Portia blames Spencer for Trina troubles GH
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Curtis comes home to find Portia in their living room and gives her a kiss. Portia explains she is meeting Trina for lunch and is late. She asks why he’s home so early, and if everything is okay. He thinks they’ll soon find out. She will let him explain everything later and takes off.

Stella arrives and knows this is more than a social visit by the tone of Curtis’ voice when he called. She assumes it’s about Marshall. Curtis reveals Marshall left town and isn’t coming back. He knows the truth now and admits he accessed Marshall’s arrest records.

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Curtis tells his aunt what he found out about Marshall. She looks away, and Curtis notes she doesn’t seem surprised about this. She admits she knew the truth, so he asks why she lied to him. Stella cries that she’s sorry. Stella didn’t find out the truth until after Marshall had left the first time and his mother told her after she got sick. Curtis can’t believe Stella lied to him and Tommy their whole lives. Stella swears she hated every second of lying to them. However Marshall came back, and she didn’t want to get in the way of them forming a relationship. Stella will answer any other questions he has, but he doesn’t know if he can believe anything she says.

Curtis upset with Stella GH

Stella cries she never wanted to cause him pain, and she’s seen how much Marshall loves him. She explains that back then, Marshall thought he was giving his family what they needed. Curtis asks how? He left his wife and two… Curtis asks if Momma… Stella says it was Marshall’s decision, but his mother agreed to it. Stella hated it but had to respect his parents’ decision. She breaks down in tears and wishes she could have spared him this hurt. He comforts her and says he loves her and that won’t change. He just doesn’t understand why Marshall pretended to be dead. Stella says that’s his father’s story to tell. Curtis realizes he needs to find him.

Stella lied to Curtis GH

Ava meets with Trina at Kelly’s and thanks her for allowing her to crash her mother-daughter lunch. Ava senses something is wrong, and Trina reveals she’s about to be expelled. She received a document from the school’s Title 9 coordinator and has 10 days to review it and respond. Ava thinks an expulsion can be reversed if she’s found not guilty, but Trina says the court verdict has no bearing on the school’s investigation. She says being kicked out is the least of her problems if she’s sent to prison.

Ava gives Trina advice GH

Ava says there is still a chance this Title 9 coordinator could find in favor of her, but Trina knows she’s just another troublemaker to them. Trina vents about Esme, and asks Ava if things are better between her and Nikolas. Ava admits they aren’t, and it has nothing to do with Esme. Ava tells her to let her worry about Nikolas and Esme, and Trina needs to focus on herself.

Ava will handle Nikolas

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At Wyndemere, Spencer searches the web on his phone for Esme’s nanny. Esme enters, clenches her fists, and tells Spencer she has a big surprise. She’s arranged a picnic and ride through the grounds for them. She beams it will just be them with no interruptions. Nikolas enters and says, “Except for me.” Spencer tells Esme her idea is nice, but he’s not going anywhere with her. He must go to Kelly’s because another server called in sick. He leaves, and left alone with Nikolas, Esme smiles.

Esme cries to Nikolas that Spencer keeps throwing up walls in their relationship. She thought they were a team, but after one little argument, it’s all gone. Nikolas knows what that’s like. Esme cries she’s so sorry, as she wasn’t thinking about his problems with Ava. She calls him the man who rescued her from Sonny and protected her, and she doesn’t understand how Ava doesn’t see everything he does is to protect his family. She waxes, “Who could ask for more?” Esme tells Nikolas that she trusts him, and he makes her feel safe. She touches his hand and says she’s sorry Ava can’t see him as she does. Nikolas asks, “And what way is that?”

Outside Kelly’s, Spencer runs into Portia. He asks how Trina is. Portia yells that her daughter is none of his business. Portia rants Trina’s name will be attached to this sex video for eternity, she has an arrest record, she’s about to get kicked out of school, and is facing prison time. Portia tells Spencer he has no idea what Trina is going through because his family bought him out of a prison sentence when he was actually guilty. She vents Trina doesn’t have that luxury and this is ruining her life. She blames Spencer and his awful girlfriend.

Portia tears Spencer a new one GH

Back inside, Ava and Trina hear Portia shouting at Spencer outside. Portia continues to unleash on Spencer. Ava and Trina finally go out, and Ava orders Spencer to get inside. Portia apologizes to Trina and admits she went off on Spencer because he’s so spoiled and entitled. Trina wonders why Spencer is even there as this is his day off. Portia doesn’t care and hopes this doesn’t ruin their lunch. Trina says it’s already ruined — she got the Title 9 report.

