Michael lashes out at Nina GH
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Sonny meets with Dante at the outdoor café. Dante is surprised to learn Sonny’s going to the hearing and thinks Michael will appreciate his support. Sonny reveals he’s testifying on Nina’s behalf, not Michael’s. Sonny feels Nina loves Wiley and would never hurt him. Dante reminds him that Nina’s lies have already hurt Wiley. Sonny argues that Michael is just angry because he divorced Carly, and now he’s rejected him.

Dante advises Sonny about court GH

Dante suggests both Sonny and Michael grow up before they lose each other forever. He asks his father to let things die down with this hearing and try and work things out with Michael later. He reminds Sonny he thought he lost Michael once when he took custody of Avery, but he didn’t. He implores Sonny not to testify on Nina’s behalf.

Dante gives Sonny advice GH

In the Quartermaine kitchen, BLQ vents to Drew about the complexity of contracts. He offers his help when Michael and Willow enter. They are headed to court so Drew offers to keep Wiley company. Ned arrives in a tennis outfit and jokes, “What’s this, another meeting I wasn’t privy to?” Drew explains it’s the day of the hearing. Ned tells Michael he is sorry and knows Nina has hurt him, so he hopes things work out for him.

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After Michael and Willow depart, Drew asks if Ned really thought they were meeting behind his back. Ned admits it was a joke, but he is opposed to the merger. He argues that he has a longer history with this company than either Drew or Michael. Brook Lynn puts an end to the quarrel and asks, “Why does everything with this family have to be a death cage match?”

Ned Drew Clash ELQ

Ned heads out, and Drew asks BLQ what has her so bothered. She tells him about the contract she signed with Linc and how he owns the rights to all her songs written under that contract. Drew suggests she write new songs. BLQ thinks that’s a good idea when suddenly she gets an email from Linc. It’s a link to a demo of one of her songs. After listening to the techno-laced song, she’s disgusted as this was not her vision for it. She realizes she has to fight Linc and calls someone for help.

Brook Lynn worried about contract GH

BLQ leaves and Ned returns, now in a suit. Drew tries to talk to him about ELQ, but Ned says he’s made his position clear. He then quips, “I have to go to the office since I’m the only Quartermaine who works at ELQ.”

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In court, Nina tells Maxie that after the punches thrown by Michael and Willow in her direction, she’s fighting back. She refuses to walk away from Wiley, and Sonny supports that decision. Maxie asks if she thinks there could be something between her and Sonny. Willow and Michael arrive and eavesdrop at the door. Nina asserts that she’s not going to stop caring about Sonny, even if his whole family hates her. She also knows Sonny cares about her too because he is going to testify for her.

Nina will fight back GH

Michael rushes in and angrily blurts out, “My father is going to be a character witness for you?” Willow joins Michael, and Nina explains after the way Michael has treated Sonny, he’s decided to side with her. Willow snarks that Nelle’s mother has no place in Wiley’s life. Nina cries she’s family and loves him. Maxie suggests there is no limit on the number of people who can love a child and be a part of their life. Michael responds, “If Felicia hadn’t killed Peter, would he have been part of Bailey’s life?”

Nina argues with Michael in court GH

Maxie points out Nina is nothing like Peter, but Michael explains he was Bailey’s father and had a blood right to be in his life just as Nina feels she does with Wiley. He exclaims sometimes blood doesn’t make you family. Nina snarks, “Like Harmony was Willow’s mother?” Willow states what she knows now about Harmony doesn’t change the fact that she was her mother. Nina asks, “What about the people she stole you from? What about your biological parents?”

Nina and Maxie talk court strategy GH

Willow affirms that she doesn’t know what happened with her biological parents, and accuses Nina of going for the jugular as usual. Michael brings up her lies about Sonny, and Nina asks how many times they are going to bring that up? She wonders if this is really about protecting Wiley, or hurting her. Maxie pulls Nina away and says she has to pick up James because his school called and he has a fever. She tells Nina if she wants to be in Wiley’s life then stay away from Michael and Willow, as she’s making things worse.

