Liz is sure Franco haunting her GH
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At the hospital, Carly checks in on the DNA tests she ordered, but a lab tech says they aren’t ready yet. Bobbie overhears and asks Carly what tests she’s waiting for. Carly assures her that she is fine, and it’s just some standard tests. Bobbie changes the subject to the article on Nina and Wiley’s hearing. She worries that the article will have unintended consequences and could draw Nina and Sonny together as he can’t resist a damsel in distress. She feels if Nina stays in Sonny’s life, then her daughter and Sonnycan’t reunite. Carly points out that ship has sailed, but Bobbie thinks it hasn’t left the dock.

Bobbie Warns Carly about Nina GH

Carly notes she tried to fight hard for her marriage, but fighting with Sonny just keeps her tied to him. That’s why she filed for divorce. Bobbie wonders if she doesn’t still want revenge on Nina? Carly admits she’ll never get over what Nina did to her. However, she thinks thanks to the article, the judge will rule against Nina. Bobbie asks what she’ll do if the judge rules in Nina’s favor? Carly says she’ll do what she needs to protect her family. Carly doesn’t want to talk about this anymore and wants to focus on something else. She leads her mom off.

Carly won't forget Nina GH

Stella drops by to visit Portia and Epiphany. The ladies talk, and Stella learns Epiphany is studying to be a doctor. With Portia and Epiphany off the clock, Portia suggests they make it a ladies’ night out on the town. Stella asks where they will go? Portia jokes, “Oh we’re going to Curtis’ club and drinking for free!”

Girl talk at GH

At The Savoy, Nina orders one of Nica’s signature martinis. A man approaches her, says he knows her, and calls her the mafia homewrecker. He asks if that makes her the new mob boss’ wife? Sonny appears and tells him if he has a problem with the lady then he has a problem with him. The man quickly apologizes and rushes off.

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Sonny joins Nina at the bar and he tells her about Avery’s performance. Nina asks about Michael, and Sonny explains Dante is trying to play peacekeeper. However, after that article and other things, he doesn’t think he and Michael will be okay for a long time. He tells her that Michael is trying to take him down. He refuses to let Michael tear down what he spent his entire life building.

Sonny and Nina at Savoy GH

Epiphany, Portia, and Stella arrive. Epiphany spots Sonny and jokes if Sonny is here then this is the place to be. Sonny hugs Epiphany and introduces them to Nina. Epiphany tells them to have a good evening, and the ladies grab a table.

The ladies run into Sonny and Nina GH abc

At their table, Nica brings the women some drinks courtesy of Sonny. Portia toasts to Epiphany nailing her MCATs. Stella wonders what gave Epiphany the courage to peruse her dream. Epiphany stuns her and reveals it was Marshall, and they kind of had a thing going. Stella feels Marshall made a mistake years ago and now he has a second chance. She also says if he doesn’t see what he’s missing with Epiphany then he’s a fool.

Stella talks about Curtis GH

At the bar, Nina gets back to what she and Sonny were discussing, and she feels he’s not wrong to push back against Michael. Sonny thanks her for believing in him. Sonny was going to go to the hearing tomorrow, but Michael’s made it clear he wants nothing from him. Therefore, Sonny feels he’s free to support Nina. Nina reiterates she doesn’t want him to do anything to hurt his relationship with Michael further. Sonny feels it’s time he takes charge and tells his side of the story since he was the one who supposedly suffered due to her actions. Just then, Bobbie and Carly walk in and spot Nina and Sonny at the bar.

Nina flirts with Sonny GH

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At the restaurant in Brooklyn, Marshall tells TJ that Purdy told him where to find him. He sits down and asks how they found him so TJ explains it was the receipt in the clarinet case. Marshall asks if Curtis knows they are here? TJ insists he does, and once he gets home they can work things out. Marshall states that won’t happen. Molly decides to give them some privacy and heads to the jazz club around the corner.

Marshall won't go home GH

Marshall rants to TJ that too much has happened for him to go home and everyone is better off without him. TJ thinks he wouldn’t have left him his clarinet if he didn’t care about his family. TJ begs Marshall not to walk out on his family again. He suggests they head to the club and join Molly, so they depart.

TJ wasted his time GH

Marshall leads TJ to the club’s back entrance where they are approached by two men who demand their wallets and cellphones. When they also ask for the clarinet, TJ refuses to allow them to take it. Marshall tells TJ to just give them what they want. One of the men then produces a knife.

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At Kelly’s, Violet spends time with Gregory. She draws a picture of him and Uncle Chase. She made it to go along with the one she drew of her, daddy, Liz, and her boys.

Violet spends time with Gregory GH

Finn drops by Laura’s place to check on Liz. Laura explains she’s still sleeping. Kevin confides that Liz believes Franco’s ghost is trying to communicate with her, which Finn doesn’t understand. Liz appears and remarks, “Maybe it’s because I trust the dead more than the living.” Liz knows they were talking about her, and they must think she is a fool for believing Chelsea. Laura assures her that nobody thinks she’s a fool, and Kevin says it’s only natural to be curious about what’s beyond this world. Finn just doesn’t want her to trust the dead more than the living.

Finn, Kevin and Laura talk about Liz GH

Suddenly, they hear glass shatter and find a flower vase has fallen off the shelf. Liz believes Franco doesn’t like them talking about him, but Kevin suggests perhaps he just didn’t properly place the books on the shelf and they fell over onto the vase. Liz doesn’t accept that and says she’s calling Chelsea.

Liz tells someone get out GH

Finn stops her and asks her to hear him out. She gives him a chance, and he says he is always on her side. Liz asks him to be with her when Chelsea contacts Franco the next time. Finn doesn’t believe Chelsea is contacting anyone, and they don’t need to jump to the supernatural to explain what is happening. Liz angrily tells Finn that if he can’t see what’s happening then she doesn’t want him there. Finn does see what’s happening and states someone is trying to break them apart and separate her from everyone. Liz wants to hear nothing more from him, so Finn walks out.

Liz tries to call Chelsea, but only gets her voicemail. Laura notes it’s been a long day and suggests they all go to bed. Kevin thinks a good night’s sleep may have them looking at things differently in the morning. Liz says he may be right and heads up to bed. Laura and Kevin decide to clean up the vase. Laura later asks Kevin to lock up as she wants to check on Liz one more time. Kevin finds the door is open, and Laura runs down the stairs and exclaims Liz is gone! Laura wonders where she could be at this hour of the night, and notes this is not like her.

Finn joins his father and Violet at Kelly’s. Finn puts some headphones on Violet so she can’t hear what he and Gregory are about to discuss. Finn fears he’s losing Liz and tells his father about the medium. He is convinced someone is trying to come between them, and this person has a hold on Liz. He doesn’t know how to prove to Liz she’s not being haunted, especially since every time something happened to Liz, nobody was there. Violet pipes up, “That’s not true daddy, Aunt Liz was there.”

Finn worries he's losing Liz GH

Liz returns to her home and sees a picture that Violet drew of their family. She picks it up and tears Finn and Violet out.

On the next General Hospital: TJ says they need to call 911. Portia tells Jordan that Curtis’ business is being threatened. Finn ponders to Gregory that he thinks Violet is onto something. Bobbie states to Nina if she listens to her there won’t be a hearing tomorrow. Sonny can see something is bothering Carly.

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