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Sonny stops by the Quartermaine gatehouse to see Willow. She tells him Michael is up at the main house celebrating Leo’s adoption. Sonny asks to talk to her in private as he has a favor to ask.

At the house, Chase apologizes for being late and hands Brook Lynn flowers. BLQ tells him that he missed the party, and Leo was bummed. Chase explains he was knocked out. Brook Lynn races to him and asks if he’s okay. He jokes he has a hard head and moves in for a kiss. Suddenly Michael shows up to talk to Brook Lynn about ELQ.

Michael explains he and Drew are thinking about merging Aurora and ELQ to get Valentin out, but he thinks Ned is worried it will impact his position. He asks her to keep an eye on her dad as he doesn’t want more family drama. Michael leaves, and Brook Lynn and Chase sit down and reminisce about playing house together. Chase apologizes again for the things he said to Dante about her, but she admits some of what he said was true. Chase tells BLQ that he gets her, just like she gets him. Brook Lynn laughs and says if he gets her then what is she hoping for right now. He moves in to kiss her, only to be interrupted by Leo. Leo asks why Chase missed his party.

BLQ explains to Leo that Chase had to help some friends, and Chase says he couldn’t be in two places at once. Chase asks how the party was, and Leo said it was fun. BLQ brings up the poem Leo was going to read, but he got cold feet. Chase gives him the advice to pretend he’s just performing in front of one person and asks Leo if he can read his poem to him. Leo agrees and recites his poem from memory, which is about the planet revolving and life on it.

Back at the gatehouse, Willow asks Sonny if this is about Nina and the visitation case. Sonny says it isn’t, and it’s about Michael. He knows Michael is angry and lashing out at him and asks her if she can talk to Michael and let him know that he loves him. Suddenly, Michael enters. Sonny tells Michael he gets he’s angry, and he wants them to be able to move forward. He admits he came to talk to Willow about building a bridge. Michael tells his father to leave Willow out of this and talk to him.

Sonny tells Michael he’s his son, and there is too much love between them to throw their relationship away. Michael thinks it’s just like his dad putting this on him, but Sonny owns this is his fault. Sonny says they are alike and deal with anger issues. Michael admits he’s angry about what Sonny did to his mother. Sonny insists he never wanted the divorce and tried to fight for his marriage, but Carly walked away. Michael exclaims she caught him in bed with Nina.

Michael lashes out that he doesn’t want to see Sonny anymore, he wants nothing to do with his father and is done. He vows to erase Sonny from his and his family’s life. Sonny tells his son that he will always love him, but he won’t forget this. And if Michael wants forgiveness one day, he’ll have to beg. Michael tells him not to hold his breath. Sonny walks out.

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At Liz’s place, Jordan tells Liz that she’ll have their forensics team try and restore the video footage. Later, Jordan gets news from the PCPD that someone used a device to jam the cameras, and it was done on purpose.

Jordan heads out, and Aiden appears and says he heard what happened to Chase. He’s sure it is Franco doing this. Finn asks Aiden why he thinks it’s Franco. Aiden feels Franco is mad that they’ve all gotten close to Finn. Finn points out that Franco loved them and wouldn’t want to hurt them. Liz tells her son he should go get more clothes as he’s going to stay with Grandma Laura a bit longer. Alone, she thanks Finn for helping with Aiden. He is positive this has nothing to do with ghosts. In her mind, Liz runs down all the things that have happened.

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On the pier, Curtis produces Marshall’s arrest record. Marshall becomes livid when Curtis reveals he didn’t come by it legally and wonders why he would risk everything to get that file. Curtis felt he left him no choice. Marshall thinks he should have respected his privacy and left his business in the past. Curtis explains that he thought Marshall was in danger, he thought he had a target on his back that could put them all in danger. Curtis is flabbergasted as the truth was no reason for him to ghost his family. Curtis knows he was arrested for a protest that got out of control, and he was sent to a mental hospital for evaluation. Curtis gets the stigma of mental illness, but nothing in this file justifies him walking away from his family.

Marshall feels he made a sacrifice for his family and they didn’t need to be dealing with his problems. However, the real mistake was coming back. Curtis wants his father in his life and says this could be a new start for them with no secrets. He asks what his diagnosis was. Marshall suggests he read the file he broke the law to get, and if he doesn’t get the answers from it, then he won’t get them from him.

Marshall furious with Curtis GH

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Diane shows up at Alexis’ office and finds her deep in thought. Alexis reveals she’s not sure if she should run Smoltz’s story on Nina or kill it. Diana wonders why she’d think about doing that. Alexis admits Harmony asked her to. Diane tells Alexis she needs to kick Harmony’s butt to the curb. She admits she has a vested interest in this story running but asks her to think about what happened the last time she went against her instincts to help someone. Alexis knows her lie for Neil blew up her life. Alexis admits killing the story goes against her ethics, so Diane asks her not to ruin what she’s built here. Alexis will run the story but asks what she should do about Harmony.

Diane says Harmony is troubled and it’s not Alexis’ job to fix her. She suggests Alexis put Harmony up at the Metro Court and offer to pay first and last month’s rent for her for a new place. Alexis thinks that is fair and decides it’s time to go have a talk with Harmony. She asks Diane if she can ask Lucy to try and find Harmony a decent place. Diane agrees.

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At Alexis’ place, Carly catches Harmony as she begins to burn Neil’s records. Harmony claims they are personal tax records. Harmony asks how she can help Carly. Carly asks her what is really going on with her and Nina. Harmony scoffs that she only knows her through Wiley. Carly points out she was very jumpy last night whenever Nina’s name came up. She asks if Nina is blackmailing her, and Harmony laughs no. Carly knows she worked with Phyllis in the same facility Nina was in… did she have contact with Nina? Harmony admits she was a caretaker for another patient, and she feels for Nina being separated from her child. She says sometimes when you want to be a mother so bad you will do anything to make it happen. Carly recalls her saying last night that Willow wasn’t hers. Harmony explains she just meant she has worked hard to repair her broken relationship with Willow.

Harmony excuses herself to find her phone and to get Carly something to drink. Carly looks in the folder on the table labeled “Harmony Miller” and sees Neil’s notes about evaluating her as a patient. He wrote that in spite of everything, Harmony refused to see that she did anything wrong. Carly looks in the fireplace and finds that she’s burning Neil’s records.

carly shocked neil's files gh

Harmony returns with a syringe behind her back and asks Carly what she’s doing. Carly reads Neil’s notes out loud which discuss Harmony taking a child, and realizes Willow isn’t her biological daughter. Suddenly Harmony tries to stab Carly with the syringe, but Carly fights her off. The syringe is dropped and slides across the floor, and both women race to get it.

Later, Alexis arrives home to find her place a mess. She calls Harmony, who is sitting in her car and her face is bruised and battered. She leaves a message asking Harmony to call her. She then sees a piece of paper on the floor with Harmony’s name on it. Alexis calls Diane and fears Harmony is having a breakdown. She remembers a conversation about the cliff in the woods that Harmony liked to go to and realizes where she is. Meanwhile, Carly is out cold in Harmony’s trunk, and Harmony’s car is perched at the edge of the cliff.

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