Esme flirts with Nikolas GH
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Britt and Brad arrive at the Metro Court pool for the Society Set-Ups gathering. Spinelli is there and tries flirting with a woman, who walks off on him. Austin enters and runs into Spinelli. The doctor thought this was a charity event but notes it looks more like a meat market. Spinelli asks about Maxie, and Austin tells Spinelli that she got stuck at work but is coming.

Austin questions Spinelli about event GH

Sam spots Spinelli and compliments his outfit. She asks if this means he’s over Ellie. Spinelli admits he signed up for Society Set-Ups. Sam thinks something else is going on with him and tells him to spill it.

Sam questions Spinelli GH

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Drew thanks Brook Lynn for inviting him to the event, and she tells him that anyone who is anyone is here. Brook Lynn tells Drew he should go mingle. She points out a woman at the bar glancing his way and suggests he go for it.

Drew and BLQ talk GH

Chase enters with Dante, and Dante asks him what’s going on with him and Brook Lynn these days. Chase says it’s hard to say and asks Dante for his help. Dante happens to speak fluent BLQ.

Chase stares at BLQ GH

Drew ends up chatting with Britt. She asks him if he’s on the prowl, or just here for a good cause. Drew laughs that he has never been a prowler, and Brook Lynn invited him to support the cause. He asks about her, but she vents that this just seems like a colossal waste of time for her. She decides to go back to her room and go to bed. Drew asks when she became a quitter. He says Society Set-Ups has a great track record, and someone there might interest her. She looks around and agrees to give it another half an hour.

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Chase approaches Austin and asks about Maxie. He relays that she’ll be arriving soon. Chase just wanted to thank her for inviting him to Bailey’s first birthday. Austin asks if he’ll be bringing Brook Lynn, but Chase can’t speak for her. Austin can’t believe they are still on that rollercoaster and asks if he’s not tired of this dance.

Brook Lynn approaches Dante for a favor and explains she’s having trouble with Linc. Dante thinks she should talk to Chase. Brook Lynn just needs support, and Dante says Chase has been nothing but supportive of her. Dante warns her that Chase is patient, but there will come a day she pushes him too far and he won’t come when she calls.

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Brook Lynn finally approaches Chase, and he asks how annoyed she is with him. She was about to ask him the same thing.

Outside of court, Carly tells Michael that Scott grossly distorted his past. Michael admits that one day Wiley will find out about his misdeeds, and what if Wiley ends up hating all of them. Carly says Wiley will see his parents are flawed, just like he did with Sonny. Carly assures him that he was amazing on the stand, and no way will that judge rule in Nina’s favor.

Carly comforts Michael GH

In court, Willow accosts Nina, who asks her what she wants. Willow is furious that Nina let Scott attack Michael on the stand and portrayed him as a baby snatcher and violent towards women. Nina says Scott just presented the facts. Willow reminds Nina that it was Nelle who put her dead son into Michael’s arms.

Willow yells at Nina GH

Carly and Michael hear Willow lashing out at Nina from the hall and head back into court. Willow accuses Nelle of being born bad because she inherited it from Nina and Madeline. Nina tells Willow that it’s too bad Harmony isn’t there to tell Willow who, or what, she comes from.

Nina and Willow fave off GH

Willow continues to lash out at Nina, telling her that she’s not worthy of Wiley and promises she will make sure to protect him from her. Nina states she would never hurt him, but Willow says she already has and won’t ever let her hurt him again. Nina says she respects that Willow is doing what is best for Wiley, but so is she. Willow tells her to drop the petition then. Nina refuses, and Willow tells her it’s ironic that she wears those heart pendants when she is heartless. Michael and Willow walk away, and Carly tells them she will be right back but there is something she has to do and it can’t wait.

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Scott and Diane exit the judge’s chambers and the judge returns to the courtroom. Diane calls Willow to the stand and asks her why she opposes this petition. Willow states Nina does not have her son’s best interests at heart and feels she has a right to Wiley. She doesn’t believe sharing DNA entitles one to a family relationship. She points out Nina played an active role in breaking up Wiley’s grandparents’ marriage, and she directed her lawyer to attack Wiley’s father without thinking about how it would impact Wiley. She doesn’t want anyone in her son’s life that doesn’t put his best interests first.

When Scott is allowed to cross-examine, Nina stops him and tells him enough. The judge says she’ll be ready to issue her ruling within the hour.

At the gun range, Laura compliments Ava’s skills and asks what she’s practicing for. Ava says not what, who. Laura guesses this has to do with Esme. Ava would love to blame everything on Spencer and Esme, but they are just a symptom of a bigger problem. Laura changes the topic, and reveals she put in a letter of recommendation to the school she’s looking to send Avery to, and it was Nikolas who asked her to do so. Ava is shocked and didn’t think Nikolas was paying attention when she mentioned the school. She assumes this is when Laura advises her not to give up on her marriage too soon.

Ava shoots guns GH

Laura admits her son isn’t good at finding balance and suggests she give him time to work on his relationship with both Spencer and her. Ava rants that Nikolas isn’t working on their marriage, he’s just telling her to keep her head down and look away from things she doesn’t like. Laura explains marriage is about give and take. She has a strong marriage with Kevin, but they also have to make time to focus on one another with their busy lives. Ava wants that, but Nikolas isn’t willing to reciprocate. Laura asks if Ava would she rather be right or would she rather be happy. She sees that her son has grown to be a better man since being with her, and if she and Nikolas want to reclaim their happiness then they can.

Laura gives Ava advice GH

At Wyndemere, Esme finds Nikolas drinking so she joins him, after stripping down to a crop top. She apologizes for springing the trust fund issue with Ava on him and assumed Spencer told him. However, she should have known better as Spencer only seems to confide in Trina these days. She reveals to Nikolas that her relationship with Spencer is over. Nikolas asks if she’s sure they can’t ride out this rough patch.  Esme feels she and Spencer don’t put one another first, and she deserves better, as does Nikolas. She tells him if Ava can’t put him first then he should find someone who will.

Esme and Nikolas drink GH

Nikolas refuses to discuss his marriage. Esme pretends to be cold, so Nikolas wraps his jacket around her. Nikolas still thinks she and Spencer can work things out. Esme says there is more to their troubles as Spencer doesn’t want to make love to her anymore. Esme advises Nikolas to think about what it is he wants and needs. He wants respect, peace, and faith. Esme feels Ava should be giving him that because she would.

Esme whines that she should be going, but he tells her again that she’s welcomed in his home. He asks what she wants. She wants to belong, so he asks her to stay. She thinks he’s being kind, and nobody is choosing her because even her own boyfriend doesn’t want her. Nikolas says he wants her, here and now. She tells him to prove it, so he pulls her into a kiss.

Nikolas kisses Esme GH

At the hospital, Chet is shocked that Terry thinks he should take the job in Chicago. She believes if they don’t work out as a couple, then he may regret missing out on this opportunity. Chet just hates ending them before they began. He suggests a long-distance relationship.

Terry and Chet talk job GH

Terry feels this job will require a lot of Chet’s time and attention, but there are planes to and from Chicago and Port Charles every day. She pushes him to take the job, and he agrees to call the recruiter. He says if she doesn’t have a date next Valentine’s Day… Terry promises he’ll be her first call.

Terry advises Chet GH

Carly arrives and picks up the DNA results. She asks if they will be difficult to decipher. The tech tells her they won’t be.

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