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Lucy sneaks into a room in the Metro Court in dark glasses and a fur coat. Martin is waiting in bed and thinks it’s a bit hot for all that fur. She teases it’s going to get a lot hotter, sheds the coat, and jumps naked into bed with Martin.

After making love, Martin apologizes for missing her big IPO launch. She thinks they can stop hiding their relationship because he doesn’t need Valentin now that she’s very rich. Martin is flattered, but he likes being in control of his finances. While he won’t take her money, he won’t hide from Valentin anymore. He can always find another client, but he can’t find another Lucy.

In Liz’s room, she and Finn kiss and sit on the couch. Liz says she feels safe being there with him, plus she’s not thinking about the house. Cam calls to check-in, and she tells him that Finn is with her, so he doesn’t have to worry. Finn takes the opportunity to check on Violet. After getting off the phone, Liz receives a text from Aiden, who is asking about Franco’s ghost. She should call him, and Finn says he should go to his room. However, he tells her to bang on the wall if she needs him. She gives him an extra keycard to be safe.

After coming out of the bathroom in a robe, Liz is stunned and screams for Finn. Finn comes running over and finds the pillows have been torn apart. She swears she heard nothing as she was in the shower.

Rory arrives to take a statement from them. Finn explains the door was locked as he needed to use his keycard to get in. Rory asks about the security latch, and Liz admits she forgot to latch it.

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Elsewhere in the hotel, on the phone, Valentin tells someone he knows the deal and what needs to be done and will do it, no matter the cost.

Lucy and Martin dress and head to the restaurant where they run right into Valentin. They are holding hands, and Valentin notes Martin looks cozy with his business partner. Lucy reveals they are dating. Martin assures Valentin he can expect the same loyalty from him, but if he doesn’t approve, then he will let him go as a client. He won’t let anyone dictate his personal life. Valentin wishes them all the happiness, and he hopes Lucy will continue to support him at ELQ. She sees no reason not to as he’s been doing wonders there. He enters the elevator and departs.

Finn and Liz run into Lucy down in the restaurant, and they tell her that someone broke into Liz’s room and the police are there investigating. Lucy insists they join her and Martin. Liz realizes she left her phone in the room, so Finn excuses himself to get it. Liz joins Lucy and Martin, and Martin excuses himself to get them drinks. Liz tells Lucy whatever is going on is following her. Liz asks Lucy for the name of that medium she mentioned.

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Back in Liz’s room, Rory confirms to Finn that nobody used the elevator to get off on this floor recently, but the cameras don’t clearly cover this corridor. Finn thinks there must be some clue as this person can’t vanish into thin air.

At The Savoy, Sonny joins Nina at her table. She’s surprised he’s still there and asks if he spoke to Michael. Sonny hasn’t, so Nina realizes he doesn’t know about Harmony. She tells him about the events of the night and suggests he should be at the hospital. Sonny doesn’t believe he’s welcomed there and reveals he and Michael had a fight. Sonny explains his son disrespected him, which is something he can’t easily forgive. He also notes Michael and Willow are going through a huge event, and nobody has picked up a phone to call him.

Sonny looks around and laughs that soon they may be the only ones left in the club, which is clearing out. She asks if he’s still drinking club soda. He is and says it’s given him a lot of energy. Nina is glad because she wants him around for a long time. He hopes she makes the time worth it and asks her to dance with him.

After their dance, Nica the bartender applauds. Nina thanks Sonny for the dance and must get going. They tell one another goodnight with huge smiles on their faces.

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At the hospital, TJ takes Harmony off the respirator and tells Carly, Michael, and Willow that Harmony is breathing on her own, but she’s still in critical condition. They will need to finish her surgery tomorrow because they couldn’t finish everything as she became hypertensive in the OR. Willow asks to see her mom. TJ allows it but cautions Harmony must remain calm as it could cause a setback.

Willow goes and sits by her mom. Harmony wakes up, and Willow explains there was a car accident and the doctors are taking good care of her. Harmony says she’s so sorry and becomes agitated. Willow tries to calm her down, but she cries that she’s loved being her mom. Willow says they have more memories to make, and she needs to rest. Harmony says, “I have to tell…”

Outside Harmony’s room, TJ tells Carly and Michael he’ll be back and excuses himself. Michael runs into him later, and they talk about Harmony. Michael’s astounded that TJ can help her given she tried to kill Molly’s mother. TJ says it’s called humanity, and it’s not his place to judge but to heal.

Michael brings his mom some juice and chips. He doesn’t think he’ll be able to forgive Harmony, and Willow will be better off without her. Michael ponders that it’s hard when your parent betrays your love. She asks if he told Sonny about this, but he hasn’t. He doesn’t want anything from Sonny anymore.

Back in Harmony’s room, her alarms begin sounding. TJ runs in and tells Willow she needs to leave. She heads out and explains to Carly and Michael that her mom was trying to tell her something when her temperature spiked. Willow begs Carly whatever it is to just tell her. Carly says there is plenty of time to talk about this, but she needs to focus on her mother. TJ comes out and explains Harmony just needed a sedative and needs to rest. Michael suggests to Willow they take a walk, and Carly promises to let her know if Harmony wakes up. TJ is paged away, and Carly peers in on a sleeping Harmony.

willow demands carly tell her about harmony gh

After their walk, Willow and Michael sit in the waiting area. She asks him if his mother said anything to him about what happened tonight. He tells her as much as he knows but doesn’t know why Harmony did what she did. He thinks it’s best she doesn’t know all the details right now so she can focus on Harmony.

Harmony wakes up and sees Carly watching her through the window. She motions for her to enter. Harmony asks if she told Willow. Carly explains Willow knows she tried to kill her and Alexis, but not that Harmony is not her birth mother. However, she deserves to know the truth. Harmony struggles but says, “She needs to, she has to… Nina.”

At Maxie’s, Austin tells Maxie if she doesn’t want to hang out tomorrow night it’s okay. She does, but she can’t ask her parents to babysit again, and she can’t risk her kids having a meltdown on him. Austin thinks perhaps she’s not ready to race into a new relationship. Maxie agrees that she has a lot going on. Austin doesn’t want to rush her and they can go back to being friends.

Maxie tells Austin, “To hell with that!”  She pulls him into a kiss, and they quickly move to the couch and kiss more when Georgie catches them. She wonders what this man is doing there. Maxie asks why she’s out of bed. Georgie explains she is hungry and couldn’t sleep. Austin thinks he should go, and Maxie tells Georgie she needs to get back to bed. Georgie yells, “No!” Austin departs, and Georgie gives her mother a look.

On the next General Hospital: Carly tells Willow to return to the ICU. Mac tells Robert he can’t imagine doing the parent thing all over again. Harmony tells someone that Willow can never know.

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