Carly and the DNA results
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Maxie finally arrives to the Singles Setup at the Metro Court pool. Britt is happy to see her and doesn’t know what she’s doing here. Maxie tells her to put herself out there and try and meet someone. Austin comes over to join Maxie, and Brad tries to deliver Britt her next drink but spills it. Brad apologizes and gives her his drink. Maxie suggests she and Austin give the two singles space to mingle.

Maxie wonders what is going on

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Terry arrives and Britt thought she was already seeing someone. Terry explains it’s over. A drunk Britt grabs a tray of drinks from a waitress. She pushes Brad to go talk to a hot waiter, so he walks off. Alone, Britt asks Terry what happened. Terry explains Chet’s job offer and the fact that they weren’t officially a couple and had been on one date. Britt says this is typical, life offers you something and then snatches it away.

Britt loses her happiness

Maxie and Austin share a sofa, and Britt starts gagging at their happiness and asks why they are at a singles mixer. Maxie reminds her it’s also a charity event. Britt cries she’s a charity case and gags. She grabs more drinks, and Maxie advises she should slow down.

Spinelli spots Drew and calls him over to the table he’s at with Sam. He wants to hear everything going on with him, as Sam roles her eyes. Dante interrupts to borrow Drew, and they step aside. Sam confronts Spinelli on why he’s desperate to get away from her. What is he hiding? Spinelli admits something is going on, but he’s not ready to talk about his new thing yet.

Drew talks Sam Spinelli GH

Dante warns Drew that Michael is going after Sonny, and he might use ELQ to do it. Drew can’t stop Michael if he has a legitimate business move that works against Sonny, but he’d never let Michael do anything to weaken ELQ. Dante wonders if Michael knows that. Drew thanks him for the heads up and assures him that he’ll talk to Michael.

Drew gets news about Michael


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Brook Lynn asks Chase if he’s still mad at her because she’s not mad at him. She admits she went too far in what she asked him to do. BLQ says she’s sorry and asks if they can move on. Chase reveals he’s decided to help her take down Linc. She tells him he’s the best and pulls him into a hug. Both of them decide it’s finally time to talk about something.

BLQ wants another chance GH

Britt starts whistling to get everyone’s attention, interrupting BLQ and Chase’s talk. She yells at them all that this is a waste of their money. Spinelli interjects that her special someone is out there. A plane flies overhead and the noise of the engine grows louder as Britt continues to rant about there being no love in Port Charles. She rants their chances of falling in love is about as much as the special one falling out of the sky. Suddenly everyone warns Britt to look out, as someone parachutes from the plane and straight into her, knocking her into the pool with them. Spinelli winces as he watches. A shirtless man (played by Josh Kelly) cheers, “That’s a way to make an entrance Port Charles!”

Josh Kelly Port Charles GH

In court, everyone waits for the judge to return with the decision. Diane notes Carly isn’t there, so Michael, (temporarily played by Robert Adamson), decides to text her.

At the hospital, Carly is about to open the DNA test results when she gets the text from Michael.

Carly returns to court just as the judge prepares to announce her decision. She denies Nina’s petition. Carly looks down at the test results, as Michael and Willow celebrate. The judge tells Scott his mischaracterization of Michael’s character boarded on slander.

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Nina denied petition GH

Nina approaches and begs Michael and Willow to please reconsider. Michael says she took this to court, she was denied, so it’s over. Nina asks for mercy, and she’ll take anything, even supervised visits. Willow yells at her that they do not think she can be trusted with Wiley. Nina cries she loves Wiley and he loves her. Michael notes Wiley doesn’t know any better, which is why they are protecting them from her. Scott takes Nina away, and Michael and Willow thank Diane for her work. Diane tells them that they were both brilliant on the stand.

New Michael GH

Outside of the court, Nina can’t believe it’s over. Scott offers to call Obrecht for her, but she rushes off.

Back inside, Michael and Willow thank Diane again. Willow is glad this is over, and that she’ll finally be able to sleep well again. Diane tells them now that they have a legal ruling, so if Nina comes near Wiley they can have her arrested. Diane suggests they enjoy their victory and departs.

Carly checks in on Willow and asks if she is having any second thoughts as she struggled with denying Nina contact with Wiley in the past. Willow isn’t struggling anymore and says they never have to see that awful woman again. Carly looks at the envelope.  Drew enters as Michael asks his mom what is in the envelope. She flashes back to reading the results after getting Michael’s texts, and it’s a match. Nina is Willow’s mother.

Nina goes to Nelle’s grave and cries that she’s failed. She’s lost both Nelle and Wiley.

Valentin runs into Ava at the shooting range. He jokes she probably needs to hone her skills given she’s hanging out with the likes of Victor. Ava snarks that at least Victor is more charming than he is. Anna walks in and says she wouldn’t say that, as Valentin has his moments. Ava heads out, and Valentin was worried Anna was going to stand him up.

Anna suggests a shooting competition, and should he win then she’ll go out with him. He asks what if she wins? She laughs that she’ll decide what then means when the time is right.

Anna at the range GH

After taking some shots, Anna suggests they see who won, but Valentin thinks they already know the answer. Anna is the victor and announces her prize will be them spending the evening together. She tells him to pick her up at seven. After she leaves, Valentin receives a call from Victor.

Valentin hits his targets GH

Spencer returns home to Wyndemere and finds Esme’s suitcase in the hall, meaning she’s still there.

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In another room, Nikolas pulls away from kissing Esme and apologizes for doing that. She declares she’s not and pulls him back into the kiss. They quickly begin stripping one another’s clothes off and have sex on the floor.

Nikolas stunned he kissed Esme GH

In the living room, Spencer grabs a sandwich and eats it while texting Esme as to where she is. He also texts Cam for tips on groveling because he messed up with Esme. Ava arrives home and asks if Spencer has seen his father. He hasn’t but tells Ava that he and Esme are moving out, and are planning to stay in a hotel, so he needs his money to book the room. Ava chides he doesn’t get the money until he is out and has a place to stay.

Spencer snarky with Ava GH

In the other room, Nikolas and Esme are under a blanket on the floor. He never expected that to happen and asks if she’s okay. Esme smiles that she’s great and has been fighting these feelings for a while. Nikolas feels he took advantage of her, but she says he took care of her. Nikolas states what they did was wrong, and Spencer will never forgive him for this. Esme smiles that Spencer never has to know. She doesn’t want to cause trouble for Nikolas, because he’s been so good to her. She pulls him into another kiss.

Nikolas slept with Esme

Outside in the hall, Spencer finds Esme’s jacket and calls out to her. He approaches the closed door. In the room, Esme and Nikolas hear him and panic.

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