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Carly and Joss enjoy some mother-daughter time at the nail salon. Joss brings up Nina’s hearing which begins tomorrow. She’s not worried about Michael as he’s in strategy mode but does feel sorry for Willow especially after learning about Harmony. Joss brings up who her birth parents could be. Carly thinks about the DNA test she’s having done and says it might be a truth that is too much of a burden for Willow to carry right now.

Joss hopes the judge reads the article on Nina and laughs her out of court. They discuss what Nina did to them in keeping the truth about Sonny a secret. Joss notes everyone knows their family was the wronged one, and Nina’s circle of friends can’t defend her for much longer. Carly knows Nina is working overtime to convince everyone that she’s the misunderstood grandmother. Joss believes her mother is justified in doing whatever it takes to protect Wiley from Nina.

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At the gatehouse, Willow reads Smoltz’s exclusive and thinks he did his job well. There is a knock at the door and it’s Dante and Sam. Dante says the lab work is back and the test confirms Harmony wasn’t Willow’s biological mother. Willow knows this isn’t a surprise, but it still feels like a shock.

Michael thanks Dante for getting the results back so fast. Dante assures him this has nothing to do with who he is or his business. Speaking of that, he asks if something is going on he doesn’t know regarding his work. Michael reveals big moves are going on with ELQ and Aurora. Sam points out that as riveting as this is, she needs to get to the fair where Scout’s painting is being shown. Sam invites Willow to come with her to take her mind off things, and Willow accepts.

Once alone, Michael asks why Dante came by. Dante wants to bridge the gap between him and Sonny, but Michael can’t forget that Sonny put them all a distant second to Nina and his desires. Dante argues Sonny cares about his family and he’ll prove it. He reveals when he told Sonny about the attack on Carly, his first instinct was to call her. Michael points out he didn’t, and he betrayed his code of ethics regarding the family.

Dante tells Michael nobody is above mistakes, and that includes Michael. Michael vents that dad made his choice and he’s made his. Dante points out he sounds just like Sonny. Michael despises the comparison and vows for him to rise and rebuild the Corinthos name, that Sonny has to fall. Michael plans to take everything from Sonny, and the next time the cops come knocking on Sonny’s door there will be nowhere for him to hide.

At the mansion, Ned and Olivia get Leo ready for his big performance. BLQ watches from behind a doorway as Ned puts a tie on Leo, and tells Olivia that he’ll meet them at the fair. She assumes it’s ELQ business. Ned promise he’s not putting business before Leo, and he just wants to make sure ELQ stays standing for Leo one day.

Leo asks where Chase is, so BLQ steps out and simply reminds him of Chase’s advice, to focus on reading his poem to just one person. After Leo and Olivia take off, BLQ asks her dad to be thankful for what he has and thinks merging ELQ and Aurora to protect them from Valentin is a good idea. He thinks Michael and Drew have gotten to BLQ.

BLQ advises her dad not to go to the dark side and do or say something he might regret. She suggests he talk to Michael and Drew as to where he stands in this new world order, and focus on Leo for today. Ned tells his daughter she’s right and there is plenty of time to resolve his differences with Michael and Drew.

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At Kelly’s, Martin meets with Valentin about ELQ’s upcoming board meeting. Valentin knows he’s about to be voted out and asks what they can do about it. Martin explains his absence from Port Charles gave the family time to regroup, and if they stand together then Valentin doesn’t stand a chance.

Olivia and Leo stop in to pick up some donuts. Valentin overhears this, says hello to Leo, and sends Martin over to the counter with Leo to get some donuts. Olivia tells Valentin that’s generous of him what with the merger of ELQ and Aurora. She realizes perhaps he didn’t know, but he claims of course he does.

After Olivia and Leo leave, Valentin seethes to Martin about the merger and wonders how Martin didn’t know given what he pays him. Valentin realizes he has to bring a member of the Quartermaines over to his side. Martin chuckles that will be tough, but Valentin concludes the merger is good for Michael and Drew, but where does it leave Ned?

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Jordan checks on TJ at the hospital after his 24-hour shift. TJ is glad to see her and tells her about Marshall leaving town. He begs her to help him find his grandfather. She explains that wouldn’t be appropriate given her relationship with the family, and advises TJ on how he can use his smarts to find his grandfather.

TJ shows the note and clarinet Marshall left to his mother, and she suggests there may be something more in the case. TJ pokes around and finds a piece of paper in the clarinet which is a receipt from a music shop in Brooklyn. Jordan suggests he start with the shop owner. TJ worries he could make things worse, but she says he could make things better. She promises to square things with Curtis.

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Curtis meets with Nina at her office expecting she might need a shoulder to cry on after The Invader article, but that’s not the case. Nina says the world doesn’t stop because of some feature in The Invader, this is not her first time dealing with a scandal. Curtis assumes she’s not going to back down, but he also knows when she’s trying too hard.

Nina admits everyone loves a scandal, and the only person she has to blame is herself. Curtis reminds her that she is strong and has her own ammunition to use. She changes the subject to losing time with Nelle and refuses to lose time with Wiley. She again wonders if she was able to raise Nelle would things have turned out differently for her daughter.

Nina turns the subject to Curtis and his second chance with his dad. Curtis reveals his father up and left town again, and Nina is sorry to hear that. She says this time he wasn’t just a story, but someone Curtis got to know. She won’t give up on Wiley and won’t let him give up on his father. He worries he would be opening himself up to more lies and deception. Nina understands but she can’t live without her grandchild. She asks if he can live without his father?

At the fairgrounds outside of City Hall, Drew finds Sonny leaving a message for Nina telling her she’s not alone in this. Drew and Sonny are there to support Avery and Scout. Sonny jokes, “A father’s got to do what a father’s got to do.” Drew asks him, “Then why are you at war with your son?”  Sonny wonders if Michael put him up to this. Drew laughs that Michael doesn’t need or want him to fight his battles. Sonny says if Michael has his way, Wiley will never know him, and he must put a stop to that. Drew hates seeing this conflict and asks if there is anything he can do to help. Sonny tells Drew if he knows something that can help him get his family back together then tell him.

Drew teases that he and Michael are working on a project with ELQ and Aurora, and he can use it to talk to Michael about Sonny. Sonny worries about backlash from Valentin over whatever they are planning and wants to help. Drew tells Sonny he’s a good friend, but he won’t let him in on this one. Sonny notes Michael is lucky to have Drew, but if Michael lets a family disagreement escalate to something more, he’s going to need all the help he can get.

Willow and Sam arrive, and when Sam makes comments about all the mothers and children, she quickly apologizes to Willow. Willow tells her it’s not necessary, but she has been wondering who her mother is. Sam advises Willow the same thing she would tell a client, that once she starts looking for her biological mother, she needs to ask herself if she’s prepared for answers she may not want to hear. Sam tells Willow if and when she wants to look for her birth mother then they’ll find her together.

Brook Lynn and Ned meet up with Olivia and Leo at the park. Leo is glad to see BLQ but again asks about Chase.

On the next General Hospital: Esme has a big surprise for Spencer. Sonny asks Dante, “Is that code for watch your back?” Felicia says to Anna, “Why didn’t I know about this?” Curtis wonders why his Aunt Stella lied to him. Leo is thrilled when Chase arrives at the fair. Drew has a proposition for Ned. Ava tells Trina to let her handle Nikolas.

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