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Finn calls Liz to check-in, and she tells him that Nikolas asked her to stay at Wyndemere. She doesn’t like the idea of staying in the same house as Esme, but there is no place safer than Spoon Island. She has a quick stop to make before she heads there but will talk to him later.

Liz heads into her house, lights some candles, and later Chelsea Lamb the medium arrives. Liz brings her up to speed on what’s been happening. Lucy gave Chelsea some details about what is going on, and she wanted to meet at her house because this would be where her husband’s connection is the strongest. Liz wonders, what if it isn’t him?

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Chelsea suggests they light more candles and see what poltergeist they are dealing with. She explains a ghost is someone who passed, but a poltergeist is a manifestation of psychic energy. She asks if she has something of importance to her husband, so Liz gets her wedding ring.

Chelsea begins the seance and finds there is a dark presence in the house. She doesn’t feel it’s safe there for Liz. She takes the ring and says the presence is speaking to her, and they don’t go by their first name or middle name. Liz asks, “Franco?” She refuses to believe it’s him because he loved them. Chelsea senses this person was born out of trauma, abandoned by their family, and found a new family within these walls. This person doesn’t like the new family being built there now. Liz doesn’t believe Franco wouldn’t want her to be happy. She asks if he’s with them now, and for Chelsea to tell him she’s ready to listen to him.

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Michael returns to the gatehouse. Willow tells him she’s going to have the DNA test but still doesn’t know who her parents are. Michael suggests they should take a break and go somewhere. Willow has someplace she’d like to go.

Outside of Charlie’s, Drew asks Carly why she stole Nina’s glass and put it in her purse. Carly admits she’s up to something, and he might not like it, but notes Jason would still support her. Drew says if she wants him to be Jason, well he can’t be that guy for her. He can promise to help her if she’s in trouble, but he won’t placate her if she’s doing something he disagrees with. Carly opens up to Drew about being the last person to see Harmony alive, and she told her that Nina was Willow’s mother.

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Drew is confused as he thought Nelle was Nina’s daughter.  Carly explains they were twins, and she came to talk to Phyllis for answers. Unfortunately, Phyllis wasn’t there at the birth. Carly explains she saw Nina’s glass and took it to do a DNA test. Drew asks if Willow is okay with this. Carly admits Willow doesn’t know. He asks how she’ll get her DNA, it’s not like she can grab her toothbrush as she doesn’t live on the estate. Carly points out that Drew does.

Nina goes to visit Nelle’s grave at the cemetery. She tells her that she’s fighting for visitation rights with Wiley, and Michael is making her out to be a villain. Nina thinks about the poor choices she made regarding Wiley, including fighting with Carly and saying they can’t pretend Nelle didn’t exist. She wants to make sure that she is a part of Wiley’s life, and that her only daughter isn’t forgotten.

Michael and Willow arrive, and Nina wonders why they are at her daughter’s grave. Michael explains they were coming to see Jonah. Nina tells Willow she’s sorry about Jonah and she knows how hard it is to lose a child you didn’t get to know. Michael reminds her that was thanks to Nelle. Willow cries she just lost her mother in more ways than one and if Nina wants to help her, she can drop this case.

Nina says she didn’t start this, they did, and she always tried to compromise with them. Willow yells, “When? I asked you to back off and I’d make sure Michael would let her see Wiley. But you didn’t!” Nina responds, “I was supposed to trust that?” Michael says this is all on Nina. Nina tells Willow she empathizes with her, but that doesn’t overshadow her love for her grandson and her daughter.

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Outside of Kelly’s, Laura finds Sonny lost in thought. He tells her that Monica is having Jason legally declared dead, and everyone is trying to determine where to put the memorial plaque. She asks him about The Invader feature on Nina and says there is a lot in it about him.

