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Finn takes Violet to a nail salon, and she jokes with him that he should get his nails done too. Ava, who is getting hers done, overhears and quips, “There is a first time for everything.” Violet sits down across from Ava and decides she wants the same color as Ava. She also wants a design, so the technician takes her to pick something out.

Ava tells Finn she can see he is a good dad. Finn says he tries, this is the easy part. The hard part is always wanting to protect her. Ava understands exactly how he feels. Later, as Violet gets her nails done, she tells her dad that he hasn’t picked a color yet. Finn plays along and gets his nails painted lavender.

Ava gets her nails done

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At Sonny’s gym, he finds Curtis taking his frustration out on the bag. Dante, dressed in work clothes, gets a text that he’s needed at the hospital and heads out. Brando, also in casual attire, receives a call from Nina. She asks him to come by her place because she just met Sasha who seemed fragile. He leaves, and Curtis tosses a pair of gloves Sonny’s way. Sonny just finished his workout, but coyly brings up family issues. Curtis feels he’s fishing for news about his father.

Curtis asks Sonny why he didn’t help him investigate his father’s past in the first place. Sonny recalls seeing Marshall drop a bottle of medication and tells Curtis sometimes the past should be left in the past. Sonny just hopes everything works out for him and his dad. Curtis responds he’s too late as Marshall left town. Sonny offers to have his men track him and urges Curtis not to give up if he thinks he can repair his relationship with Marshall.

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At The Savoy, Portia and Drew bump into one another. They are both worried about Curtis, who they haven’t heard back from. They grab a table, and Portia assumes this is about Marshall leaving town. Drew blames himself and explains the phony job offer he came up with to do a background check on Marshall upset him.

Portia doubts that was enough to drive him away. Drew suggests perhaps Curtis found something else out. Portia wishes Curtis would have let her help him find the answers, but Drew points out that if Marshall’s past is dangerous then the less she knows, the better.

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At the Metro Court Gardens, Sasha finds Lucy, Maxie, Brook Lynn, and Gladys celebrating the Deception IPO launch. Gladys asks Sasha what kept her so long. Sasha says she’s here now, so let’s get this party started. Maxie and BLQ excuse themselves to talk in private.

Outside, both BLQ and Maxie feel Sasha is only pretending to be happy. Brook Lynn also wonders what’s keeping Austin, and if he’s ghosted her again. Maxie can’t believe she’d say that. Brook Lynn thinks that maybe her success has scared him off, but Maxie reminds her that Austin isn’t one to care about money. Austin finally turns up and apologizes for being late.

Back inside, a doorman makes a call to someone that the face of Deception is currently there partying it up. Later a photographer shows up, pays the guy, and begins taking photos of her. He orders the face of Deception to smile.

BLQ, Austin, and Maxie storm in and tell the man to leave. Sasha runs outside and tries to pop a pill. The photographer follows. snaps more photos, and asks, “Is that on the menu?” She spills her pills, and the man picks one of them up as Sasha yells at him to stop.

Sasha heads back inside and the photographer keeps following her. Gladys grabs his camera and fiddles with it before returning it. Gladys assures him that Carly will hear about this, and she takes Sasha out. Lucy tells the photographer that Carly has a fearsome lawyer who will go after him, and her ex-husband is Sonny Corinthos. The photographer suddenly realizes his memory card is gone and rushes out.

Sasha and Gladys take off in a car, but the photographer speeds after them.

On the cliff, Alexis asks Harmony how many people have to die to maintain her lie that Willow is her daughter. Harmony responds, “As many as it takes.” She begins to strangle Alexis as she cries she’s not a murderer. Alexis pushes her away, so Harmony grabs a rock to try and bash Alexis with. Suddenly Carly appears and pushes Harmony down and screams, “Back the hell off!” Alexis begins deflating one of the tires as Carly holds the screaming Harmony back.

Harmony eventually flees, and Carly says they must stop her. Alexis assures her the police are on the way. However, Carly worries Harmony is going to go after Willow and Wiley.

Later, Rory arrives and questions Alexis and Carly. They tell him everything, and Carly fears that if Harmony reaches the highway then she’ll escape.

In the woods, Harmony looks at a photo of Willow and Wiley on her phone. She says they are all she has left and she’s not losing them. She runs out into the road and is caught in the headlights of Sasha’s car. Sasha swerves to try and avoid Harmony.

Dante arrives at GH and TJ takes him in to see one of the robbers from Charlie’s who beat up badly. He wonders where his partner is, and if he’s worse off than he is. The man doesn’t talk, so Dante asks who did this. The man remembers Sonny laughing at him in the trunk of a car.

Brando arrives at Nina’s, and she thanks him again for helping with the robbers at Charlie’s. Nina explains that’s in part what she wanted to talk about. She relays that when he rushed in as he did, it caused Sasha to fear she could lose him as she lost Liam. Nina knows they both experienced a loss, and for some people, it’s difficult to invest in the idea of being happy again because they fear it will be snatched away.

Nina apologizes and says she could just be projecting her grief onto Sasha. Brando admits his mom feels Sasha was trying to cover up her pain. Nina fears that pain could be taking a toll on her that nobody is aware of. She offers to help him help Sasha in any way she can.

Back at the gym, Sonny calls Avery to check on her and says he’s going to pick up supplies for an ice cream sundae party. Dante returns and tells his father about TJ’s new patient, who doesn’t seem to know how he got to the ER or who put him there. Sonny asks about his partner, and Dante reveals he has vanished into thin air. Dante thinks the message has been sent and hopes this is the end of it and there are no repercussions.

Back at the hospital, a man delivers a package to TJ. He opens it and it’s Marshall’s clarinet. There is a note from Marshall, who wanted to leave him a gift and this was all he had to give.

Curtis finally turns up at The Savoy and apologizes to Portia and Drew if he upset them. Drew leaves them to talk but tells Curtis next time to shoot him a text to let him know he’s okay. Curtis tells Portia they need to talk.

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