Willow faces Harmony GH
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At The Savoy, Sonny sits at the bar with his bodyguard and tells him that he knows what to do when he gets there. Nina appears and asks if he’s looking for someone. In the background, Sonny’s man Albert meets with Ms. Wu’s right-hand man and they go to the back room. Meanwhile, Nina tells Sonny she’s meeting Britt and Obrecht for a girl’s night. Sonny thinks back to the simpler life of Nixon Falls and admits he sometimes misses it on days like these. She asks if it was a hard day, and he explains it’s nothing he can’t handle. Suddenly, Obrecht interrupts and pulls Nina away.

At their table, Austin and Maxie wrap up their date, and he insists on paying for the bill, even though Maxie wanted to treat him. He reminds her that she bought dinner, so he wants to cover their nightcap. Nearby, Spinelli in a suit tries and fails to flirt with a woman. Maxie witnesses it and feels bad for him, so she calls him over. Maxie admits they saw him get shot down and suggests he try other places. Austin reveals he was planning to go kayaking soon and invites Spinelli. Maxie pushes Spinelli to accept, so he does. Maxie and Austin have to leave, but advise Spinelli not to overthink it when talking to women.


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At the Metro Court, Liz calls her boys and tells them this is only temporary, and they’ll be back home soon. There is a knock at the door, and she thinks it’s room service, only to find Finn there with flowers. He reveals he booked the room next to her and Chase is staying with Violet. She assures him she’ll be fine, but he tells her that she can admit when she needs someone too. He feels they can be honest with one another and asks how she is really feeling. She admits she is freaked out and just wants to go home if this nightmare ever ends. Finn believes he can help keep her mind off that.

After dinner, Finn breaks out some cards to play slapjack. Liz laughs and thanks him because this is just what she needed. She thinks she’s completely losing it, but he tells her how strong she is, and they kiss.

Finn offers Liz comfort

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At the hospital, Michael asks Britt for an update on Harmony, but Britt says she’s still in the OR. Michael snaps that’s not a good enough answer. He quickly apologizes and just feels helpless. A doctor interrupts and tells Britt that he and TJ need to consult with her. Britt excuses herself and soon returns and tells Michael they have to find Willow immediately.

Sam and Alexis return to the hospital as Alexis has unfinished business with Harmony. She wants Harmony to understand the extent of her destruction. Sam finds the doctor who was discussing Harmony’s case with Britt and claims she’s her niece and her mother is Harmony’s sister. They ask about Harmony and ask what room she is in.

In the chapel, Carly tells Willow this will be hard to hear, and she needs to prepare herself. Carly explains her mother attacked and drugged her because she discovered a secret she wanted to keep. Stunned, Willow asks what could be that bad. Carly goes on to explain Harmony drove her to the clifftop, and when she finally escaped the car she discovered Harmony attacking Alexis. She saved Alexis, who called 911 as Harmony ran off. Carly assumes that’s when she must have been hit. Willow asks what this secret is. Suddenly Britt and Michael enter with an update on Harmony. Carly tells her this can wait, and she gives them privacy.

Britt tells Willow that Harmony made it through the surgery, but she has severe damage to several organs. They have her stabilized, and she may need further surgeries. Britt reveals Harmony is unconscious but can have visitors.

Britt departs, and Willow doesn’t understand how her mom ended up like this. She’s still in shock over what Carly told her. Michael asks what his mom said, but Willow can’t think about it right now. Willow lights a candle for Harmony and then is ready to see her mother.

Back outside of Harmony’s room, Sam and Alexis peer inside. She’s not awake, and Sam says they can wait for her to wake up. However, she notes this may be her mom’s last chance for closure.

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Alexis goes inside and finds Harmony hooked up to a ventilator and other machines. Alexis tells her that she valued her friendship, which is why she is furious with her. She assumes her friendship was a way to clear her consciousness about killing Neil. She knows she saw good in her, and wonders if any of it was real. Alexis laments she could have had a good relationship with Willow based on honesty. Michael and Willow appear, and Alexis tells her how sorry she is. Alexis and Michael leave them for some privacy.

Alexis sees Harmony GH

Willow cries, “Oh mom, what have you done.” She never thought her mom could be a murderer and feels her rehabilitation wasn’t an act. She still loves her, takes her hand, and begs her to wake up. Willow cries “I still love you, isn’t that worth living for.” She pleads that they have a lifetime of things to say to one another, and begs her for that chance. Suddenly, Harmony stirs awake.


Back outside Harmony’s room, Carly and Michael reconnect and embrace. Michael asks what she and Alexis were doing in the ER and what it has to do with Harmony. Alexis and Sam decide to leave, and Carly thanks Alexis for what she did. Carly tells Michael that Harmony drugged her and tried to kill her and Alexis because of Willow. Carly can’t explain as she feels she has to tell Willow before him, and she doesn’t know if she should tell her tonight. Michael believes Willow deserves the truth.

At Maxie’s place, Mac and Felicia babysit Georgie, James, and Bailey. They reminisce about Georgia and Maxie when they were little. Felicia asks Mac if he regrets not having a child of his own. He never thought about it but admits it would have been nice. He asks Felicia what they are talking about?

Maxie and Austin return and they joke about Maxie’s taste for finer things in life as she pushed Austin to try foie gras. Mac says it’s a good thing Maxie’s company went public so she can afford such expenses now.

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Mac and Felicia return home and gush about spending time with their grandbabies. She leads him to the bedroom.

Back at Maxie’s place, she checks on the kids and Austin decides he should get going. He thanks her for the evening and asks her out tomorrow. Maxie agrees but then remembers Georgie and James have activities and she really needs to bake cupcakes for them. Austin tells her it’s okay if she doesn’t want to hang out.

Back at The Savoy, Albert returns to the bar and reports to Sonny that everything with the game is going smoothly. Spinelli approaches Sonny and pays his respects. Sonny wonders what he can do for him, and Spinelli reveals he’s working on a new business venture. However, he’s not ready to reveal what it is. Sonny thinks he has a lot going on, a new business and maybe a new woman. Sonny noticed how he was looking at Maxie. Spinelli says he’ll always love Maxie, and will always wish for her happiness, but she’s moved on with that louse of a Quartermaine. Sonny advises him if there is a woman he likes then he should tell them what they mean to him before it’s too late.

At their table, Nina can’t believe Obrecht was so rude to Sonny and didn’t even say hello. Obrecht has issues with him because of Scott and vows Sonny will feel her wrath if anything happens to him.

Britt arrives and can’t believe they are fighting over men. Nina and Obrecht eventually make nice. Nina excuses herself to get them another round, and Obrecht learns Britt was stood up on her date. Britt thinks she shouldn’t waste the time she has left on a man. Obrecht disagrees and urges her daughter not to spend time grieving a man who is gone but to look for a man who she can do fun things with. Britt agrees to continue with her manhunting. Obrecht has to go meet Scott and asks her to tell Nina goodbye.

Britt and Nina and Obrecht have girls night GH

Nina returns and learns Obrecht left for Scott. Britt thinks given her busy day she’s going to call it a night as well. Nina says it’s always nice to see her, and Britt heads out.

Britt walks by Spinelli drinking a colorful martini and comments on it. Spinelli hoped it would lift his mood. He tells her that even though she was stood up the other night, not to give up on trying to find her Mr. Right. She laughs that he sounds like his mother.

As Nina sips her wine alone, Sonny approaches and joins her at her table.

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