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Inside, Ava scolds Spencer as she and Portia are trying to keep Trina’s mind off her troubles. Spencer lashes out that this isn’t the gallery, Ava has no authority over him, so leave him alone. He tells her that he’s not the enemy here. Trina enters and tells Spencer says he’s sorry for upsetting her and her mom. Trina gives him the cold shoulder and departs. Ava asks Spencer if there is a reason he can’t leave Trina in peace?

At the fair, Leo continues to wonder where Chase is. BLQ tells him if Chase can’t make it then one of them can be his person. He doesn’t think it will work because he didn’t practice it that way. He refuses to go on without Chase. Chase arrives, and Leo gives him a hug. Chase apologizes for being late and explains he was stuck in traffic.

Ned and Olivia go to grab seats, and Leo worries about all the people here. He fears he could mess up. Chase promises him that if he reads his poem, then he’ll sing any song he wants at his birthday party. They make a deal, and Brook Lynn smiles.

Sam and Willow run into Drew and Sonny. Sam and Drew depart to look at Scout’s painting, and Sonny asks Willow how she’s holding up. She thanks him for the flowers and says Michael and Wiley are getting her through this. He tells her that if she needs anything he’s there for her. Michael approaches and states, “Willow will never need anything from you.” Willow explains she was just thanking Sonny for the flowers and suggests to Michael they go find seats. They depart, and Sonny tells Dante he won’t be bullied away because his son doesn’t want him there.

Dante explains he’s been trying to get Michael to talk to him, but perhaps Sonny should make the first move. Sonny says Michael needs to talk to him and apologize. Dante warns his father that Michael is upset and lashing out. Sam rejoins them and tells Dante they should get their seats.

Sonny gets a warning from Dante GH

Meanwhile, Willow tells Michael that Sonny was only expressing his concern. Michael thinks his father was just trying to get one over on him by sending those flowers, and he won’t leave because of his father.

Everyone grabs seats, and Drew sits next to Ned and Olivia. Ned tells Drew he’d like to talk to him and Michael about ELQ’s future, and Drew says they have a proposition for him that they think he’ll like.

Leo takes the stage to recite his poem and initially freezes. Then he locks eyes with Chase and pretends only Chase is in the crowd. He recites the poem, and everyone applauds. Afterward, they all tell him how great he did, but he’s ready to move on to his birthday party.

As people head out, Sonny confers with Dante and asks if Michael is planning something. Dante suggests he talk to Michael before things escalate, and watch his back.

Dante warns Sonny about Michael GH

Michael and Drew meet with Ned and offer him a COO position. Ned says that’s a nuts and bolts job, which requires no creativity or forward thinking. He learns he won’t be the only COO as they need someone with media experience. Ned says they’ve given him a lot to consider, and he’ll see them at the Metro Court.

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Felicia and Anna meet for lunch at the Metro Court Gardens. Felicia wants to know what is going on between Anna and Valentin. Anna explains Valentin has only been back a few weeks, and there is nothing to tell. Anna says they talked, and he kissed her, but she hasn’t seen him since. Suddenly Valentin appears and thinks this must be his lucky day.

Anna gets a call and excuses herself to take it. Alone, Felicia grills Valentin and asks him about kissing and ghosting her friend. She expects him to do better. He assures her that he is very fond of Anna. Anna returns and reveals that was the agent who arrested Jennifer Smith. They have enough evidence to put her in prison for life.

Felicia Anna out to lunch GH

Anna doesn’t believe Jennifer is guilty, and Felicia explains to Valentin there is a mysterious French naval captain Jennifer swears she was with. Anna is determined to find him. Valentin offers his help and suggests they go out for a working dinner. She’s busy, so he tells her to pick a night. Anna smirks that she’ll check her dance card and let him know. Anna and Felicia take off.

Valentin has idea GH

Later, Ned, Olivia, Leo, and others arrive at the Metro Court Gardens for Leo’s birthday party. Leo runs around looking at everything, and Ned gets a call. He excuses himself to take it.

Meanwhile, BLQ teases Chase that he has to face the music, pun intended. She thanks him for supporting her brother. As they talk, someone spies on them from the bushes.

Ned heads behind the same bushes and meets with Valentin, who called him.

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