Nikolas appears and says he read the article and it doesn’t paint Nina in a very good light, which means the two of them are made for one another. Laura defends Sonny, which Nikolas doesn’t understand. He calls him a bully, and he proved it when he went after Esme. Sonny calls him an idiot for believing in Esme. Sonny tries to walk away, but Nikolas puts his hand on his shoulder and tells him, “Don’t walk away from me.” Sonny twists his arm and yells, “Don’t you ever put your hand on my shoulder!” Martin arrives and breaks things up, and Sonny goes on his way.

Nikolas rants about Sonny, but Laura points out it seems he keeps defending Esme. Nikolas doesn’t believe Esme made the tape and framed Trina and asks his mother if she does. She believes Trina is innocent and will reserve judgment about Esme. Martin reveals he was supposed to meet with Nikolas to talk about his marriage. Laura thinks that can wait and wants to take Nikolas to the hospital to get his hand checked out. He says he can drive himself and departs.

Martin tells his little sister that trouble seems to follow their family around. They grab some drinks and catch up. She asks about things with Lucy. Martin notes things are going well, and Valentin gave them his blessing. Laura scoffs he never really needed it. He thinks made their reunion sweeter, as they found out about Elizabeth’s problems while at the Metro Court. Laura is worried about her, and Martin explains Lucy gave her the name of her medium. Martin says according to Lucy, Liz thinks she’s being haunted.

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Sonny arrives at the cemetery, spots Michael, Nina, and Willow, and asks what is going on. Nina tells Sonny he doesn’t need to get involved. Michael explains Nina was harassing Willow about Wiley, so maybe he can tell her to back off. Sonny reminds him that he’d have his back, so Michael asks him to tell Nina she’s wrong. Sonny scolds Michael and says he is his son and he doesn’t give him orders. Nina apologizes to Willow for some of the things she said. Michael asks his dad again to say Nina is wrong. Sonny smirks that Nina has at least had the decency to apologize, unlike someone else. Michael states he has nothing to apologize for and tells Willow they should leave.

Aone, Nina tells Sonny that she’s sorry he got into it with Michael. She suggests they keep their distance until this hearing is over and then get back together to decide if anything comes next. He asks her to save him a dance when that day comes. Nina heads out.

Drew and Carly break into the gatehouse, and Drew tells Carly to make it fast. She manages to grab Willow’s toothbrush and put it in a plastic bag. As they are about to leave, Willow and Michael return.

At Wyndemere, Spencer asks Esme about Maggie’s letter referring to not having contact with her father. Spencer asks who her father is. Esme cries she’d tell him if she knew and swears she and Maggie lost contact years ago. Spencer wonders how she knows about him then? Esme claims she reconnected with Maggie and started asking questions about her biological parents because they had just started getting serious and she might need answers one day. She claims that Maggie wouldn’t tell her anything, so she cut her out of her life. She suggests they should stop dancing around the real question and asks, “Do you believe in me, in us, or not?” He apologizes for not believing in her. She asks if they can put this aside and try and commit to one another again? She pulls him into a kiss and begins to unbutton his shirt.

Esme pushes him towards the bed and tries to unbutton his pants. He tells her to stop. She asks what is wrong, doesn’t he want to be with her? He says he wants to reconnect with her, but not right now. He explains they hit a major bump in their relationship, and when they come back together that it needs to be special and meaningful. He says there are no more secrets now, and he has something very special in store for her. Esme is excited about her big surprise and loves a grand gesture. Spencer heads out, and Esme tells herself not to take anything at face value.

Outside Esme’s room, Spencer looks at one of the pills he swiped from Esme’s bottle and texts Britt to meet.

At GH, Nikolas shows up to have his hand checked out. Finn thanks him for letting Liz stay at his place, but Nikolas says he hasn’t talked to her. Finn wonders if she’s not at Wyndemere, then where is she?

On the next General Hospital: Liz pleads with Chelsea. Willow asks Michael if cutting Sonny out of his life is the right move. Laura tells Martin he’s right to worry about Elizabeth. Ryan asks Esme how badly she’s screwed things up. Drew says he’d like to say this was his fault, but it’s Carly’s. Nina wonders why someone didn’t slam the door in her face.

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