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On the road, Sasha runs to the woman she hit and finds she’s unconscious and face down. Gladys calls an ambulance, and the photographer approaches and can’t believe what Sasha’s done. He thinks this will make for a great headline, and she tells him to have some decency. Later, Gladys helps Sasha turn Harmony over, and Sasha realizes she hit Willow’s mom.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas sets up a romantic evening for himself and Ava.

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Esme catches Spencer on the phone in the foyer begging Cam to do him this one favor. After getting off the phone, she asks what that was about. He explains and Cam got into a fight over things he said about her, and he made it clear he wouldn’t continue to tolerate them talking about her that way. Esme is touched. Spencer decides to go to the gallery to work and feels that it is after hours so can avoid Ava and Trina. He kisses her cheek and says, ‘It really has always been you and me against the world.”

Back in the living room, Nikolas gets a text from Ava saying she has plans and for him not to wait up. He throws his phone as Esme enters. She asks if he has something on his mind. He rants Ava is not even taking his calls and flips the table. Esme goes to clean it up, but he tells her to leave it.

Esme blames herself for all of this and doesn’t understand how Ava doesn’t appreciate him. She sees him and wants the kind of passion he has for his wife in her life. She feels neither of them should be stuck in a house without the passion they deserve. Laura enters and says, “Well I bring good news then.” She reveals Esme doesn’t have to hide out here anymore.

Laura explains that she spoke with Sonny, and Esme has nothing to worry about so she can move out. Nikolas suggests they not be so hasty. Esme notes she and Spencer still don’t have money, but Laura says Spencer can go back to work at Kelly’s and everything with Cam has been worked out. Esme hugs Laura and can’t wait to find Spencer and tell him.

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After Esme leaves, Laura asks Nikolas about the moment she walked in on. Nikolas explains Esme is blaming herself for Ava ditching his date night, and he was consoling her. Laura feels he should be consoling Ava. Nikolas believes Esme and Spencer will get back on track, as will he and Ava, and then they’ll rebuild this family. Laura thinks he’s being naive and advises him to get that scorpion out from under his roof before she poisons them all. He assures her he knows what he’s doing.

At the gallery, Trina hears someone come in and grabs some pepper spray. She discovers it’s only Rory. He explains he saw the lights on and wanted to check as Jordan said she has had some problems with the press and assigned him to keep an eye on her. She asks if she can do anything for him, and he wouldn’t mind a drink while he sits in his patrol car. She jokes officer invisible once gave her a soda so she can return the favor. He smiles and asks her to call him Rory.

Trina brings Rory a drink and finds him looking at a painting. She asks how the painting makes him feel. Spencer arrives and hears Rory telling Trina he finds that it reminds him of darkness and light. Spencer enters and says it’s called contrast. Trina scoffs, “Well you are the expert on all things shady.” She asks why he’s there. He explains he came to start his restitution and thought nobody would be there at this hour.

Rory decides to get back to the car, and Spencer asks Trina why he is there. She explains Jordan assigned him to watch over her. She offers to leave if he wants to work tonight, and he notes he just had to get out of the house. She wonders if it’s more issues with his dad. He reveals they are getting along. Trina laughs, “Are you running from your beloved Esme?”  She says she’ll leave him a to-do list so he can get it done and then back to the love of his life. He blurts out she’s anything but that just as Esme walks in.

At The Savoy, Portia asks Curtis if he found Marshall. He says he did, and then lost him again. Curtis reveals he came across some secrets Marshall has been keeping and his dad was so angry he left town. Curtis explains his father was arrested at a protest rally and instead of going to jail, he was sent to a mental institution. She is concerned and questions how he came across all this information, and why he didn’t trust her to tell her. She lived through this with Taggert and won’t do it again. She wants him to promise to put their future first.

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Curtis assures Portia that there is nothing more important to him than their future, and he was trying to protect her and Trina. He knows Trina isn’t his daughter, but he loves her like one. Curtis promises her that going forward she won’t have to worry about his ethic or his integrity. She smiles, but also has a cautious look on her face.

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Dante meets with Michael and Willow at the Metro Court Gardens. Sam was supposed to accompany him for a double date, but he explains something came up. Willow excuses herself to call and check on Wiley, and Dante asks Michael about the scuffle he had with their father. Michael doesn’t recognize their father anymore, and he has to put his relationship with Sonny behind him for the sake of his family. Willow returns, and Dante gets a work call and has to leave as he has been called to the scene of an accident. He tells Michael no matter what happens, they’ll always be brothers.

Sam arrives at the hospital to find Alexis being examined by TJ. Alexis reveals she found out that Harmony killed Neil, befriended her, and then tried to kill her.

In another room, Carly tells Jordan that Harmony needs to be stopped and she could be going after Willow and Wiley. She explains Harmony is desperate to keep the secret that Willow is not her daughter. Carly recounts discovering Neil’s papers she was trying to burn, that Harmony stole Willow, and that’s when she turned on her and Alexis. Jordan assumes this is connected to Brendan’s death, but wonders what would cause Harmony to commit so many murders.

Carly recalls her conversation with Harmony about Nina, but only says she believes Brendan learned the truth about Harmony and it’s why she killed him. Jordan senses Carly knows something else and asks what was in the file she found. Carly doesn’t know what else to say, but Willow will be devastated, and she has to let her and Michael know what’s going on. Jordan steps out to take a call, and Carly grabs her phone. She calls Michael and tells him that he and Willow have to get to the emergency room immediately.

Alexis and Carly are released and they reconnect in the waiting area. Alexis hopes Harmony will be found soon and they get some answers.

Back on the road, Sasha performs CPR on Harmony, who has stopped breathing and brings ger back. Suddenly the photographer begins snapping photos.

The paramedics arrive, and the photographer tells Sasha that either he lets her sell the photo from the Metro Gardens, or he sells these with the story of how she ran a woman down. Gladys pushes her to sell the photos, but Sasha loses it and attacks him. Dante arrives and breaks the fight up. Gladys warns Sasha not to say another word without a lawyer and leaves to call Brando. Dante asks her about what happened, and she cries that Harmony just ran out into the middle of the road and she tried to swerve. Dante suggests Gladys, who returns, take her to GH to get checked out for shock. He also asks them both to come to the station in the morning for a statement. They walk away, and Dante notices what appears to be a necklace in a puddle of blood on the ground.

Meanwhile, Gladys asks Sasha what is on that card that has her so upset. Sasha breaks down and says she can’t take being judged anymore. Gladys assures her the memory card is safe, and they should get her to the hospital.

Back at the hospital, Harmony is brought in on a gurney, shocking Alexis, Sam, and Carly. Willow and Michael arrive and are stunned to learn Harmony was struck by a car. Michael asks his mother what is going on. Before Carly can say anything, Harmony is brought out of the cubicle. TJ explains her injuries are critical and they need to get her to the OR. Gladys and Sasha enter as Willow wonders who could have done this to her mother.

Willow gets shocking news

Meanwhile, Dante talks to the photographer, who still wants his memory card back. He threatens to press charges against Sasha, but Dante tells him it’s also Sasha’s right to press charges too. Dante tells him not to go anywhere as they are looking into a case of illegal vehicular pursuit. Once alone, the report calls Smoltz to give him an exclusive.

On the next General Hospital: Willow regrets pushing her mother away. Brando asks Sasha why the photographer was chasing her. Trina yells at Spencer that he made his choice. Ava screams at Nikolas that she can’t believe he’s lettering her stay. Esme says to someone that she finally sees through her good girl act.

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