Scott calls Michael to the stand GH
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In court, Sonny is sworn in, and Scott asks him to talk about his relationship with Nina in Nixon Falls. He explains how he got to Nixon Falls and how Nina found him there. He admits Nina was responsible for keeping him from his family, but she wasn’t the only one. Sonny reveals by the time Nina arrived in Nixon Falls he had decided he didn’t want to know who he used to be. He notes Nina not telling him the truth was something done against him, and he’s forgiven her. Scott asks Sonny if he thinks Nina should be barred from Wiley’s life. Sonny states that’s for Willow and Michael to decide, but Scott is asking him what he thinks. Sonny believes Wiley should be a part of Nina’s life.

Sonny takes the stand

Scott has no further questions, and Carly leans over and tells Michael that she’s sorry. Michael expected this. Diane gets a chance to cross-examine. She asks if Sonny had any idea he had children or a family that loved him. Sonny had no idea, so Diane asks if knowing that would have changed his decision not to find out who he was. Sonny says it may have. Diane points out that Nina not only harmed Sonny but his entire family who grieved him.

Nina is stunned by Sonny GH

Diane wonders if he was angry that Nina kept him from his family. He admits he was, but they got past it. Diane argues that maybe he got past it, but his children didn’t. The lawyer brings up how Avery came into the world, and that Nina kidnapped and took Avery to Canada. She states for the record that her accomplice then was serial killer Franco Baldwin, Scott’s son. Sonny explains that Nina was unwell at the time, and reminds Diane he’s had a number of breakdowns. He believes Nina will have to pay for her mistakes for a long time, just like he will.

Diane grills Sonny

Diane reminds Sonny that he’s not the only victim, and Nina wronged his entire family. Diane has one final question and asks why should the court trust Sonny’s judgment about Nina. Scott argues that is way out of line, and Diane just wanted to point out that Sonny has suffered a traumatic head injury that could impair his judgment. Sonny steps down, and Carly rolls her eyes watching Nina nod to Sonny.

Carly is disgusted GH

Next Scott calls Michael to the stand. After Michael is sworn in, Scott explains that this hearing is about morals, character, and ethics. He asks Michael to tell the court what happened between him and Claudia Zacchara.

Michael Willow Scowl Sonny GH

At the hospital, Terry tries to avoid Amy, who is on the phone with someone talking how it has to work out as they discussed.

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Nikolas asks Britt for information on Liz, but she can’t give that out. He reminds her how he’s been a generous donor to the hospital. She scoffs that he’s almost as entitled as his son. Nikolas is confused as she and Spencer were always thick as thieves. She rants that Spencer came here asking for a favor, and when he didn’t get what he wanted he said some nasty things to her. She congratulates him on how he raised his son, and tells Mr. Cassadine that he can shove his big fat donation…

Britt blasts Nikolas GH

Terry intervenes and asks if there is a problem. Nikolas explains he is just trying to get information on Elizabeth. Terry can’t reveal anything, but as Elizabeth’s friend, she assures him that Liz will catch him up soon. Nikolas tells Britt, “See how easy that was?” Britt reminds him she’s not Liz’s friend, and she hopes not to see him here again unless he’s sick or dying.

Nikolas Gloats GH

Terry asks Britt what that was about. They go into Terry’s office, and Britt tells her how Spencer used a tone with her and called her sad and lonely. She cries he was such a special kid, and she didn’t expect him to grow up and be one of those people. Britt admits Spencer wasn’t wrong, and she does want to find a partner. Britt relays there is a singles setup later and asks if Terry would want to go. Terry will as her wing woman, but she’s seeing someone. Britt wants her to dish. Terry explains it is complicated, and some hospital personnel are indirectly involved.

Terry questions Britt's behavior GH

Chet arrives at the hospital, and Amy gives him a hug. He reveals something surprising happened, a recruiter for an Army health program reached out to him about a job, one he thought he wasn’t qualified for. Amy is glad he applied, but he explains that’s the thing, someone else applied for him. Amy notes a lot of people love him, so maybe it was someone he served with. Amy inquires if he got the job, and he did. He starts in a few days, but the job is in Chicago. Amy blurts out that she forgot about that part, but it’s not that far. She can see Chet is down, and he admits he’s been seeing someone in Port Charles. Amy asks who the lucky lady is.

Amy Chet hug GH abc

They sit down and Chet tells Amy it’s Terry. She exclaims, “My boss, who has it out for me?” He says she doesn’t have it out for her, and the dates have been special. He admits he had given up on dating for a long time, but he found things just clicked with Terry. He reveals they’ve only been on a few dates, so he should tell Terry about the job.

