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Dex meets with Sonny at his office. He brought his resume and is eager to hear what Sonny has for him. Sonny tears it up and says he doesn’t rely on resumes. He wants to get to know him better before he can decide if he’s right for one of his businesses, and he must know if he can trust him.

Dex is willing to prove himself. Sonny asks if he can depend on him to take orders, not to go rogue, and never think he knows better than him. Dex assures him he can, but Sonny says being tough only gets him so far. He says being smart is the better way. Dex believes if Sonny hires him then he’ll see what he brings.

At the hospital, Brando and Sasha wait in a room for Sasha’s CT results. An impatient Brando leaves to find TJ, and Sasha’s hands shake from withdrawal. TJ appears and says the CT was fine, but he can prescribe something over-the-counter and non-habit forming for her headaches. Brando returns, and TJ fills him in on Sasha’s condition. TJ heads out, and Sasha tells Brando she would like to freshen up a bit before meeting his mom for lunch. Brando says he’ll see her later and departs.

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Sasha frantically goes through her purse, as the sleazy photographer shows up. He assumes she’s looking for her pills, which she says are for migraines. He doubts that and even agrees to delete the unflattering ones and forget everything. She doesn’t believe him. To prove himself, he offers to get her what she needs as he has connections. He sends her his number and says this can be their little secret.

Elsewhere, Jordan runs into Curtis. She’s following up on the Harmony Miller case, and Curtis was hoping to catch up with TJ. Jordan asks why he needs to see her son but realizes it’s none of her business. He says it’s about Marshall, and TJ wants to get to know him. However, TJ deserves to know the truth about Marshall.

Jordan realizes Curtis somehow got his hands on Marshall’s records and wonders how he managed that. He thinks she seems more concerned about how he found out about Marshall’s past, not what he found out. She yells, “Damnit, I care about you!” She quickly says she will always care about him and love him, and he understands she just doesn’t want him to get in trouble. She asks if it was worth the price he paid to find out what he did about Marshall. TJ appears and asks, “What about Marshall?” Jordan says Curtis has something to tell him, so she’ll leave them.

Brando arrives to see Sonny at his office but realizes he’s interrupted a meeting. Sonny says Dex was just leaving, and he’ll be in contact. Once alone, Sonny asks him how Sasha is coping. Brando is worried about her because she was just getting over Liam. Sonny advises he supports her, but if he sees any warning signs not to ignore them. Brando will make sure Sasha knows if she falls that he will catch her.

Out in the restaurant, Dex talks with Sonny’s man Frank. He recognized Brando from the gym and says he admires Sonny’s success and loyalty. Brando and Sonny come out of the office and Brando asks Sonny if he learned anything more about the robbers. Sonny glances over at Dex and assures Brando that he’s handling it.

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At the Metro Court Gardens, Gladys is about to look at the photographer’s memory card on her laptop when Valentin appears and offers his assistance. He grabs the card, puts it in the computer, and the photo of Sasha dropping the pills comes up. Valentin thinks in the wrong hands these photos tell a different story about the accident last night. He shows her a photo of Sasha trying to pick up her pills. Valentin is concerned as he’s invested in this company, and Sasha’s a huge part of the company as the face of it. Gladys trusts Sasha as if she was her own daughter and takes her laptop to another table.

Later, Sasha meets with Gladys and sees she still has the card. Gladys says she thought about flushing it, but Sasha thinks if they give it back to the photographer then he’ll leave them alone. From afar, Valentin glares at Gladys. Gladys promises to protect Sasha, and she can trust her with anything.

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At the nail salon, Nina finds Scott pampering himself. She needs his full and complete attention and thinks he should be working on her case, not getting a manicure. He jokes judges like nice hands, and so does Obrecht. Nina has seen the copy of the five-part exclusive Michael and Willow are going to put out on her, and they are going to sabotage her before she gets into the courtroom. Nina seethes about Smoltz painting her as a homewrecker out to steal Saint Carly’s grandson. Scott points out there is another grandmother involved, and she looks like Mother Theresa compared to Harmony. He thinks with what Michael and Willow are going through right now, they could probably convince them to drop the whole case. Diane enters and says, “Nice try, but they’ll see them in court.”

