Willow confronts Nina in court GH
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In court, Scott asks Michael what happened between him and Claudia Zacchara, and what it was like to kill her. Diane objects and Scott explains he’s just pointing out the fitness level of those claiming Nina isn’t fit to see her grandson. Scott reads Claudia’s autopsy report and notes how much smaller she was than Michael. Michael adds that she was in the process of kidnapping Joss. Scott asks Michael how he felt when he caved her head in. Michael admits when he saw his sister back in his mother’s arms that he felt relieved.

Scott questions Michael about Claudia GH

Scott notes the length of Michael’s prison term, which he barely served any of. He also then brings up what happened with Avery, and how snatching a kid from their loving family is Michael’s MO. Michael explains at the time he was protecting Avery from his father, but Scott snarks that maybe Wiley needs to be protected from him. Michael goes off that Nina and Nelle both tried to portray themselves as victims of the world, but they are only victims of themselves. Scott retaliates, “That’s not true Michael, they’re victims of you!” Scott suggests that perhaps Nelle did what she did to protect Wiley from Michael because she was afraid that he’d do to her what he did to Claudia, or take Wiley from her like he did Avery.

Michael on the stand GH

Diane gets a chance to question Michael and asks how many times Nina asked to see Wiley while she was away in Nixon Falls. Michael answers twice, which Diane points out isn’t the making of a fantastic grandma. She also brings up the problems with her visits, including Nina telling Wiley that Nelle was his real mother. Diane asks why he is opposed to Nina having contact with Wiley. Michael states she has a history of lying and seems focused on redeeming Nelle rather than Wiley’s wellbeing. Diane presents a folder with Michael’s criminal record and compares it to Nelle’s hefty file. She states she has no further questions.

Diane grills Michael GH

The judge calls a recess and demands to see the lawyers in her chambers. Nina tells Sonny she wanted to take the high road, but Michael left her no choice what with The Invader article. She hopes he understands, even if he can’t forgive her. Sonny walks away.

nina had no choice GH

Outside the courtroom, Michael vents to Carly that Scott made Nelle and Nina look like victims. He also knows one day he’ll have to answer to Wiley regarding everything that came out in court today. Michael looks over to see Sonny standing there, and Carly tells him not to let Sonny get to him.

Furious, Willow storms back into court and grabs Nina, who was on her way out. She tells her, “You aren’t going anywhere!”

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At the gallery, Trina and Rory check out a few paintings together when Spencer shows up and interrupts them. He assumes it’s a bad time and says he’ll get out of Trina’s way as he just needs to do his restitution. Rory decides to bounce and catch some rays.

Spener interrupts Rory and Trina GH

Spencer gets to work stuffing envelopes and tells Trina that Ava is giving him an allowance. Trina thinks there must be a catch. He admits he has to move out of Wyndemere. Trina is perplexed as she thought he was trying to fix things with his father. Spencer reveals by leaving he is helping his father. He notes he has issues with Ava, and his father will have a better shot of fixing things with Ava without him and Esme around. Trina doesn’t buy it, but he asks why she cares as she has bigger things to deal with than worrying about him and his father. Angry, Trina agrees and decides to leave him to stuff his mailers and orders him to lock up when he’s done. After she leaves, Spencer knocks some things off the desk in frustration.

Trina questions Spencer moving out GH

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At the Metro Court, Nikolas welcomes his uncle back and tells Victor that he needs to speak to his wife alone. Victor senses tension and thinks he should stick around as a referee. Victor asks what is going on. Nikolas reveals just as he was getting closer to Spencer when Ava found a way to drive him away. Ava states she simply offered him a financial incentive to move out and take his psychopath girlfriend with him. Victor wishes Ava could have been more patient, but Ava says she didn’t throw the girl off a parapet. She simply arranged for Nikolas and herself to have breathing room to try and save this marriage. Plus, she gave Spencer the chance to show Nikolas who he is, and he took the first opportunity given to move out.

