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At the Metro Court, Harmony tells Alexis to live a little and that one drink won’t kill her. Alexis pushes the drink away and tells the bartender to close her friend’s tab and put it on her account. Alexis asks Harmony what is going on with her because it can’t be that terrible. Harmony recalls killing Brendan and has a panic attack. Carly approaches and asks if everything is okay? Alexis explains Harmony has been overserved. Carly takes her keys and offers to get her a room or call Willow, which only upsets Harmony further.

Sam arrives and asks her mother what is going on. Alexis explains to her it’s been the day from hell and she’ll tell her later, but she needs to get Harmony home. Harmony grabs her bag and tells Carly, “Guess I’m not getting that job.” Alexis drags her out.

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Carly asks Sam if she’s okay, but Sam isn’t and doesn’t trust Harmony. Carly changes the subject and apologizes for causing trouble for her and Dante. However, she asks since Sam saw the email, was there anything that could help Trina? Sam reveals she didn’t get time to read it, but knows the ADA feels she has enough evidence to put Trina away. Sam and Carly decide to head out and drop Harmony’s car off at Alexis’ place.

At Kelly’s, Joss can’t believe Cam is defending Spencer. Spencer arrives as Cam explains if Joss knew what Spencer did, she’d side with him too. Spencer yells, “That’s enough!” Cam agrees and says if Spencer doesn’t tell them then he will. Spencer cuts him off and says there is something they should know. Rory enters before Spencer can say anything, and Trina jokingly asks if he’s following her. He just notes it’s been a long day and he’s just picking up coffee.

Spencer explains that he told Cam he wanted to believe Trina because he knows Joss and Trina are friends. However, he wonders if Joss and Cam had Trina make the video to frame Esme. Cam calls Spencer a son of a bitch and decks him. Rory approaches and tells Cam he’s under arrest and cuffs him. Joss and Trina try and defend Cam by explaining that he was provoked. Spencer demands Rory let Cam go so they can work this out, but Rory refuses. Spencer loses his cool, tells Rory to cut him a break as he’s Spencer Cassadine, and accidentally turns and smacks him across the face. He quickly apologizes, but Rory places Spencer under arrest. Joss calls Diane, and Trina begs Rory to release Cam and Spencer as they didn’t mean to cause trouble. Rory refuses and escorts the boys out.

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At Wyndemere, Esme learns from Nikolas, who is tossing back drinks, that Ava called off the vow renewal. He says right now Ava doesn’t trust him. Esme understands as she and Spencer are still dealing with trust issues over the sex tape. Esme whines that Cam and Joss refuse to accept Trina made the video, and it’s easier to blame her. Nikolas says it’s not just them and reveals Jordan stopped by and was asking questions about Esme. However, he had the staff tell her that Esme wouldn’t speak without a lawyer, and they sent her on her way. Esme thinks Jordan would much rather build a case against her than Trina. She can’t stand that Spencer and Nikolas could turn on her. Nikolas assures her that’s not happening.

Esme takes Nikolas’ hand and places it on her cheek and thanks him. He pulls away, and she says Spencer is still a child, and his emotions swing back and forth, unlike his father. Nikolas agrees Spencer has growing to do, but he also hasn’t forgotten what Esme is capable of. Esme tells Nikolas he should send her back to the mainland and work things out with Ava, but he refuses. She says if he and Ava won’t do something about their relationship, then she will. He places his hands on her shoulders and won’t let her leave and put herself back on Sonny’s radar. Esme agrees to stay if he insists.

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Nina and Ava meet at the Port Charles Grill. Nina tells her that she filed the papers for visitation with Wiley, and says, “Michael, Willow, and Carly be damned!” Ava asks what Sonny thinks about this?

Sonny enters on the phone and ends his call after making some arrangements. Laura approaches him and asks if everything is okay? They grab a table, and Laura wants to know about the robbery at Charlie’s. Sonny explains it was just a couple of local thugs, and they won’t be messing with anyone anymore. Laura wishes she could say the same about who killed Luke. She reveals Jennifer Smith was arrested for his murder, which Sonny finds hard to believe. Laura believes Victor is involved, and she asks Sonny if his friend Brick hears anything… Sonny promises she’ll be the first to know.

Laura brings up the fact that Spencer moved back to Wyndemere with Esme, thanks to Sonny. Sonny explains they simply had a chat, and what Esme did cannot go unchallenged. Laura believes they should trust the legal system, and points out that if anything happens to Esme, he’ll be suspect number one. Sonny promises not to touch a hair on Esme’s head, even if she’s found guilty.

Back at their table, Ava asks Nina whose side Sonny will take in court? Nina explains she told Sonny she doesn’t expect him to take a side, and she won’t let Scott put Sonny on the stand. Ava realizes how protective she is of Sonny. Ava changes the topic and begins to tell Nina all about her problems with Nikolas, Spencer and Esme. They’re interrupted when Phyllis calls Nina.

Nina interrupts Sonny and Laura to tell Sonny that the men who robbed Charlie’s are already back on the street. Laura makes a call and confirms it, and then excuses herself. Nina realizes Sonny already knew this. He did, and she begins to wonder if they could strike Charlie’s again. Sonny assures her they won’t. He gets a message and tells Nina that he has to go.

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Laura joins Ava and shocks her by revealing she’s called off the vow renewal. Ava notes Esme isn’t even her biggest problem, it’s that she feels she can’t trust Nikolas. Laura pushes Ava to work things out with Nikolas and show him that they can trust one another.

Harmony and Alexis arrive home, and Alexis asks what is going on with her. Harmony is terrified and cries she had one hope, one thing to cling to, which was Willow. Alexis asks if she told Willow she’s not her biological mother? Harmony hasn’t but will as she’s bound to find out. Alexis thinks whatever is going on can’t be as bad as what she saw tonight. Alexis recounts finding Brendan dead in the harbor. She explains Jordan was filled with questions for her given he tried to hit her up for money. Harmony blurts out if Jordan thinks Alexis killed him then she’ll… Alexis says she’ll what? She didn’t kill him either, and they suspect it’s a suicide.

There is a knock at the door, and Harmony panics and exclaims, “It’s the police!” However, it’s Carly and Sam, who dropped off Harmony’s car and return her keys. Harmony almost falls but Carly catches her. Sam and Alexis excuse themselves to make coffee and get some water. Carly suggests to Harmony that they step outside and get some air. Harmony wonders why she’s being so nice to her? Carly explains they are Wiley’s grandparents, and Willow is her family. Harmony says, “I wish she was mine,” leaving Carly puzzled.

In a garage, Sonny looks in the trunk of a car that Albert opens to find one of the robbers tied up inside. Sonny laughs and says he’ll be joining his friend real soon.

Sonny returns to the restaurant and tells Nina he needed to tie up some loose ends. Nina asks how he’s so certain those guys won’t hit Charlie’s again. Sonny assures her they got the message.

On the next General Hospital: Britt and Drew meet for drinks. TJ asks Curtis what Marshall is lying about. Marshall tells someone he’s leaving Port Charles. In jail, Spencer tells Cam to stick to the plan. Jordan wonders who else was involved. Sonny tells someone they are making a big mistake. Maxie tells Spinelli not to say that ever.

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