Amy and Chet talk Terry GH

Alone, Amy gets a call and tells the person on the other end that Chet’s taking the job, and thanks them for accepting his resume. Later, Britt runs into Amy and says she thought she had plans with her brother. Amy explains he had to give some news to the woman he is seeing. Britt makes a comment about how hard it is to find a special someone these days which seems to leave Amy conflicted. Meanwhile, Chet goes to Terry’s office and has something he needs to tell her.

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Cam and Joss meet out front of Kelly’s before Cam’s shift. Joss says she has found a way to stop Esme and prove Trina’s innocence. Cam is distant, and she asks what is going on. He cries it’s his mom. Joss pulls him into a hug. He explains his mother has been the one tormenting herself, and they don’t know why.

Cam tells Joss about Liz GH

At Wyndemere, Esme suggests a picnic to Spencer, but he announces they have to spend the rest of the afternoon packing. Esme assumes Ava got them kicked out, but Spencer gleefully tells her that Ava has given him an allowance so they can move out and be free from his father and Ava. She asks if this means they can share a bed again. He notes with this allowance they can afford a place with multiple bedrooms.

Nikolas tells Esme they moving out GH

Nikolas arrives, and before Spencer can reveal their news, Nikolas tells them about Cam’s mom. Spencer thinks he should check on Cam and rushes off. Esme begins to pour on the tears that Cam and Joss are still trying to convince Spencer she’s to blame for what happened to Trina. Nikolas assures her that Spencer will wise up. Esme thanks him and will miss these talks once they move out. Nikolas is stunned by the news of their leaving. Later, Esme makes herself a drink and smirks, “It won’t be long now.”

Esme cries to Nikolas GH

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Back at Kelly’s, Spencer shows up to find Joss and Cam still talking about Liz. Joss steps aside as Spencer offers Cam any help he can, even if it means watching Aiden and Jake while he’s at work. Cam thanks him, and Spencer sets off to the gallery.

Spencer supports Cam GH

Joss can’t believe Spencer can be such a good friend to him, but not Trina. Joss has realized how to expose Esme, and that’s to take away her shield by breaking up Esme and Spencer. Cam states, “No Joss, we can’t do that!” Joss asks why not? Cam, thinking about Spencer’s plan, simply says it would backfire. He also pleades for them not to talk about Esme for just one day. He has to go to work and goes inside.

Joss upset about Esme still GH

Rory, off duty, shows up at the gallery to check on Trina. She vents about the school’s investigation and how it could have her expelled. Rory admits he never went to college and found his passion with the PCPD. He discovered he could help right some wrongs, and the first wrong he’s righting is what happened to her.

Rory supports Trina Gallery GH

Rory offers to take her to the museum and catch the planetarium show. Trina isn’t in the mood for the planetarium, so he suggests they hang out at the pool. She declines as she doesn’t want to mess up his life too. She knows they can’t fraternize with her, but he reminds her that he wasn’t the arresting officer. Still, Trina knows from her dad this type of thing is frowned upon. Rory feels tough enough to deal with a few frowns. She won’t let him risk his career for her, but it means a lot that he offered. Rory notes there is no harm if he checks out a few paintings while he’s here. As they do so, Spencer shows up and glares at Rory.

Trina protective of Rory GH

At the Metro Court, Ava orders a martini to celebrate signing a big gallery deal. Victor appears and asks if she’s not going to welcome home her favorite in-law. Ava tells him a lot has happened since he’s been gone, including finding Luke’s killer. Victor thought his death was a tragic accident and asks who wrote the final chapter of Luke Spencer’s life. Ava fills him in that it was Jennifer Smith. She only knew the Smith family by reputation and heard they were sloppy. Victor smiles and says unlike her, who is neat and clean. Victor wonders if he missed the vow renewal ceremony, and Ava admits he didn’t, and she and Nikolas are likely over.

Ava tells Victor about Troubles GH

Ava fills him in on Esme, and how she has Nikolas snowed. Ava rants she deserves a hell of a lot better at this point given how she’s been treated, and she won’t settle for anything less. He agrees she deserves nothing less. Victor says if Nikolas doesn’t see the woman he has in her then he is a fool. They toast, and Nikolas enters and finds them together.

Victor charms Ava GH ABC

On the next General Hospital: Things escalate at the hearing. Michael is forced to recount his past with Claudia. Rory’s time with Trina at the gallery is interrupted by Spencer. Esme is less than thrilled about Ava’s conditions regarding Spencer’s allowance.

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