Victor mediates fight GH

Victor thinks the two of them should find some way to compromise. Ava won’t compromise on trust, and Nikolas tells Victor these are their issues, not his. Victor decides to give them privacy and advises Nikolas not to muck this up.

Nikolas asks Ava what they are going to do about this distance between them. Ava feels she did her part by getting rid of two people who don’t want them together in the first place. Nikolas wishes she would have come to him first, and she counters, “Like you did when you invited Esme into our home.” Nikolas accuses her of forcing him to decide between his marriage and his son, to pick her or his family.

Nikolas gets yelled at GH

Ava cries she thought she was his family too, and it seems she has a choice to make. She can either stick around and watch him dither over Esme or she walks away. Nikolas knows they love one another, but Ava says they are just words without deeds to back them up. Nikolas accuses just expecting him to come crawling back to her. She vents she does because she’s the best thing to ever happen to him.

It's Ava's choice to make GH

Victor returns later to check on Ava. Ava says Nikolas left. Victor thinks he’ll be back. She cries she thought so too once, but she’s been wrong before. She fears she overplayed her hand, and her marriage is at an end.

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At General Hospital, Chet tells Terry about being recommended for a new job, his dream job, which he didn’t even apply for. Amy listens at the door as Terry suggests they celebrate his new job with dinner at the Metro Court tonight. Chet is free, but there is something else she should know. He reveals the job is in Chicago.

Chet Terry break up GH

Amy bursts into Terry’s office and tells Chet not to take the job. She confesses she was the one who gave the headhunter his resume, and she did it to keep him and Terry apart. She explains she and Terry sometimes clash at work, and she was afraid of Terry invading her personal space too if she was dating Chet. She was only thinking of herself until Chet told her how much he was missing in his life, and how much Terry meant to him. She hopes he can forgive her and asks him not to take the job. Amy runs out, and Chet tells Terry it seems he can’t take the job now. Terry feels he has to take it.

Amy confesses to Chet GH

At Wyndemere, Esme calls Spencer and leaves a message. She hopes things with Cam went well, and she’s just finishing packing up. She asks him to come home soon. After she hangs up she says, “Before I get into trouble.”

Esme writes a letter to Maggie letting her know while she doesn’t have everything she wants yet, she’s well on her way to getting it.

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Esme hears Spencer come home and quickly runs to him to ask how Cam is. Spencer seethes, “How do you think, his mother is having a nervous breakdown.” Esme notes he’s in a mood and asks if he got into it with Ava at the gallery. He says no, and she quickly realizes it was Trina. Spencer says he doesn’t want to talk about Trina.

Spencer listens to Esme GH

Esme keeps pushing, so Spencer tells her to drop it and suggests they should go for one last ride around the estate. Esme refuses to be distracted, and she doesn’t understand why he keeps going back to Trina who constantly looks down on him especially when the person standing in front of him is willing to do anything for him. Spencer again states he’s going for a ride, so she warns she may not be here when he gets back. Spencer doesn’t take kindly to the ultimatum, and she counters that she refuses to be treated so poorly. He refuses to talk to her like this and walks out. Esme smiles to herself.

Esme threatens to leave GH

Later, Nikolas comes home and Esme watches as he goes straight for the liquor.

Rory arrives at the Metro Court pool and is shown to a lounge chair for one. He asks the attendant to make it two because someone will be joining him soon. Later, Trina arrives but is too late to get a lounge as they are all taken. Suddenly she takes a good long look as Rory exits the pool and smiles at her. He approaches her and asks if she’s okay. She explains she was late today and there are no chairs left. He reveals he got her one and was hoping she would pick up his hint that he was going to catch some rays.

Rory sees Trina at pool GH

Rory and Trina relax in the chairs, and some non-alcoholic drinks he ordered arrive. They smile at one another and Trina thanks him for the chair, the drink, and the company.

Trina smiles at rory GH

On the next General Hospital: Sam asks Spinelli what is going on. Willow yells at Nina, “The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.” Michael tells Carly one day Wiley will find out about his past. Terry and Chet continue discussing his job opportunity. Esme cries to Nikolas that her relationship with Spencer is over.

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