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At Leo’s party at the Metro Court Gardens, Chase asks Leo if he likes his party. Chase tells him it’s very cool. Leo asks if he’ll still sing, and Chase promises he will.

Carly steals Sam from Dante for a minute. She asks the PI if she’s found anything out on Esme. Sam was able to confirm Esme was adopted by a couple who came from old money, and she has siblings she doesn’t talk to. However, there were no criminal records on her. There is one other person she may be able to talk to about Esme.

Sam reconnects with Dante and says she has to excuse herself for a bit but will be back soon.

Michael gives Olivia a present for Leo from him and Willow and explains Willow had to go home as she wasn’t feeling well.

Brook Lynn asks Leo what song Chase is going to sing, but Chase says it’s a secret. Leo looks around and wonders where his dad is as they can’t go on without him.

Chase and Leo set up the microphones, as Olivia tells Brook Lynn how attached to Chase Leo has become. She suspects he’s not the only one and urges Brook Lynn to make a move. She says if BLQ has feelings for him, then tell him.

Michael and Drew talk about the company and merger and note they need investors. Carly overhears and offers to invest.

Quartermaines not that united GH

Dante chats with Chase about how the Quartermaines have really embraced him. Chase thinks it has to do with Leo, but Dante suggests it’s more about Brook Lynn. He pushes his partner to make his move.

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In Valentin’s room, he suggests to Ned they work together to make sure they’re both not let go from ELQ. Valentin says he’s heard about a merger of ELQ and Aurora coming up. Ned thinks he’ll have to talk to Michael and Drew about that and says he’s leaving. Valentin thinks Michael and Drew seem to be making big moves without him and asks if he’s not concerned about being put out to pasture.

Ned tells Valentin when it comes to ELQ, he’ll always side with the family. Valentin suggests they work together to ensure both of them get what they want. He says they both know this merger will devalue ELQ’s bottom line. Ned must get back to the party, and Valentin hopes they talk again before he’s frozen out.

Later, Valentin calls Martin and is hoping he’s going nowhere at ELQ after a talk with Ned.

Back at the party, Carly assures Michael and Drew that she can afford to be an investor. Michael notes if she was risking Sonny’s blood money, then he wouldn’t mind, but he can’t risk her losing what’s hers. She understands.

Ned returns and Olivia checks on him. She thinks he seems distracted, and he admits he has a lot on his mind. She asks if everything is okay, and he says it will be, one way or another.

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Ned grabs his guitar, and Chase announces that this song was written by one of Leo’s favorite songwriters, and his. He performs Brook Lynn’s song, as Ned backs him up. After the performance, everyone applauds, and Brook Lynn is in tears. Olivia asks what’s wrong, and BLQ says for the first time in a long time, absolutely nothing.

At Wyndemere, Esme tells Nikolas that she’s sorry Ava doesn’t see her as she does, as someone strong, a shelter from the storm, and someone who should be able to make decisions for his family. She calls Ava ungrateful. Nikolas won’t have his wife disrespected, and she apologizes. However, she doesn’t know how Ava doesn’t appreciate the man he is, because she does.

At Kelly’s, Spencer tells Ava that his relationship with Esme is none of her business. Ava feels it is as she sees Trina like a daughter, and she needs all the help she can get hanks to him and his girlfriend. Spencer rants that Trina has protectors she doesn’t even know she has. A puzzled Ava asks, “What the hell that is supposed to mean?” He tells her that he has to get back to waiting tables. Ava warns him that his warped entanglement with Esme isn’t just his business, it’s everyone’s as she’s hurt a lot of people. She promises she will make Esme pays.

Later, Sam arrives to see Spencer and some answers from him. She notes since he has stood by Esme, she needs to know who she really is? Spencer admits he has no idea and gets back to work. Sam won’t leave him alone and explains she trying to help Trina and he’s silence isn’t helping. Spencer asks for her word as a Cassadine, one of the good ones, that she won’t reveal who told her this. She gives him her word. Spencer confides that Esme is a monster and he’s doing everything he can to expose her.

