Liz terrorizes herself in trance GH
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At The Savoy, Carly and Bobbie grab a table and Bobbie glares at Nina and Sonny at the bar. Meanwhile, Sonny tells Nina not to worry about them. Nina sees Bobbie throwing daggers her way and tells Sonny that she’s caused him enough trouble and feels she should leave. Sonny tells her not to leave on his account, because her being around isn’t trouble.

Sonny and Nina at Savoy GH

At their table, Bobbie hates the way Sonny is flaunting Nina in public and wants to give them a piece of her mind. She stands up, but Carly begs her to sit down and not give them the satisfaction. Bobbie listens to her daughter.

Bobbie upset about Nina GH

Nearby, Portia and Taggert discuss Trina and the Title 9 case. Taggert blames their illustrious commissioner for this. Jordan arrives, and Taggert confronts her for allowing Trina to take the fall for a crime she’s innocent of instead of going after the real criminal. Portia tries to smooth things over and advises Taggart have faith in his former partner. Taggert feels there is little faith going around lately and walks off.

Taggert worried about Trina GH

Portia offers to have Jordan join her if she’s off the clock. Jordan is, but she’s keeping an eye on Curtis’ club while he’s out of town. Portia asks if Curtis’ business is being targeted? Jordan doesn’t think there is trouble, and she may be overly cautious. Portia tells Jordan she’ll always be family to Curtis and she’s glad she has his back.

Portia worried Curtis Club GH

Sonny runs into Taggert and gives him some assurance about Trina. He then overhears Bobbie asking Carly about the test results. He walks over and asks what tests? Is Carly sick? Bobbie excuses herself, and Sonny sits down. Carly assures him that she’s not sick, but Sonny knows when she’s hiding something. She tells him he no longer has a right to know about her, but she’s not sick or hurt.

Carly hides a secret from Sonny GH

Bobbie approaches Nina, and Nina informs her it’s best they do not talk before the hearing. Bobbie responds, “Listen to me and there doesn’t have to be a hearing.”  She urges her to drop the petition, but Nina refuses. Bobbie rants that she was the first one to see through Nelle and what a psycho she was, and now she sees where she got her entitlement and greed from. Nina reminds Bobbie she knows all about her messy and sordid past too as Scott loves to talk. Nina didn’t get a chance to help Nelle, but Bobbie got a second chance with her daughter. She snarks that Carly takes right after her prostitute mother. Bobbie responds by throwing a drink in her face. Nina warns her that she’ll pay for this when she wins visitation rights tomorrow. Sonny and Carly are forced to intervene and break them up before things get even more serious.

Bobbie advises Nina GH

At their table, Carly tells her mom she loved that and it’s the least of what Nina deserves. Carly intends to give Nina hell tomorrow. Meanwhile, Nina tells Sonny that fight was a reminder of why it’s imperative she win tomorrow.

Jordan talks with Portia about Savoy GH

Taggert says goodbye to Portia before leaving, and lets Jordan know he trusts her. Portia talks about Taggert always being a devoted father. Suddenly, Jordan is hit with a memory and hears Portia saying, “I have to tell Trina the truth about her father.” Portia asks if something is wrong, and Jordan tells her, “It’s what you said when we almost died.” She suddenly remembered Portia had something to tell Trina about her father, and wonders if she ever told Trina what she needed to. Portia claims her brain was deprived of oxygen, so she’s not sure what she said. Jordan just knows secrets can hurt families, just look at Marshall. Portia is convinced Curtis and Marshall will work things out.

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At Kelly’s, Finn tries to distract Violet with the headphones again, so she doesn’t hear the talk of ghosts. He tells his father that he thinks Violet is onto something, and what if Liz is harassing herself.

Finn figures Liz out GH

Gregory reminds Finn that he’s told him what a great mother Elizabeth is, so why would she do this to her boys? Finn recalls she was having trouble sleeping and was given a sleeping aid. He hypothesizes it may be causing her to sleepwalk, and it could be why she doesn’t remember anything. He decides to go talk to her. Gregory cautions him to be careful because she attacked Chase, so who knows what she’s capable of.  Finn tells Violet he has to go for a bit to check on Aunt Elizabeth and gives her a kiss and hug.

Gregory cautions Finn GH

At Liz’s house, she appears to be in a trance as she tears Finn and Violet out of the drawing the girl made. She then begins to cut the drawing up. Cam comes home and finds his mother still in a trance. He slowly approaches her and says, “It’s me, I’m home.” She says nothing and doesn’t even acknowledge him. He sits on the couch and sees she’s cutting up Violet’s drawing.

Cam catches Liz GH

Finn arrives and Cam tells him that his mom is acting strange and he doesn’t know what to do. Finn sits next to her and tries to talk to her, but she doesn’t respond. He moves to take the scissors from her hands, causing her to jump. He promises no one will hurt her. Elizabeth snaps out of it and doesn’t know how she got to her house.

Finn snaps Liz out of it GH

Finn asks what the last thing Liz remembers is. Liz recalls lying down at Laura’s. She doesn’t know how she got home. Cameron tells her that he found her in a trance cutting up Violet’s picture. Liz doesn’t know why she can’t remember any of this. She asks Finn if he knows what is going on. Finn believes the person who has been haunting her is herself. Cam argues his mom wouldn’t do that. Finn explains Liz wasn’t conscious when she did what she did, and it was a form of sleepwalking.

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Liz cries if what Finn is saying is true, then she slashed her dress, set fire to Franco’s studio, and she hit Chase over the head. She cries, “What’s happening to me.” Finn hugs her and says it’s going to be okay. He promises her that they’ll find out what’s going on.

At the gatehouse, Michael and Willow put Wiley to bed and read him a bedtime story. Later, Willow admits to Michael she’s stressed about the hearing. Michael reminds her that Diane says they have a strong case. Willow notes it’s not a slam dunk and Nina could win. They both promise to stand by one another and protect Wiley, and Michael says no matter what Nina hits them with, they’ll hit her back twice as hard. Michael and Willow head to their bedroom and make love.

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Willow worries Nina will win GH

In the back of the club in Brooklyn, TJ refuses to allow the thugs to take Marshall’s clarinet. One guy produces a knife, and a fight breaks out. Marshall is stabbed as Curtis arrives and decks the thugs. One races off, but Curtis knocks the other out cold. TJ checks on Marshall and tells his uncle to call 911.

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TJ Marshall Knife Fight GH

An ambulance arrives for Marshall, and TJ tells Curtis what occurred. Molly joins them and they head to the hospital.

At the hospital, TJ blames himself for trying to save the clarinet. Curtis assures him that he did right by Marshall. The doctor comes out and reveals Marshall lost a lot of blood, and they need to rule out a traumatic brain injury. He asks if there is anything he needs to know about Marshall’s medical history. Curtis admits his father only recently came back into their lives, so they don’t know much about him.

TJ blames himself Marshall stabbed GH

While they wait for news, Curtis asks TJ if he and Marshall talked. TJ relays that Marshall still feels he was right to leave. Curtis confides that Aunt Stella knew the truth about Marshall being alive, as did his mom, and they kept his secret. A nurse approaches them with Marshall’s things and says he can have one visitor at a time.

Curtis thanks someone for doing right GH

Curtis heads in to see his father. He sits by his bed as Marshall is unconscious.

On the next General Hospital: Finn tells Chase who was hurting Liz. Liz worries she’s losing her mind. Dante advises Sonny to think carefully before he goes on the stand. In court, Nina tells Maxie she has a few punches to throw herself. Brook Lynn worries she won’t be able to get out of her troubles with Linc.

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