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At Liz’s place, Finn tells Chase that if Liz wakes up before he gets back to call him. Chase promises they’ll catch this guy. Later, Aiden shows up and asks Chase for his help. Aiden has brought the Ouija board and claims he has to run tests on it for a school project. He asks Chase for his help because it needs two people to work. The detective agrees, but doubts anything will happen. Aiden feels someone wants to talk to him.

Aiden turns out the lights and lights a candle and begins the game. He asks if Franco has a message for them. Chase realizes what is going on when suddenly the candle blows out. Chase says it was probably just a breeze, but Aiden feels it is Franco. Chase assures the boy that he will find out who is doing this to his family before sending Aiden back to Laura’s.

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At the PCPD, Jordan speaks with Rory about what happened with some out-of-hand perps. He explains a fight broke out at Kelly’s and Spencer instigated it. Jordan is confused and asks who else was involved. He relays what happened, and Laura enters and asks where her grandsons are. Rory had no idea the perps were related to her. Laura asks if they’ve been charged, and Jordan says not yet. Finn arrives, as Cam called him, while Spencer used his call to contact Laura.

In their cells, Spencer blames Cam for both their predicaments, but Cam blames him for saying what he did about Joss and Trina. Spencer notes he had to before Cam blew everything. Spencer thinks they’ll get out of this and he’ll refuse to press charges and explain he instigated the whole thing.

Cam thinks this could violate Spencer’s parole and land him back in prison. Spencer says it’s a bogus charge and he’ll get out of it, even if he has to sue the PCPD. He tells Cam when they are out of here, Cam just has to stick with the plan. Laura arrives and asks what this plan is.

Laura has Cam released from his cell and tells him that Finn is waiting for him upstairs. Spencer asks what about him? Laura has every inclination to leave him there. She saw the bruise on the officer’s face, and he must adjust his attitude.

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Laura has Spencer brought up, and he tells Jordan that Cam refuses to press charges, so Cam is released. Spencer asks what about him? Jordan explains that’s up to Rory. Spencer apologizes, as coached by Laura, and Rory drops the charges. Once left alone, Laura asks Spencer if he’s trying to get sent back to prison. She wants him to act like a responsible adult and asks what he did to provoke Cameron. Spencer claims they are fine and have worked it out. Laura refuses to be dismissed and says when an officer of the law tells him to do something, he does it.

Meanwhile, Finn calls Chase and explains what happened and says he’ll be home soon. Chase tells Finn that Aiden was there, and he’ll tell him about it when he gets home.

Back at Liz’s, Chase snoozes on the couch when a sound wakes him. He checks the cam on his tablet and runs upstairs to check on Liz. Later, Cam and Finn arrive and are shocked to find Chase knocked out on the living room floor.

At The Savoy, Maxie learns Austin is working late and can’t make their date. Spinelli shows up, and Maxie adjusts his collar. Spinelli admits it’s been a while since he hit the bar scene looking for companionship. He asks Maxie if she’s out with the girls. Maxie explains she was supposed to meet with Austin, but he had to work. Plus, Britt is on her own date and she’s trying hard not to go and spy. She tells Spinelli she used a match-making service app, which intrigues Spinelli, who agrees they should go take a peak. They tear out of the place together.

Curtis asks Selina if the back room is set up to her liking. It is, and he reminds her that she is to run a clean game. Selina doesn’t foresee problems, but one should always expect the unexpected. Sonny enters, and Curtis excuses himself. Sonny wanted to check out her first game, and she says she heard about the robbery at Charlie’s. Sonny says he took care of it.

Brad comes out from the back room and tells his aunt that one of the gamblers is requesting a cheap beer that Curtis doesn’t carry. Selina orders Brad to go buy some, so he takes off. After Brad splits, Sonny advises Selina that she’s making a mistake bringing Brad in. Selina understands his reservations, but Brad will do what she says. Brad returns with the beers for Judge Abbott, and Selina warns him to never say a player’s name in public. She also advises him to never make the same mistake twice.

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TJ arrives looking for Marshall. Curtis hasn’t seen him but Drew told him what happened at the gym. TJ asks if the background check found anything. Curtis isn’t sure what Marshall’s lying about, but he feels they’ll find out soon enough. Sonny interrupts to have a second with Curtis, so TJ heads to the bar. Sonny assumes Curtis made a deal with Selina to get the information he needed. Curtis says it’s just business.

Later, Sonny tells Selina he’s on his way out, but she did a good job tonight. After Sonny leaves, Curtis approaches Selina for Marshall’s records per their deal. Selina assures him that he’ll get it first thing tomorrow.

At the Port Charles Grill, Britt waits at the bar for her date to show up. She eventually assumes he’s a no-show.

At a table, Drew meets with a business advisor, Mia (played by Vanessa Mathison) about what is next for him. She asks after surviving a life and death incident if running a media company is really what he wants to do. Drew’s done the adventure thing, and having missed out on time with his family, he needs to choose the 9-to-5 grind. Mia asks if he’s going to choose the boardroom, will it be Aurora or ELQ? Drew says she has given him a lot to think about, and he’ll call her to set up their next consultation.

Drew spots Britt at the bar and says hello to her. He asks if the seat next to her is taken. She says it is now and asks him to join her. He inquires how she’s doing, and Britt says fine now that she’s not holding that seat. He realizes she was expecting someone. She changes the subject and asks about his date, and he explains Mia is an executive coach helping him figure out his future. The two make small talk about juggling life with careers.

Spinelli and Maxie arrive, and Maxie immediately assumes Drew was Britt’s match. She runs up and gushes how amazing this is. Britt corrects Maxie, and Drew realizes Britt was supposed to be on a date tonight. Britt claims she didn’t want to do this anyway, and now she’s been stood up by some jerk. Spinelli blurts out, “That’s not possible”! Maxie wonders if Spinelli is okay, and he says he just doesn’t see anyone standing Britt up, and urges her not to give up on the science of matchmaking. Maxie thinks it’s time for them to go.

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Outside, Maxie asks Spinelli what was up with him in there? She asks if Spinelli is interested in Britt. He insists he’s not, so Maxie wonders if he’s thinking of joining the dating app. Back inside, Drew and Britt enjoy drinks.

Marshall meets with Epiphany at the coffee house and tells her that he’s leaving Port Charles. She is stunned as she thought he and Curtis were making progress. Marshall says Curtis doesn’t want a relationship with him on terms he can accept. He doesn’t know where he’s going but come tomorrow, he’s gone.

Marshall realizes he should have stayed gone, and asking his family to let him back in was too much. She says he’s right about that. She scolds him for running out twice instead of sticking it out and fighting for the family he claims he loves. She asks him not to leave, and to give this some time.

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