Harmony confesses to Alexis
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Smoltz shows up at Nina’s door giving her one last chance to comment on Michael and Willow’s claims that she’s unstable. He waltzes into her apartment and accuses her of using her dead psycho daughter to get to Wiley. Sasha enters and orders Smoltz to get the hell out. Smoltz takes off, and Nina blames Michael and Willow for this.

Sasha feels for Michael, it’s easier to blame Nina for Sonny’s actions, but nobody tells Sonny what to do. Sasha asks if Nina ever feels unsafe given Sonny’s business. Nina never has, so Sasha says if she is going to be a part of Sonny’s life, shouldn’t she know what goes on with his business. Nina tells her Sonny isn’t in her life, though she’d like him to be.

Sasha wants Nina to be happy but warns her to be careful as a relationship with Sonny comes with a lot of strings. Nina thanks her and changes the subject to how Sasha is coping. Sasha explains she’s trying to focus on the future. She thinks about all the mistakes she’s made and says you can’t escape the balancing of the scales. Nina asks if she thinks Liam’s death was punishment for her mistakes, assures her she’s not to blame, then hugs Sasha. She reminds her there are so many people who love her.

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Brando has dinner with Lucy at the Metro Court and discusses house hunting. Lucy asks if Sasha is going to join them, but Brando says he’s going to take care of the early searches to make things easy for her. Lucy says she’ll set up some viewings for him and knows their perfect dream home is out there.

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At the Quartermaine Gatehouse, Willow asks Michael if he’s okay. Michael feels that the conversation with his father was a long time coming. Willow asks if he’s prepared to cut Sonny out of his life? Michael knows his parents have broken up before, and his father has cheated before, but now as a dad, he can’t have that role model in Wiley’s life. Michael wants Wiley to be proud of the Corinthos name.

Michael doesn’t recognize his father anymore. He used to have a code of loyalty and honor, but now he’s broken that and his family. Willow hugs him and promises she has his back. She advises him as he distances himself from his father, not to become the thing he’s trying to protect Wiley from.

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Sonny punches the bag at the gym and rehashes his conversation with Michael in his head. Dante arrives having gotten Sonny’s message. Sonny asks him to put on some gloves so he can let off some steam. Dante asks what is going on, and Sonny begins to tell him about Michael, but stops and says he can’t talk about it. Dante understands Michael is upset, and Nina is going around doing questionable things. Sonny snaps that they’ve all made mistakes, and they can’t judge someone unless they walk in their shoes. Dante tells his dad all he’s saying is he can understand where Michael was coming from. Sonny just wants Michael to be an adult and respect his father. Dante gets a call and excuses himself to take it.

Brando arrives and is not sure what he walked in on. Sonny confides in Brando that Michael told him he’s ashamed of the Corinthos name. He vents that all he’s tried to do is give his kids a better life than he had. Brando feels that is part of the problem. He doesn’t agree with Michael’s black and white attitude, which came from the privileged life Sonny provided him. He says Michael always had Sonny putting him first, and now that he’s thinking about his happiness, Michael feels betrayed. Dante returns and tells his dad that he’s not picking sides, and he is not judging him for keeping Nina in his life. Sonny apologizes for getting snippy with him earlier. Dante suggests he and Michael fix this before they say something they can’t take back. Sonny reveals that he and Michael are passed that point.

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At Liz’s place, Finn asks her again to consider staying with him until this is resolved, but Liz says she can’t do that. She agrees she needs to move out, but she doesn’t want to put him or Violet in danger. She will get a room at the Metro Court.

Finn and Liz head to the Metro Court and wait for Liz’s room to be ready. Lucy sees them and asks how Aiden’s school project went. Liz explains he was just using that as a cover story. Finn asks Lucy if she’s the reason Aiden thinks he can talk to Franco. Lucy explains Aiden didn’t mention Franco, and all she did was talk to him about the spirit world and other planes of existence. Finn gets a message that Liz’s room is ready, so he offers to take her stuff up so Liz can finish her tea.

Lucy tells Liz that she looks exhausted. Liz is and says she’s been hearing voices and tells her about the call from a patient she misunderstood. Lucy asks if she had other experiences. Liz wonders if Lucy thinks Franco is trying to contact her. Lucy notes many cultures believe in supernatural beings, and what if Franco is trying to reach out to her. Liz admits she has thought about it, but it’s a stretch especially after Chase got hurt. Lucy offers to put her in contact with a medium that could see if she senses anything in her home. Finn returns, and Lucy excuses herself to go to an appointment. Finn hopes he didn’t scare Lucy off and jokes about her nonsense beliefs. Liz says her heart is in the right place. Finn understands but feels science and not an Ouija board will give them the answers they need.

On the clifftop, Harmony opens the car trunk and looks at an unconscious Carly. She says she has to make this look like a tragic accident. She picks up a rock and cries she never meant it to go this far, but she can’t stop now.  She puts the stone on the brake and says she needs to get Carly into the driver’s seat and then send the car off the cliff.

Alexis (temporarily being played by Stephanie Erb) arrives and asks Harmony what she’s doing. She recognizes Carly’s car and asks what is going on. She explains she came home to a mess and found some of Neil’s papers in the fireplace and wonders how she got them. Harmony cries that she shouldn’t have come looking for her.

Harmony rants that she wishes Brendan never came to Port Charles, and she had to stop him. Alexis asks, “Did you kill Brendan? And how did you know Neil?” Harmony explains that Brendan had Neil’s papers, and Neil was her court-appointed therapist. She says she told Neil everything, and after he lost his license, he was going to tell Willow the truth. She says she had to stop him. Alexis notes Neil’s overdose never made sense to her, and now she realizes Harmony injected Neil and killed him. Alexis exclaims, “You’re mad, you killed two people!” Harmony thought nobody would find out, and she hoped being Alexis’ friend would help her turn her life around. However, Brendan came to town, learned the truth, and blackmailed her. Harmony cries that she tried to pay him off, but he refused. She sobs that they struggled on the cliff, and he fell over. Suddenly Carly bangs on the trunk, and Alexis asks if someone is in the car.

Harmony assures Alexis that no one is in the car, and she’s leaving town. She promises she’ll never see her again. Alexis says she won’t stop her. Harmony gets in the car, and Alexis runs to the trunk and discovers Carly. She finds Carly has a pulse and asks what Carly has to do with this. Harmony explains she found her burning Neil’s papers and she couldn’t let her go, and now she can’t let Alexis go either.

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