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At the outdoor café, Brook Lynn tells Chase that Linc is turning her songs into techno trash. Chase suggests she write new ones, but she explains she poured her heart and soul into those songs, and she wants them back. Chase knows an attorney that specializes in intellectual property, but BLQ reveals Diane said the contract is airtight. She needs a plan B.

brook lynn talks to chase about linc gh

Brook Lynn asks if Chase can shadow Linc and see if he trips up, but he points out this plan is illegal and entrapment. She says these songs are her babies and she won’t let them go. Chase thinks this isn’t just about her songs, but Bailey. She swears it isn’t, but Chase doesn’t believe her and can’t help her. She exclaims she’ll do it on her own and storms off.

BLQ plan B GH

Outside of court, Carly gets a message that the DNA results are in.

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In court, Nina thanks Sonny for coming, but tells him that he should leave as his relationship with Michael is at stake. Sonny refuses to leave as Carly enters and notes a lot more is at stake today.

Nina asks Sonny to leave GH

Nina approaches Willow and Michael and offers one last chance to settle, but they refuse. Diane and Scott both advise their clients, and it’s all or nothing. Scott tells Nina she did good by bringing Sonny in, but she doesn’t want Scott to put Sonny on the stand.

Diane advises Michael GH

The judge enters the court, and Nina looks at Sonny. Sonny nods to her, which Carly notices.

Scott presents Nina’s request to the judge, and Diane counters that her clients want to deny visitation. The judge wants to hear Nina’s request in her own words, and she’s sworn in.

Scott asks Nina why they are here today. She explains Wiley is her grandson and she loves him, it’s that simple. Scott asks how well she knew Nelle, and she admits she didn’t know her very well. She knows Nelle was troubled and caused a lot of damage, and she never knew Nelle was her daughter until after she died. Scott continues to ask about her relationship with Wiley, and why his parents cut her off from seeing him. Nina relays that they felt she was a bad influence, and admits she’s made mistakes. However, she is a good grandma, and Wiley is her family and no matter how much Michael and Willow want to, they can’t change that.

Scott questions Nina GH

Scott asks about Wiley’s other grandparents, and she names Sonny and Carly. Scott points out that Sonny gets to see Wiley and she doesn’t, which he finds contradictory if the boy’s best interest is what this is about. He asks about other grandparents and Nina names Harmony who recently passed. Scott brings up her list of crimes, and that she too was also allowed to see Wiley.

Michael Willow Hearing GH ABC

Diane gets a chance to counter. She asks Nina if anyone knew Nelle was her daughter before she did. Nina states Carly and Jax did. Diane says that must have been upsetting, and she must have regretted the time she lost with Nelle. Nina cries it was and she did, and if she could have raised her then maybe Nelle may have turned out differently. Diana points out she was in a coma, and this is just a delusional fantasy. She accuses Nina of filing this petition as an act of revenge, and she doesn’t have Wiley’s best interests at heart. Scott states to the judge that this is character assassination, but Diane says Nina’s character is exactly why they are here.

Carly shoots daggers from eyes GH

Diane brings up Nixon Falls and Nina discovering an alive Sonny there, and that she kept that knowledge from his family, including Wiley. She accuses Nina of keeping the secret to get revenge on Carly, the same revenge driving her today with this petition. Nina sobs it is more complicated than that, but Diane says she either lied or she didn’t. Nina exclaims who hasn’t lied, and how can she prove she loves Wiley if she’s not given a chance. Diane says she had the chance and threw it in the garbage.

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Michael and Willow think that is that and they’ve won. The judge asks if anyone else wants to speak for or against the petition. Sonny asks Scott to put him on the stand. Nina tells him no, but he insists. Scott calls Sonny to the stand.

Nina asks Sonny to go GH

Gregory takes Violet to the park and finds a newspaper with the story about Nina’s hearing on the bench. Violet asks her grandpa to play Frisbee with her. He tosses the Frisbee and accidentally hits Alexis. She jokes it’s good she’s not a lawyer anymore otherwise she might sue. Gregory suggests Violet go play with some bubbles, and he asks Alexis what brings her to the park. Alexis just finished up a tai chi class. He shows her the paper he found and admits he’s not a big fan of The Invader.