Scott says he knows Harmony just died and was a murderer, so they can play hardball with that. Diane reveals Harmony was not Willow’s biological mother, so it doesn’t matter. She also states Wiley’s biological mother was a convicted killer too. Diane suggests if Nina claims she loves Wiley as much as she does then she drops this claim before The Invader article goes national. Nina seethes that she is doing this because she loves Wiley, and Scott points out that this article will make it open season on Harmony.

Diane says Michael and Willow are only protecting their child, while Nina has a documented history of mental instability. She again urges her to drop the claim, but Nina says she’ll drag Michael and Willow into the mud along with her if she has to. Diane leaves, and Nina tells Scott this is an all-out war. Scott asks Nina to let him put Sonny on the stand. She refuses to allow that but says he can go after Michael and Willow. She calls Willow too good to be true, and they need to dig and find out something about her to use.

At the gatehouse, Willow refuses to believe she’s not Harmony’s daughter. Dante explains it’s straight from Neil’s notes, even though they are only partial notes because Harmony burned them. Carly confirms that Harmony told her the same, and Michael thinks this explains why her mom attacked his mom and Alexis. Willow continues to believe this is a lie, and Neil was a delusional drug addict. Dante explains it is a reason why Harmony would kill Neil and his brother.

Carly reveals Harmony admitted it to both her and Alexis on Rana Point, and when her secret came out she began to lose it. Willow realizes that is what Carly was talking about in the chapel. Carly didn’t want to tell her last night with everything going on. Willow realizes she didn’t lose her mother last night as she was never her mom in the first place. She figures this is why her mother had no birth certificate for her. Dante reveals it was forged, and Carly adds that Harmony kidnapped her when she was born. Willow feels her entire childhood was a lie and wants to know the truth.

Willow asks Carly if Harmony told her anything else because her entire life is now one big question mark. Carly simply says there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. Dante suggests Willow take a DNA test to prove she’s not related to Harmony, but Michael thinks now isn’t the time. Willow agrees and she needs to process what she’s learned. Dante leaves, and Carly decides to take off too. Before she goes, she tells Willow the answers will come when they are ready, and she told Harmony that she’d protect her.

Willow accepts Harmony not her mom GH

Once Carly leaves, Willow wonders, “Protect me from what?” The nanny shows up with Wiley, and he runs into Willow’s arms. He asks why his mommy is crying. Michael tells his son to go back to the house with his nanny and they’ll see him soon. Willow thinks Wiley’s lucky, as the pain of never seeing Harmony again will heal because he has so few memories of her. He asks what about her pain? Willow can’t stop thinking about who her real mother is.

Back at the hospital, TJ says he has something to show Curtis. He produces Marshall’s clarinet, and the note he left him. Curtis admits Marshall left town because of him.

By the elevator, Dante runs into Jordan and fills her in on his meeting with Willow. Jordan wants him to focus on finding out who Willow’s mother is because someone out there is missing their daughter. She wants him to dig up everything he can on Harmony’s background before she came to Port Charles.

At the Metro Court Gardens, Sasha asks Gladys to think about returning the card, as the reporter may see it as owing them a favor.

Valentin talks with Martin over the phone about the possibility of his days at ELQ being numbered. Carly arrives, and he heard about what happened with Willow and her mother. Valentin feels a court battle is the last thing Willow needs right now and suggests she lead the way by making peace with Nina. Carly doesn’t know why everyone defends Nina, especially after what she did to Sonny. Valentin reminds her that Nina lost her daughter due to Carly, so they could end this.

On the next General Hospital: Nina tells Ava she’s firing the first shot. TJ wonders if Curtis learning what he did was worth chasing Marshall away. Cam vents to Spencer that he needs his assurance that the hell he’s putting him through is worth it. Valentin asks Carly if there is no part of her that feels for Nina. Esme says to herself, “I intend to be happy.”

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