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At Sonny’s gym, TJ arrives as Michael and Drew are sparing in the ring. Drew accuses Michael of taking it easy on him because they are family. Michael admits he’s distracted as Nina’s taking them to court, and he talked Willow into fighting back in a way that may have consequences. Drew knows Michael is a good father and will make the right decisions for his family.

Michael asks Drew what’s next for him in terms of his career and future. Drew doesn’t know and admits he doesn’t have the passion for Aurora as Michael does. Michael suggests there is ELQ, and he could try and get his shares back from Valentin.

Marshall arrives and TJ tells him that he just saw Aunt Stella and let Curtis know how she’s doing. TJ is worried about her and asks Marshall if he knows what is causing her such anxiety. Marshall replies that Stella doesn’t confide in him.

Later, Marshall approaches Drew about that job offer. Drew explains he never followed up, so they had to hire someone else.  Marshall thinks Drew and his son got all they needed from that fake interview. TJ overhears and asks what this has to do with his uncle Curtis. Marshall reveals Curtis and Drew came up with a fake job to do a background check on him. He accuses Drew of not understanding what it’s like to work to survive, as not all of them were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Marshall walks out, and TJ follows. Michael tells Drew that Marshall has him all wrong, but Drew feels he summed him up just right.

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At the hospital, Curtis arrives as Portia asks Jordan if she’s making this personal because Trina is her daughter and Curtis used to be her husband. Curtis suggests they take a breath before they say something they can’t take back. Curtis steers them to Portia’s office where Jordan defends herself. She would never let her feelings for Curtis impact her job or an important case. Portia quips, “So you do have feelings for Curtis.” Curtis says what’s important is they are doing the best for Trina, but Portia feels Jordan isn’t trying to help. Portia excuses herself, and Curtis thanks Jordan for not losing her cool.

Jordan assures Curtis she is doing everything she can to look deeper into the case. Jordan’s phone rings as Curtis tries to question her about what Portia pointed out about her feelings. Jordan explains work is calling and excuses herself.

After Jordan leaves, Portia returns to her office and apologizes to Curtis for causing a scene and going off on Jordan when she didn’t deserve it. Curtis assures Portia that Jordan is being impartial, and is doing what she can to help Trina. Portia is comforted to know Jordan doesn’t feel the case should be closed. They are interrupted when Curtis gets a call from Drew. Drew tells him that Marshall knows the job was a setup and he didn’t take it well.

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At Kelly’s, Cam tells Spencer to get off his butt and work, but Spencer is working on trying to bust Esme. Trina and Joss enter, and Joss tells Trina they could try Charlie’s. Trina won’t leave, and they approach Cam and Spencer. Joss wants to know why Spencer is there. Cam explains Spencer asked about getting his old job back. Joss says that isn’t going to happen. As Joss argues with Spencer about Trina, Britt enters, and Spencer blurts out that he wants to protect Trina too. Joss doubts that, and Spencer says one day she’ll be embarrassed that she assumes the worst of him. Britt suggests to Spencer they leave and pulls Spencer out.

Cam, Trina and Joss grab a table. Joss rants about how there is no hope for Spencer. Trina takes a moment and steps out, and Joss tells Cam it feels like he’s sticking up for Spencer. Trina returns and finds Joss telling Cam that Spencer has no right to work there. Cam says that is his call, and if they don’t like it then they can find another place to hang out. Joss cannot understand why Cam would do Spencer a favor and says she could never be civil with Spencer. Cam blurts out she could if she knew what he was up to.

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Valentin arrives at Anna’s with a bottle of champagne in hand. He apologizes he stayed away and was out of touch. He asks about her recent travels and congratulates her on stopping Peter. Anna tells him that Peter became a mirror image of Faison, and she couldn’t let him go on. She tells him that she made the call not to get Peter help and let him die. Valentin calls her a hero and assures her that he would have done the same thing she did.

Anna still doesn’t think of herself as a hero, and asks if it was him would he consider what he did a hero? Valentin would because he has no problem making impossible decisions. As he thinks about what happened in French Polynesia, he tells Anna that he’d never judge her and hopes she’d do the same for him.

Anna tells Valentin that she trusts him, just not his father. Anna suggests they should open the champagne, but Valentin needs to take a raincheck. He heads out, and after she closes the door, there is a knock. She opens it up to find him standing there and asks if he forgot something. Valentin responds, “This,” and pulls her into a passionate kiss before leaving again.

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At the Metro Court, Willow asks what her mother has done. Harmony says she denied Nina’s request to speak on her behalf at the hearing and hopes it doesn’t backfire. Willow doesn’t know how anyone so underhanded can live with themselves. Harmony suggests they change the topic and asks Willow about nursing school. Willow is about to take her finals and graduate. Harmony is so proud of her, and Willow says she is proud of her mother for turning her life around. Willow decides to try and go see Michael before heading to the hospital, but before leaving, suggests her mother take Wiley to the aquarium soon. Harmony says she’d love that and they hug.

Harmony gets tipsy and asks the bartender where the restroom is. He points the way, and she leaves her bag with Neil’s file behind on her chair.

Nearby, Britt and Spencer get a table, and Britt asks what is going on with him and Joss. Spencer fills her in on the sex tape and that Joss, Cam, and Trina feel Esme is responsible for it. Britt asks what he thinks. He explains the evidence points to Trina, but she says she didn’t do it. However, Esme says the same thing. Spencer wants to think there is still hope for him and his friends.

Britt says the only thing he has control over is himself, and to just trust his gut. Britt tells him to always remember he’s worthy of love. He says the same of her. Spencer thanks her for dinner and takes off. Britt then takes out her phone and gives the matchmaking app another look.

On the pier, Alexis is stunned to see Brendan’s body floating face down in the water. Later, Rory and the PCPD arrive, and the cop asks if she knew the victim. Alexis states he was face down, so she doesn’t know who it is. Rory asks why she was on the pier, and Alexis explains she was on the way to visit her nephew on Spoon Island. Jordan arrives and tells Alexis she’s free to go if she’s done answering questions. When Rory reveals the name on the ID of the deceased, Alexis is stunned as she knows him.

Alexis explains he’s Neil’s brother, and she hasn’t seen him since Neil’s funeral until the other day. She tells Jordan that he showed up at her office looking for a job, and he seemed to be having financial troubles. Jordan asks Alexis if she thinks Brendan was desperate enough to end his own life. Alexis has no idea. She decides to leave and walks away from the dock. Jordan notes she thought Alexis was going to Spoon Island. Alexis answers that she’s not in the mood to visit anyone after this. Jordan wonders if it’s because of who the victim was? Alexis refuses to answer any more questions without her attorney Diane present and departs.

Alexis arrives at The Metro Court, sits at the bar, and orders a cranberry soda. Harmony returns to her seat, closes her bag, and says Alexis will have what she’s drinking.

Back on the docks, Jordan finds bruising and markings around Brendan’s neck. She questions Rory about what he sees, and he says it looks like he was grabbed by a pair of hands, but when? Jordan notes the answer to that question could tell them if this was suicide, an accident, or murder.

On the next General Hospital: Cam pushes Spencer to tell Joss and Trina the truth. Laura tells someone they are suspect number one. Esme asks Nikolas if he’s changed his mind about her. Alexis asks Harmony, who is clutching her bag, who she’s terrified of. Carly asks Sam if there was anything in the file that could help Trina. Sonny says that’s it, case closed.

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