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Later, Nina apologizes to Willow for going too far. She is sorry she lost her mom and knows it’s still painful. Willow snaps at her to save her fake remorse. Nina asks are they so holy that they never made a mistake. Michael explains that repeated lying isn’t a mistake, it’s a pattern they want to protect Wiley from.

Carly takes a private class at the yoga studio to center herself before the hearing. Britt and Brad enter for the next class, and Brad and Carly exchange looks. Brad tries to speak to Carly about Nina’s petition. He expresses that he will always regret hurting Wiley and Lucas, and suggests Carly talk to Michael to try and work things out with Nina. He feels Wiley’s had enough turmoil in his life. Carly blames him for that and goes to walk out. Brad blurts out, “What happened with Michael and AJ could happen all over again with Wiley.”

Carly sees Brad at GH

Carly stops, and Brad says the truth always comes out, and Wiley might feel cheated and robbed of a relationship with Nina one day. Carly tells Britt to get better friends. Britt feels Brad is right. She says Nina won’t give up as Wiley is all Nina has. Britt thinks there has to be some way for Michael, Nina, and Willow to look at this situation from a different perspective.

Britt at the yoga studio GH

Carly leaves, and Britt asks Brad where he got the courage to confront her? Brad jokes perhaps from dealing with his aunt. She asks how that job is going, and Brad says surprisingly good. He thanks Britt for encouraging him to take the job.

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Carly arrives outside of court when she gets a text message. It’s from the lab and it says the DNA results are ready for her to pick up.

At the hospital in Brooklyn, Curtis and TJ wait for news on Marshall. TJ admits he went into Marshall’s hotel room last night to find out about his medications, and he found something he didn’t expect.

TJ talks with Curtis about Marshall GH

Before TJ can tell Curtis anything, the doctor appears and fills them in on how Marshall is and says he’s getting the best care possible. After the doctor leaves, TJ shows Curtis the pills he found, which are antipsychotic medication. Curtis asks why he would be on this. TJ explains there are many reasons and it’s hard to know what his actual diagnosis was.

Later, a nurse tells Curtis he can see his father, so Curtis goes in. Marshall is still unconscious, so Curtis sits by his bedside. Curtis contemplates why his father couldn’t open up to him about his past. He begs his father to wake up as he wants a chance to make things up to him. Marshal finally wakes up and stirs in fright. Curtis calms him and says it’s him, his son.

Curtis thanks someone for doing right GH

At General Hospital, Chase meets up with Finn outside of Liz’s room. Finn tells him about finding Liz sleepwalking, and that she may have been the one terrorizing herself. Kevin arrives and apologizes for overhearing, but notes people have been known to do extraordinary things, even drive a car, while asleep. Kevin heads in to talk to Liz.

Kevin offers advice about Liz GH

In her room, Terry tries to convince Liz to rest, but Liz says she’s fine and to call her with the results. Terry gets a notice and tells Liz her blood results are normal. Liz knows what she did last night was not normal and worries she’s losing her mind.

Terry wants Liz to rest

Finn heads in to see Liz, who has been talking to Kevin. She says Kevin believes the sleeping pills might be responsible for the sleepwalking. Finn notes if it is her doing everything, at least they know she wouldn’t hurt someone. Liz replies, “Tell that to Chase.”

Finn brings Chase in to see Liz, and she apologizes for what she did to him. Terry returns and says Liz’s test results are in. The doctor reveals the MRI is normal, and there is no physical reason for her sleepwalking. Finn asks what about the pills? Terry inquires how long she’s been taking them. Liz relays that she got them after Franco was killed, and would take one after a long night shift. Terry decides to order more tests regarding the medication.

Terry has Liz's test results GH

Liz asks Kevin if there could be something deeper behind this. Kevin admits there could be an emotional source, something in her subconscious that is trying to get out. She feels it already has gotten out, and she could have stabbed Cam with those scissors. Finn asks now that Elizabeth is aware of the sleepwalking, will it deter it. Kevin thinks until they know the cause it could happen again. Liz agrees and announces she’s decided on how to protect her family.

Liz asks Kevin about condition GH

Chase meets with Brook Lynn at the outdoor cafe. She tells him that she needs his help in taking her life back.

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