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Chet meets with Sonny at the gym and thanks him for the time off. He tells him the trip to the Middle East and bringing supplies to troops gave him closure. Chet asks about his replacement, and Sonny informs him that Dex did well. Chet thought he would as he’s a fellow vet who has had gym management experience.

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Dante arrives, and Chet gets to work. Dante realizes his dad hasn’t heard what happened and reveals Carly and Alexis were attacked last night. Dante fills him in on the details, and Sonny thinks he should call Carly. He pauses and realizes Carly never reached out and thinks she wants nothing to do with him.

They sit, and Dante knows when his dad gets like this he can become vulnerable. Sonny asks if Dante’s referring to him or his business. Dante is concerned he’ll start drinking again and go off his meds. Sonny assures him he’s got both handled. Dante inquires about his loneliness. Sonny tells his son that he doesn’t have to worry about him. Dante must head out to talk to Willow and departs.

Later, Dex says goodbye to Sonny and thanks him for the opportunity. He’d love to stay on, but Chet explains they are fully staffed. Dex is open to anything as no job is too big or too small.

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At the nail salon, Liz and Terry have a girls’ day. Liz wonders why she invited her as Terry considers the salon her alone time. Terry admits Finn is paying for this given the stress she’s been under with all the things going on. She asks how it’s been, and Liz fills her in on all the latest occurrences, including that Aiden believes it’s Franco’s ghost. Terry wonders what she thinks?

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At the hospital, Britt talks with TJ about the night he had. He lost his first patient, and telling her daughter was worse than he imagined. She says the first one isn’t easy, and Harmony won’t be the last. They are interrupted by Amy, who explains she’s not feeling well and would like to take the day off. Britt approves it, and Amy rushes off.

Britt and TJ talk about the challenges of being a doctor, and Britt wants doctors who combine compassion with efficient care. She also notes it’s important for doctors to practice self-care. She suggests he find an outlet he likes and asks if he’s checked in with his family after what happened. She offers to cover for him tonight if he wants to go home and be with Molly. She advises he’s at the part of his career where he has to make having a life a priority, otherwise he’s looking at a lot of dark and lonely nights.

Amy arrives at the nail salon and interrupts Liz and Terry’s discussion. She turns to leave, but Liz asks her to join them. Terry thought Amy was doing a double. Amy vents she wasn’t feeling well after what she and TJ went through last night, so Britt gave her the time off, and she doesn’t appreciate Terry always picking on her. Terry tells her that she’s free to weigh in with her concerns during the management quarterly review and file a formal complaint, but she won’t let her ruin her day off.  Amy heads elsewhere in the salon, and Liz tells Terry that she got her mind off her problems.

Liz asks what Terry’s issue with Amy is. Terry explains she has an attitude problem but acknowledges she could be better about losing her temper. Terry tells Liz about her date with Chet without naming him before getting back to Liz’s ghost theory. Liz is willing to try anything and asks Terry for her help later this week. Terry agrees. For now, Liz thinks she should get ready for her date.

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Liz and Terry return to the hospital, as Terry left something in her office, and Liz wishes her luck on her date. Liz heads off, and Terry brings up Amy’s attitude with Britt. Britt will have a talk with her, and then asks Terry, “That’s not what you are wearing on your date is it?” Terry wonders how she knows she has a date. Britt overheard her and Liz. Terry is going home to change, and Britt tells her to forget about Amy, the hospital, and just enjoy her date.

TJ returns and thanks Britt for her advice, as he’s heading home to watch Star Wars with Molly. She tells him to enjoy and adds, “May the 4th be with you.”

Elsewhere, Liz calls Chelsea, the psychic Lucy referred her to.

Back at the gym, Sonny likes Dex’s attitude. Amy arrives to see her brother, and Sonny tells Dex not to be a stranger. Sonny excuses himself to call Carly when suddenly a fight breaks out in the ring. Dex immediately steps in and breaks it up. Sonny asks Dex to come by his office later to discuss his future.

Meanwhile, Amy vents to Chet about her unreasonable boss. He suggests she talk it out with her, but Amy chooses to avoid her instead.

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At the gatehouse, Brook Lynn gives Michael her sympathies about Willow’s mom. Carly colors with Wiley, and Michael says he’ll tell Willow she stopped by when she wakes up.

Brook Lynn heads out and gets a call from Chase. She is looking forward to their fantasy day. Chase completely forgot they had tickets for May the 4th and explains he has another date who isn’t allowed to see PG-13 movies.

Back inside, Michael tells Carly that Willow was so tired she passed out in her clothes. Carly says she’s going to need rest for what is to come. Michael notes Willow was just regaining trust in Harmony again. Wiley asks, “What about Grandma Harmony?” Carly and Michael step aside, and she warns him to be careful what he says.

Michael knows this is going to come out in the press, and he doesn’t know how to protect Willow from the fallout. He doesn’t understand why Harmony jeopardized her relationship with Willow and had to know her crazy plan wouldn’t succeed.


Dante arrives to see Willow, and she comes down the steps. Carly takes Wiley up to the main house. Dante explains he’s there as family, but he has more information for Willow if she feels ready. Carly returns, and Willow wants to know why her mother tried to kill Carly and Alexis.

Carly explains again about the papers she found Harmony burning, and that they were Neil’s records on her as a patient. Dante reveals Harmony had killed before. He tells her that she killed Brendan Byrne to cover up that she also killed his brother Neil. Willow thinks this makes no sense. Dante explains Harmony committed a crime years ago and went to great lengths to cover it up, and it has to do with Willow.

Willow is speechless when Dante reveals Harmony was not her biological mother. Carly thinks back to Harmony’s confession about Willow, Nelle, and Nina and the promise she made to protect Willow from Nina.

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At Finn’s place, Violet asks Chase if he wants the pink or purple tiara for their tea party. He tries to come up with alternatives because they’ve already had three tea parties, but she says you can never have too many.

As they have their tea party, there is a knock at the door. Chase answers in his tiara and finds BLQ with two lightsabers and she says, “May the 4th be with you.” She laughs at his tiara as he invites her in.

Violet plays with a lightsaber, and Chase thanks BLQ for doing this. Violet asks her uncle to sword fight with her. He does as he explains what a lightsaber is. After their battle, Brook Lynn joins them for their tea party. Later, Chase suggests if Leo is free they should all go to Kelly’s for dinner. Brook Lynn smiles and says, “It’s a date.” Violet echoes the statement.

On the next General Hospital: Willow asks Carly if Harmony told her anything. Sasha blurts out, “How the hell are you here.” Brando hopes someone can help him. At the salon, Nina yells at Scott that she needs his full and complete attention. In his office, Sonny says to Dex that if this is a problem then they can stop right now and forget it.

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