They sit down, and Sam realizes he’s put his relationships with Trina and his friends on the line to expose Esme, so he is one of the good Cassadines too. He tells her about the pills he found, which may be why Trina was acting so strange that night at the cabin. Sam explains they can’t prove that as it’s been weeks and the drugs wouldn’t be in Trina’s system any longer. He also tells her about the letters from Esme’s nanny, who she claimed she lost contact with. He gives her the nanny’s name, Maggie Fitzgerald. Sam has to get going, but thanks Spencer for confiding in her. She cautions Spencer to be careful around Esme, watch what he says, and watch his back.

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Back at the party, Brook Lynn tells Chase that he was amazing, and she feels inspired that other artists might want to sing her songs. He is sure they will, and she’ll win Grammys and an Oscar for a James Bond theme. She yells, “Yes!”

Sam returns to the party and lets Dante she got done what she needed to do and may have a lead or two.

Chase and BLQ both have something to tell one other, and both suggest they go somewhere private to talk. Before they head out,  Linc reappears. He announces that has something to say and it won’t wait.

Back at Wyndemere, Esme cries to Nikolas that even though he invited her to stay there, she doesn’t feel safe as Spencer violated her privacy and went through her things. He angrily notes Spencer had no right to do that. Esme agrees, just as Ava has no right to tell him who can stay in his house. Ava enters at that moment and remarks, “Well, well, well.” She asks why Esme is still here given Laura told her she was free to go. Esme explains she has nowhere to go because she’s been suspended from school due to a Title 9 investigation.

Ava thinks that’s not their problem, and gloats that Spencer just failed at his attempt to prove to Portia that he isn’t the worst thing to happen to Trina. Nikolas thinks Spencer owes Trina’s horrible mother nothing, but Ava says a lot of people think Esme is the guilty one. Esme declares that Spencer is on her side, but Ava notes he’s in the vast minority. Esme taunts Ava that knows she thinks of Trina like a daughter, especially with Kiki dead.

Ava gets in Esme’s face and gives her a last warning to keep her daughter’s name out of her mouth. Esme claims she just meant she wishes she had the relationship she and Trina have and thinks Nikolas is the only one who trusts her at this point. She rushes out in tears.

Ava tells Nikolas that Esme has to go, and she won’t share their home with her for one more moment. Nikolas says she is a guest in his house. Ava asks if she is a guest too, or his wife because she can’t be both. Nikolas claims he’s trying to do what is best for all of them. Ava points out he’s not married to all of them, only to her, at least for the moment.

Later, Esme packs her bags and tells Nikolas she’s leaving because it’s clear she is in the way. Nikolas insists she’s going nowhere, and both she and Spencer are welcome. She asks what about Ava? He assures her that he’ll get Ava to see things his way.

Esme returns to her room and opens her suitcase, which has a single shoebox in it. She smiles.

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Ava returns to Kelly’s and offers Spencer a deal. While she still controls the purse strings to his trust fund, she’s willing to loosen them. She offers to arrange for an allowance of 10K a week. He asks what the catch is? She wants him and Esme to leave Wyndemere and stay gone.

At the Port Charles Grille, Brando dines with Sasha and Gladys. Gladys thinks they still need to plan their wedding reception. Sasha looks over at the bar and sees the sleazy photographer.  Gladys spots him and says Sasha appears to be experiencing low blood sugar so she’ll get the waiter.

Gladys pulls the photographer aside and asks why he’s following them. He tells her he should be talking to Sasha as his deal is with her. Gladys claims she knows about the deal and asks what’s in it for them? He has what he promised Sasha, so Gladys asks to see it. In return, she gives him the memory card and makes him erase the photos of Sasha.

Back at the table, Brando can see Sasha is thinking about the accident, which was not her fault. Sasha feels it is, and Harmony is dead because of her. Brando asks Sasha if she still wants this reception because he can shut it down. Sasha wants it as life is too short not to celebrate.

Gladys finally returns, and Brando asks where she’s been. She claims she was playing bingo on her phone for money. Brando gets a call and excuses himself. Sasha thanks Gladys for covering, but Gladys tells her not to thank her yet. Brando returns and explains Sonny is having trouble with his car and he needs to go. Alone, Gladys tells Sasha she gave the memory card back and the photographer deleted the photos of her. Gladys tells her that she can tell her anything, which Sasha knows. Gladys produces the pills the photographer brought.

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