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Spencer meets with Britt in her office, and she assumes this is about Esme. Britt will help him only if he asks her nicely and in the voice. She records him on her phone saying, “Pweaty pwease Bwitt.” She laughs that he was so darn cute then, and that voice takes her back. She gets down to business and asks what he needs. Spencer shows her a pill and asks if she can tell him what this is. She asks him to hand it to her and all she needs to do is research the code on it.

Britt looks it up and says this just got serious, and demands to know whose is it. He in turn asks what it is, and she says it’s an opioid for severe pain and can be addicting. He reveals it’s Esme’s. Britt asks if she has headaches or a dry mouth because those are some side effects. He asks, “What happens if you mix it with alcohol?” She says that could make a person sloppy, they’d fall behind in conversation, and they wouldn’t be themselves. It could even give someone a seizure. He asks if it could make you forget things. She confirms it could cause blackouts.

Britt warns if Esme is misusing these… Spencer cuts her off and claims he’ll handle it. Britt says she can’t in good conscience not do anything. Spencer snaps, “It’s a little late in life to grow a conscience.” Britt tells him, “Ouch, and if he wants to be in a healthy relationship with Esme…” He fires back “What would you know about a healthy relationship?” He wonders if she’s ever been in love and if it’s ever been returned. She’s silent, and he snaps, “I didn’t think so.” Britt tells him he’s right, that she knows nothing about love and at this point never will. She tells him not to come crying to her when this explodes in his face.

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By the nurses’ station, Laura asks Finn if he knows where Liz is. He was about to ask her the same thing, as she told him she was staying at Wyndemere, but clearly isn’t. Laura relays her brother Martin says Lucy set Liz up her medium. Finn and Laura realize where she is.

At Spring Ridge, an orderly roughly puts Ryan into his bed as Esme watches. Esme becomes concerned. She tucks her father in and tells the orderly it looks like an inmate down the hall got sick and it’s a mess. He departs to check on it, and Ryan tells her, “Well played my sweet child.”

Ryan asks how things are proceeding. Esme relays that Ava and Nikolas are on the rocks, and she’s lured Spencer back into the fold. He wonders why she’s there then because rule number one is no unplanned communication. He asks again, why she’s there and how badly she has screwed things up.

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Esme admits Spencer has been odd, and he’s reluctant to be with her physically. Ryan asks what else, so she tells him about finding Spencer going through her things, which had the pills she used to drug Trina and her nanny’s letters. Ryan calls her a fool and says Spencer is onto her. He rants everything they’ve built is in danger of crashing down. Esme tells her father, “Wrong, everything you’ve built. There is still time for me.”

Ryan asks if she’d really throw him under the bus, and Esme smirks, “In a heartbeat.” Ryan remarks she reminds him of her mother, and he couldn’t turn his back on her either. He asks her to sit down with him as they’re all each other have. They vent about their relationships, and how people can let you down and crush you. He thinks about his fight with Felicia years ago in which she tried to stab him.

Ryan reminds Esme that time is running out and she needs to focus on destroying Ava and Nikolas, so she has to seduce the prince. He asks, “You can do that, for me, can’t you?” Esme says, “If only to see the look on Spencer’s face when he finds out. But when that is done?” Ryan says they turn their focus on destroying each one of their enemies.

At Maxie’s, Felicia babysits and talks on the phone with someone about getting baby vibes from Mac. As she answers a knock at the door, she says for some kids aren’t in the cards. Felicia finds Nina standing there. Felicia tells the person on the phone that she’ll call her back. Nina says she was on her way home and thought she’d pop in to see Maxie and the kids. Felicia explains Maxie is at work, and the kids are asleep. Nina didn’t realize how late it was. Felicia invites her in and makes them popcorn.

Nina thanks Felicia for inviting her in, especially with The Invader running a story on her. Felicia knows about it because Bobbie is one of her best friends and to who she was just talking to. Nina notes, “Bobbie as in Carly’s mother and Michael’s grandmother? Why didn’t you slam the door in my face?” Felicia says Maxie loved Nathan, and Nathan loved Nina, so that makes them family. Felicia knows the pain of motherhood when it’s staring her in the face, and she sees a little bit of her in Nina. Felicia talks about making her own mistakes with her daughter, and either having to face it and fix things or walk away.

