since way before this hearing. Michael admits he’s right. He finally sees Sonny for who he is, a criminal with a long line of luck. He vows that luck will end. Drew explains that’s where he steps in. He wants to protect ELQ, but he also wants to protect Michael as his uncle. He agrees that Sonny acted poorly, but he won’t say he failed his family. Drew says the harder he pushes Sonny, the harder it will be for Avery, Donna, Kristina, and everyone else in his family. Michael says he’s not a gangster he’s a businessman. He vows he will outmaneuver Sonny and he’ll do it without ELQ. Drew says their family company can’t be used to punish Sonny.

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Back in court, Carly checks on Willow. Willow has never been angrier with Nina and will never let her near her child. Carly puts the results into her purse and couldn’t agree more. Michael and Drew return, and Drew asks if everything is okay. Carly nods and says everything turned out as it was meant to.

Willow Carly talk about Nina GH

Joss brings Wiley in to surprise his parents. Willow thanks her for taking care of him, and Joss is thrilled to learn they won. Eventually, Willow, Michael, Joss, and Wiley leave. Carly tells Drew that she got the test results and Nina’s not Willow’s mother, which is for the best given how things went down during the trial. Drew wonders why Harmony said what she did. Carly notes she was a troubled woman.

Carly lies to Drew about the DNA GH

Sonny arrives at Charlie’s looking for Nina, but Phyllis says she hasn’t been by. She suggests he go to the courthouse to offer his support. He explains he did that and only made things worse by testifying on Nina’s behalf. Phyllis asks if he could do it again, would he make a different choice? He wouldn’t, as he was being true to what he believed. He believes Wiley deserves more love, not less, and that nobody is perfect. He can’t sit back and watch Nina be cut out of her grandson’s life.

Phyllis questions Sonny do over GH

Scott calls the bar looking for Nina, but Phyllis says she hasn’t seen her. She relays the message to Sonny that Nina lost.

Sonny leaves Nina a message and decides to go looking for her. Phyllis tells him that Nina may want to be alone right now, and he doesn’t even know where to look for her. He says that’s where she’s wrong and he steps out.

Sonny ponders do-over GH

Dante and Sam bring Cody to Charlie’s. Cody really thought Dante was taking him in. Sam tells Cody, who is now dressed, that he’s lucky Dante had an extra pair of clothes in his trunk. Dante introduces Cody Bell as his childhood friend. Cody adds, “And got in a lot of trouble with.”

Cody is Dante's old friend

Sonny goes to Nelle’s grave, but Nina isn’t there.

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At Wyndemere, Ava and Spencer find Esme’s jacket on the floor outside of a room. Spencer calls out to Esme and tries to open the door, but it’s locked. Inside Nikolas and Esme scramble. There is no answer, so Spencer walks off.

Suddenly Nikolas, now dressed, opens the door. Ava asks what he was doing? He thought he heard Spencer’s voice. Ava explains he’s looking for Esme, and that Nikolas seems nervous. Nikolas claims he was reading and fell asleep. She jokes it must be some nap as his hair is messed up and his shirt is misbuttoned. He suggests they go downstairs, but she likes where they are as it’s private. She has something to say.

Ava deserves better GH

Out on the parapet, Esme scrambles in her undergarments. She quickly gets dressed but drops her shoe, which Ava hears from inside. Before Ava can look outside, Nikolas suggests it’s just bats, so she ignores it.

Ava tells Nikolas that she came to apologize and that she shouldn’t have threatened to walk out on him. Nikolas thinks about having sex with Esme, and Ava asks if he’s going to say something. Nikolas thought it was over and she was going to give up on them. Ava admits she was thinking about it, but that’s when she ran into his mother. She listened to Laura’s advice and realized she was not ready to quit on him or this marriage. He wishes she had told him this before they came so close to losing everything. Ava explains she’s telling him now. Nikolas extends his hand and asks her to come with him and she won’t regret it. They leave and Esme emerges. She smiles that Ava will regret it, and so will Nikolas.

Nikolas makes a confession to Ava GH

Cam arrives in the foyer and asks Spencer what the hell is going on. Spencer tells him about the deal he cut with Ava to get him and Esme out of the house, but then he lost his cool when Esme once again attacked Trina. Cam tells Spencer that he can’t keep losing it, and pushes him to just hurry up and expose Esme. Cam warns him that he will not lose Joss because Spencer can’t keep his head in the game. He threatens Spencer to make it happen tonight, or he will.

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Cam questions Spencer trouble GH

Spencer eventually finds Esme and has something to tell her. She says that’s funny because she has something to tell him too.

Elsewhere, Ava tells Nikolas that he’s scaring her. Nikolas admits he has something to confess.

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