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In the Quartermaine kitchen, Drew returns from a run and talks with Ned. Ned asks him to kill the deal to merge Aurora and ELQ.

At the gatehouse, Michael asks Willow what she’s thinking. She’s thinking about the fact that her mother, who wasn’t her mother, is gone. Now she has to give a DNA test to prove to the PCPD Harmony’s motive in killing Neil and his brother. Michael offers to run interference regarding the test and advises her not to worry about it.

Alexis arrives to talk to Willow about Harmony, so Michael excuses himself to take care of some things at the house. Willow says it turns out Harmony was capable of terrible things, but that’s not all she was. She believes her friendship with Alexis was real. Alexis agrees, but Harmony also knew how to fake being a good person as well.

Willow brings up the birth certificate snafu, and how it all is starting to make sense. Alexis admits Harmony came to her for help about that. Willow realizes Alexis knew the truth but also knows it wasn’t her place to tell her. Alexis reveals she pushed Harmony to tell her, but she was afraid of losing her. Alexis relates Harmony’s story about the woman named Joan giving birth to her at the commune and then giving her to Harmony and her father to raise. Willow wonders if any of that story is true? Alexis only knows Harmony was afraid of losing her, and if she was willing to kill to hide her secret, then Willow meant a lot to her. Willow has lost her mother twice, and wonders if her father knew what Harmony did. Alexis doesn’t know, as Harmony never spoke about her father. Willow thanks Alexis, and she’s decided she needs to know who her biological parents are. She’s going to do the DNA test because the truth is the only way to heal.

Back at the house, Drew changes and has to go meet Sam to talk about Scout’s summer schedule. He again emphasizes to Ned this merger will push Valentin out. Michael arrives, and Ned wonders if he shouldn’t read into the fact that he’s had no part in their discussions. He reminds them he was to be CEO when they got the company back. Michael claims it’s not that simple, and Drew explains they can’t offer him a position similar to CEO. Drew has to go but promises Ned he’ll be happy in the end.

Ned tells Michael that he has sacrificed a lot for this company, and he feels he’s being put out to pasture. Michael assures him nobody is trying to push him out, but this is the best way to keep control of ELQ. He promises Ned will have an active part in how they move forward.

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At Kelly’s, Joss and Trina walk in on Esme hugging Cam. Joss tells her to get her tentacles off her boyfriend and leave. Esme asks Cam if he wants her to go, and he says nothing. She tells them they need to get over the fact that Cam, like Spence, is on her side. Cam states he isn’t choosing sides, but if he has to, he will side with Joss. Esme asks what she has to do to prove herself, and Joss suggests she confess. Esme refuses to confess to something she didn’t do, and thanks Cam for comforting her. Esme leaves, and Joss asks what the hell that was. Cam is texting someone, and she yells, ” Who is more important right now than me and Trina?”

Joss and Trina accuse him of acting super weird lately. Trina thinks they need to chill out because arguing is what Esme wants. However, Trina asks why Cam is supporting someone who is ruining all of their lives, his included. Cam explains he’s trying to do the right thing. Trina has to go and get some homework done but tells them to play nice and listen to one another.

Alone, Joss asks Cam how he could hurt Trina that way. Cam says the last thing he wants to do is hurt her or Trina. Cam assures Joss that he hasn’t forgotten what Esme’s done, but she can’t seem to look at Esme without starting a fight. He simply doesn’t express his loyalty to Joss and their friends in the same way. Cam thinks given some time Trina will understand where he’s coming from. They agree to disagree on their different approaches to conflict. Cam must get back to work, so they hug.

Outside of Kelly’s, Trina makes a call to someone for help.

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In Esme’s room in Wyndemere, Spencer finds her shoebox of letters as well as a bottle of pills. He discovers there is no label on the bottle and looks at the pills. He wonders what else she’s hiding.  Spencer receives a text from Cam that Esme is on her way back. He refuses to give up, takes the shoebox out to her room, and goes through some of the letters. As he reads one from Maggie, Esme spies on him from the door.

Esme bursts in and asks what he is doing, and she can’t believe he’s going through her things. He claims he was looking for his sunglasses when he stumbled upon the box of letters from her nanny, the one she claimed to have lost touch with. Esme thought they were rebuilding their relationship, but she feels like he doesn’t trust her. Spencer thinks she’s the one who doesn’t trust him. Esme asks what he thought he’d find going through her things? Spencer claims he doesn’t know what he was looking for, but he feels he doesn’t know her as well as he thought he did. She cries that he could have just asked her what he wanted to know. Spencer suggests they start with Maggie writing, “No good can come from having contact with your father.”

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At Charlie’s, Carly walks in just as Nina tells Ava that she didn’t want this fight, but she will come out guns blazing. Carly asks her how she always paints herself as a victim. Nina says they forced this by coming after her and starting this smear campaign in the press. Nina cries that all she asked for was a little time with her grandson, and if she stopped to think about it, they want the same thing. Carly asks, “What’s that?” Nina tells her, “Peace.” She admits she’s made mistakes and hurt people when she was hurting. Ava decides to excuse herself because it’s getting late.

Nina asks Carly to sit and talk with her. Carly insists she only came to check on Phyllis after the robbery. Nina asks how Willow is doing, and Carly relays she’s grieving. Nina wonders if Wiley has been told about Harmony, but Carly snaps he’s too young to process that information. Nina says whether Wiley knows or not, he’s lost one grandmother, so should he lose another? Carly accuses her of only doing this for herself and calls her selfish. Nina implores she loves Wiley, but Carly says that doesn’t give her the right to see him.

Phyllis enters and is glad to see Carly and Nina talking. Carly explains they are done, and Nina leaves for the bathroom to freshen up. Carly tells Phyllis that she came to check on her after the robbery. Phyllis insists she’s doing well. Carly knows Phyllis cares for Nina. Phyllis explains it’s hard not to given what she’s been through. Carly thinks Phyllis got caught up in Madeline’s lies, the lies that sent Nina on a path of destruction. Carly feels it must have been some comfort being there to deliver Nina’s baby. Phyllis explains she wasn’t there when Nelle was born, so Carly asks if she knows who was? Phyllis doesn’t and wonders why she asks. Carly claims with Wiley’s visitation case, Nelle has been on her mind. Phyllis knows Carly’s position, but she is rooting for Nina to be able to see her grandson.

Nina returns, and Phyllis checks on her. Nina decides to head home, and Carly thinks about Dante suggesting Willow get a DNA test. Carly quickly grabs the glass Nina was drinking from and puts it in her purse, only to be caught by Drew.

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Trina meets with Ava at the gallery and explains she needs her help. Ava wants to know what she can do. Trina thinks Ava is the only person who can out scheme Esme and asks what she should do. Ava knows Esme is a jealous psychopath, so she should take advantage of that. Ava suggests she make a play for Spencer with Esme present, which will cause Esme to lash out and hopefully incriminate herself. Trina doesn’t know if she can do that. Ava tells her she’s in serious trouble and that anything she can do to avoid a trial is for the best.

ava gives trina advice about esme gh

Trina reveals she has something that could save herself, but she’ll only use it as a last resort because someone will get hurt if she does. Ava notes that Trina is a good person, she doesn’t resort to her or Esme levels. Ava tells her if she feels trapped, to come to her and they’ll find a way to get Esme.

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