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Nina wonders what she’ll tell James when he reads these stories in the papers. Felicia says the same thing she’ll tell Wiley, and that day will come. Nina promises she’ll own what she’s done.

At the gatehouse, Willow and Michael are shocked to find Carly and Drew in their living room. Drew covers and explains he was walking up the driveway and saw Carly messing with the door. Carly adds that she just wanted to check on them, so Drew reveals he let her in to wait for them. Willow relates they were at the cemetery visiting Jonah’s grave, only to run into Sonny and Nina. Michael adds Nina is still holding onto the idea that Nelle could have had a good life if she could have raised her, and notes Nelle clearly got her crazy from Nina.

Drew quickly points out that how someone is raised is just as important, otherwise what will happen to Wiley. Michael sees his point. He also says one day Wiley may want to know his grandma. Michael quips that Wiley will be armed with information on who Nina is, and no amount of good PR will make her a good person. Carly apologizes for intruding on them, and Willow gives her a spare key for the future. Michael jokes, “Just call first.”

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After they leave, Willow tells Michael she was surprised he and Drew could have a civil conversation about Nina. She was worried that the same thing that happened with his father could happen with Drew. Willow asks if cutting Sonny out is the best thing to do, because when he hurts, she hurts, and Wiley picks up on that. She thinks sometimes compromise is worth it. He asks who he wants him to compromise with, his dad, Nina, or both? She’s not entertaining a truce with Nina but isn’t giving up on him and Sonny. Michael can’t ignore what Sonny did and how he hurt his family. Michael swears she and Wiley will always be his priority and won’t let anything come between them.

At Liz’s house, Chelsea tells Liz this presence does not want a new family formed in this home. Liz asks Chelsea to tell Franco that she believes he’s there and she wants to listen. Her phone rings and it is Finn. Chelsea cringes that there is so much turbulence. Liz asks Franco for a sign, and the door blows open and the candles go out.

Chelsea is overcome with a cold feeling. She looks at Liz and says, “I’m not Chelsea.” Liz asks, “Franco?” Chelsea confirms she is Franco, that he can’t move on until she finds peace, and that he’s always with her. He tells her to believe in herself, stay strong, and don’t look away. She is confused and asks him to talk to her. Laura and Finn suddenly enter and break Chelsea’s connection.

Liz cries that Finn showed up at the worst possible time, as she was connecting with Franco through Chelsea. Franco told her to be strong, believe in herself, and not look away. Liz feels all these crazy things have been Franco sending them messages. She realizes Finn doesn’t believe her and thinks she’s crazy. He doesn’t and understands that she wants to believe and that she is frustrated and angry at the situation with no clear answers. Laura wants Liz to come home with her, but Liz feels she has nothing to fear any longer as it’s been Franco. Laura pushes her that it will likely be good for Aiden and Jake to see her, so Liz agrees to go with her. Chelsea tells Liz that she is sure she has questions, and the answers are there for the taking.

Laura and Liz leave, and Finn confronts Chelsea. He accuses her of lying to a vulnerable woman. Chelsea says she wouldn’t know, but he would! She accuses him of thinking Liz is crazy while telling her she’s not. Finn warns her never to contact Liz again. Chelsea promises to save him a seat when Liz calls her back, and maybe he can come with an open mind and support the woman he claims to love.

Carly and Drew arrive at the hospital, and she asks what was with his singing Nina’s praises back there. Drew explains if they prove Nina is Willow’s mother, then it would be in everyone’s best interest if Nina and Michael weren’t at each other’s throats. Carly thanks him for his help, but his services are no longer needed. He refuses to be dismissed knowing what he does. He asks if Nina turns out to be Willow’s mother what will she do? Carly simply says, if the unthinkable happens, she’ll do the right thing. Carly flags down Britt for a DNA test.

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