Gregory hits alexis with frisbee gh

Alexis thought as a history and journalism professor that he would approve of the changes she made to the paper. He thinks she’s still telling tabloid fodder and points to the Nina Reeves story. She explains she has to tell stories but also make money. Gregory still thinks she’s selling sensational stories. Alexis insists bent over backward to be impartial, unlike his ex Jackie Tempeton. Violet approaches and tells her grandpa that he’s not playing nice. Gregory apologizes for his criticism but doesn’t retract it. Alexis challenges him to state his opinion on the record in her paper. Gregory gets a message from Finn, so he and Violet have to head off.

Alexis Gregory chat paper GH

At the hospital, Laura arrives and comforts Cam. Cam can’t believe his mom was stalking herself this whole time.

In her room, Liz tells Finn that she’s a threat to everyone she cares about. She must go away and stay away. Cam and Laura enter, and Laura embraces Liz. Laura knows she’s scared and promises it will be okay if she faces the problem head-on. Kevin advises Liz to listen to her. Liz doesn’t know how to do this, and what if the resources at GH don’t cut it. Laura insists they’ll find a place that can help her. Liz tells Finn he has to let her go so she can find her way back.

Liz asks Finn to let her go GH

Cam is upset at the idea of sending his mom away. Liz tells him that she knows it is scary, but it’s for the best. She refuses to let whatever is happening to her harm him and his brothers. She asks Finn to have her back on this. He does, but he doesn’t see how hiding her away can help her. Laura understands his feelings, but they need to do what is best for Elizabeth.

Cam shocked by Liz decision GH

Finn asks where Liz would go, and Kevin suggests Shadybrook. Kevin thinks she could spend a week or two there and then transition into outpatient care. Liz asks Finn for his support, so he says he will take her there and visit as often as he can. She refuses to allow him to visit because she has to do this on her own.

Finn won't let Liz go GH

Kevin, Laura, and Cam leave Finn and Liz to talk alone. She explains to Finn she must do this on her own because there is something within her that feels threatened by her feelings for him. Finn understands but is really going to miss her. Liz expresses the same feelings, but it will only be for a few weeks.

Kevin, Laura, and Cam return, and Kevin has made all the arrangements. Laura says she’ll drive her over there. Cam tells his mom that he’ll watch over Aiden and Jake and she needs to get better.

Liz says goodbye family GH

Violet and Gregory arrive, and Finn and Cam explain Elizabeth is going to a place to get better. Liz gives everyone hugs before leaving with Laura and Kevin. She also asks Finn to tell her boys she loves them and will be home soon.

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In the hospital in Brooklyn, Marshall stirs awake. Curtis wants to get a doctor, but Marshall tells him not to leave. Marshall tells Curtis that he’s his hero, along with his grandson. He can’t believe he could have lost them both. Curtis assures him that he’s not going anywhere. Curtis just wants Marshall to come home, with no strings or conditions. He hopes it is a chance to start fresh for both of them.

Curtis supports Marshall GH

Marshall asks how he knows he won’t get scared and run off again. Curtis insists he won’t let anything come between them this time. TJ and Stella arrive, and Curtis asks how Stella got there. She reveals Portia told her and she hopped on the next plane. When she learns Marshall is apprehensive about returning to Port Charles, she calls him a fool for not grabbing this chance. The doctor appears to examine Marshall, so everyone departs.

TJ marshall awake GH

Stella asks if they found out why Marshall left. TJ reveals the medication he found and what it is, and Curtis assumes Stella already knew about it. Stella admits there is a story, but it’s not hers to tell.

Stella knew about the meds GH

Marshall is wheeled out and the doctor wants to run a few more scans. Marshall sees that TJ has his pills. Stella tells Marshall it’s time to let go of the past. Marshall agrees and Curtis deserves an explanation. Before he can say more, a technician comes to take Marshall to his scans, and once he gets the all-clear he can go home. Marshall gleefully states that is what he’s going to do, go home with his family.

Marshall tells his story GH

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