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At The Savoy, Curtis cleans up what’s left of the poker game as Jordan enters and thinks that must have been one hell of a party. Curtis assures her everything was on the up and up. Jordan just wanted to see how he and Portia were doing. Curtis says they are fine, the rest is between her and Portia. Suddenly, Selina enters and apologizes for intruding.


Jordan tells Selina that The Savoy isn’t open, but Curtis explains Ms. Wu wants to rent the place out for a family party. Jordan is paged and advises Curtis to make sure he’s previously booked on the day Selina wants the place. Jordan departs and Selina produces his father’s arrest record. She tells him that she hasn’t read it, but once he opens that file, there is no going back.

On the pier, Trina finds Marshall with a suitcase and asks if he’s going somewhere. He says he’s just waiting on his boat for a getaway. She asks how long he’ll be gone, and when he doesn’t answer, she realizes he’s leaving for good. Marshall explains it was foolish of him to think he could rejoin his family with all the ghosts chasing him.

Trina reminds him that he told her that the truth is worth fighting for, and if he’s going to leave, then he’s ignoring his advice. The boat sounds its horn as it approaches, and Trina tells him that she hopes to see him around. Marshall tells her that if he doesn’t see her again, it’s been a privilege getting to know her.

Trina arrives at The Savoy as Curtis reads through the file and exclaims, “Damnit Marshall.” Trina tells him that she just saw his dad at the pier, and he was leaving town.

Curtis manages to arrive at the pier in time to catch his father.

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At the Quartermaine residence, Ned and Olivia announce to the family that the adoption has gone through, and Ned is proud to call Leo his son. Leo shouts out, “Leo Quartermaine!” Ned hugs the boy.

At the celebration, Carly approaches Sam and Dante, and Dante gives Carly the cold shoulder and leaves for a refill. Carly notes she deserved that and asks if Sam is making headway with Dante. She says they are working on it. Carly asks if she’s heard from Harmony or Alexis this morning. Sam hasn’t. Carly notes Harmony said something really strange last night, but maybe it was just the booze.

Willow approaches and asks what Carly just said about her mother. Sam explains she and Carly found her at The Metro Court and she was overserved. Willow is shocked because she’s never seen her mother drunk. Willow is worried as her mom has been out of sorts for weeks. Carly believes she knows why and suggests that the Nina situation has taken a toll on her. Willow excuses herself, and Carly asks Sam to give her apologies as she needs to take off. She wants to follow up with Alexis and thinks Harmony knows more about the Nina situation than she’s letting on.

In the foyer, Leo asks Brook Lynn where Chase is as he promised to be there. Brook Lynn doesn’t know where he is. She calls Chase and leaves him a message reminding him of Leo’s special occasion. Olivia and Ned join them and tell them about the theater therapy camp Leo is in for kids on the spectrum. Olivia suggests he go get his note cards and perform his poem for them.

Later, Ned catches Drew and Michael discussing business. Drew reveals to Ned that he can get his voting shares for Scout back, but Valentin still controls Danny’s shares and thus still holds the majority. Drew explains an executive coach advised him that a way around this is for ELQ and Aurora to merge. Ned notes that would leave Drew with the controlling interest, so where does that leave him? Drew says they haven’t gotten that far, and they have plenty of time to talk strategy.

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Olivia gathers everyone for Leo’s performance, but when she tells her son to show everyone what he’s been working on, he screams, “No!” and runs out. Olivia follows him, and he says he doesn’t want to do the play anymore. He runs up to his room, and Ned says he’ll talk to him. Olivia worries and Brook Lynn suggests it may be just stage fright.

In the living room, Sam apologizes to Dante again for putting a wedge between them. She says it’s been a long time since she’s been with someone who plays by the rules. Dante is sorry for coming down on her harsher than he needed to. Sam intends to prove he can trust her, but he says he does trust her. Dante tells Sam that he loves her, and she returns the sentiment. They share a kiss.

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At Alexis’ place, Harmony wakes up with a major hangover. She quickly runs to her bag in the living room to check Neil’s file. Alexis enters with coffee and lets Harmony that she crossed a line last night. She reveals Harmony tried to encourage her to drink. Harmony apologizes and swears she rarely drinks. Alexis can see something is bothering her. Harmony says she’s just worried about Nina taking Willow to court.

Alexis assumes she’s also concerned about Smoltz, who wants to do a deep dive into Willow’s past for his exposé on Nina. Harmony exclaims, “Absolutely not!” She reminds Alexis that someone could connect the dots and discover that she is not Willow’s biological mother. She pleads that if Alexis is her friend, then she’ll kill this story. Alexis notes if she was truly her friend, then she wouldn’t put her in this position. Alexis has to leave for work, but when she gets they should re-evaluate this situation. Once alone, Harmony smashes a flower vase.

Chase dresses in his hospital room and looks at his phone which is shattered and unresponsive. Portia enters and tells him he’s not going anywhere until she signs him out as he had a concussion.

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In the hall, Liz thanks Finn for bailing Cameron out, and says he’s worried about Chase. Finn lets Liz know that he is awake and alert. Liz hopes this was just an accident, as the alternative is freaking her out. Finn comments, “You mean that the person stalking your family has turned violent?”

Liz and Finn go in to see Chase, and Portia reveals his concussion has passed and he’ll be discharged. Chase says he must have knocked something off the shelf while checking the cameras unless Aiden was onto something with his Ouija board. Liz asks about the board, and Chase explains he tricked him into thinking it was a school project, but he was trying to contact Franco. Chase relays that Aiden has it in his head that Franco’s ghost is trying to reach out to them.

At the nurses’ station, Jordan arrives and asks Portia about Chase. Portia points her to his room, but also apologizes for lashing out at her and making things personal. She feels terrible knowing Jordan is working to find who set her daughter up. Jordan assures Portia that she knows Trina has a good heart and moral compass, just like her mother.

Jordan enters Chase’s room to follow up with him. Chase tells her that it was just an accident, but Jordan would like to rule out anything criminal. Chase reveals he has cameras around the house, but his phone is busted so he can’t access the footage. Jordan suggests to Liz they go investigate her place, and Finn insists he go with them. Chase wants to accompany them, but Jordan reminds him that he’s still on suspension. Later, Portia brings Chase’s release papers. Chase asks her if she could help him order a rideshare.

At Liz’s place, Finn shows Jordan where they found Chase, and a metal giraffe lies on the floor. They assume it fell off the shelf and hit Chase. Jordan asks Liz to download the app Chase was using while she looks around. Liz downloads the program, and Jordan returns and has found nothing. They sit down to look at the footage. As they watch the video, they see Chase reach for the camera on the shelf, but the video goes black. Jordan says it appears to be corrupted.

Chase finally arrives at the Quartermaines with flowers in hand for Brook Lynn.

Back at Alexis’ place, Harmony throws Neil’s file into the fireplace. Outside, Carly arrives and knocks on the door, but nobody answers. She spots Harmony’s car in the driveway and opens the door just as Harmony tries to set fire to the files.

On the next General Hospital: Sonny asks a favor of Willow. Carly asks Harmony what is going on between her and Nina. Jordan believes someone is deliberately doing this to Liz. Diane is furious with Alexis. An irate Michael tells someone he’s done with them. Curtis asks Marshall why he wouldn’t just tell him the truth.

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