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Brad meets Britt at an outdoor café for lunch and to go over Britt’s dating matches. She has six matches and jokes one man is enough trouble. Brad wishes he had that trouble. Britt suggests they go to The Savoy tonight and work on finding him someone. Brad passes as he still needs a job, and asks if she’s heard from Terry. Britt tries to steer around the topic as she recalls Selina’s blackmail. She asks if he really wants to be an orderly, and perhaps he should hold out for something better.

Britt jokes with Brad that working as an orderly will be a crappy job, but Brad feels he has no other options other than working for his aunt. Brad knows that won’t lead to anything but trouble. Britt’s phone gets a message to remind her to check her matches and turns the conversation back to the app. Brad thinks she should just pick one guy and jump in, but Britt comments under her breath, “It’s not like we’ll have a future.” He asks what she means by that? She claims she’s just been burned more times than she can count. He tells her not to give up, so she tells him the same goes for him.

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Laura arrives at Anna’s place to find Robert and Felicia already in her living room. Anna and Felicia reveal they found the Ice Princess and a suspect has been arrested in Luke’s murder. Anna explains it’s Jennifer Smith and the WSB suspects she stole it to try and lure Luke back, and when her plan failed, she killed him.

Laura doesn’t buy it and feels Jennifer truly was in mourning for Luke at his memorial. She doesn’t see rigging a cable car and killing innocent people as something Jennifer would do. Laura calls that a Cassadine move. Anna agrees, but they have no evidence linking Victor to the crime, and the WSB is content with Jennifer.

Since they are on the subject of Victor, Laura reveals he tried to sell her on combining forces to protect the family from some future threat. Felicia wonders if whatever Victor is up to is not connected to the Ice Princess. Anna doesn’t think so, so Robert has a sure-fire way to prove Victor is involved. Robert suggests Anna use her relationship with Valentin to find out what is going on. Felicia laughs, “What relationship?” Anna notes they are getting off track, and tells them about Jennifer flirting with a French Captain Francois Olivier and it’s possible he’s connected to all of this.

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At the hospital, Liz tells Portia, who is transfixed to her phone, that she is missing her notes from a patient which she needs in order to file discharge papers. Frustrated, Portia asks her to do the best she can and cut her some slack as she has work to do. Liz has her own job and making sure the doctors turn in their notes is not one of them. Portia apologizes, and Liz takes her aside.

Portia admits she forgot to add the notes, and she’s just had so much going on. She didn’t mean to snap as she knows Liz is going through a lot too. Liz admits she’s been taking extra shifts and then there is what’s going on at home. Portia assumes she means the issues with Cam and Joss. Liz tells her about what is going on with the reminders of Franco, and Portia thinks that must be difficult for her. They both apologize for not checking in with one another earlier.

Alexis helps Finn set up chairs for an AA meeting and tells him about inviting Harmony to live with her. Alexis admits she thought she knew Harmony, but now that she’s in her house, she’s not sure if she knew her at all. She asks him how things are with Liz. He feels he is causing her problems because he’s the unwelcomed presence in Liz’s home. He fills her in on what’s happening, and Alexis suggests Liz speak to Kevin as he may be able to help her recall more of her dream.

Later, Finn runs into Liz in the hall. Finn believes there is a way she can remember more about her dream and suggests she talk to Kevin. She agrees to think about it, and decides to ask Epiphany for a personal day so she can go home and rest.

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Harmony tries to break into Brendan’s room at the Metro Court and retrieve Neil’s file on her but is caught by housekeeping, who asks if she’s a guest. She says she just checked in and produces Brendan’s keycard. She lets herself into his room, finds the files, and takes off.

Alexis arrives at her office and finds Valentin sitting in her chair. They share a hug, and she asks how he is. He states he’s back and better than ever. Alexis thinks he has to be happy to be reunited with Charlotte. Valentin explains he sent her to boarding school after Peter’s kidnapping attempt.

Valentin reveals he is impressed by what she’s done with the paper, and he and his father think having a media company in the family is a boon. She wonders when he began caring what Victor thinks. Valentin agrees with Victor that family unity is important. Alexis warns Victor is a shark and circling for something, besides she doesn’t own the paper and wouldn’t use it to help Victor if she did. Valentin asks her not to turn her back on what Cassadines are left because you can’t pick your family. Alexis disagrees and thinks you absolutely should pick your family members.

Harmony hits the bar in the Metro Court and orders a whiskey. Willow runs into her and asks what brings her there. Harmony just stepped out to unwind. Willow came to get soup as she has a stress headache from Nina. She apologizes for bringing Nina up, but Harmony wants her to be able to talk to her about anything as long as she’s here. Willow asks if she’s going somewhere? Harmony claims she just meant soon Willow will be out of school and working full time, so they may not have as much time together.

Willow states she will always make time for Harmony, and she wants to keep working on their relationship. Harmony cries that means so much to her. Willow tells her that she has gone out of her way to move on from her past. Harmony remarks that matter how hard she tries, trouble keeps following her. Willow asks if this has to do with that man, Brendan Byrne. Harmony tells her that she forgot she met him earlier in Alexis’ office, and he’s noone to worry about. Harmony tells Willow no matter what she’s done, she wants Willow to know it was all for her. Willow asks, “What have you done?”

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On the docks, Curtis spies Jordan and calls out to her. Jordan just came from Spoon Island to get Spencer and Esme’s statements on the sex tape. Curtis asks if she was more interested in one of them in particular. Jordan admits Esme’s name has come up a lot, but the staff wouldn’t let her speak to either of them without a lawyer present. Jordan asks what he’s doing on the docks, and he says he’s just clearing his head. Jordan asks if they are good seeing she refuses to help him with Marshall, and he insists says they are.

After Jordan departs, Selina appears and comments, “I thought she’d never leave.” Selina tells Curtis that her people accessed the witness protection files, but there was no file on Marshal. She tells him that he was never in witness protection. However, she has Marshall’s arrest records, but she’ll only give them to him after he prepares his club for her.

Jordan arrives at the hospital and speaks with Portia to see if she can help with the reporters giving Trina a hard time. Portia scoffs if she wants to help then she wouldn’t have arrested Trina in the first place. Jordan explains it was her job and she had no choice, but Portia has seen her go outside the law for her family time and time again. Jordan admits it, but it brought nothing but trouble. Portia can’t help but wonder if Jordan is making this personal because it’s her daughter. Curtis appears and spots the women in a tense conversation.

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At the nurses’ station, Liz gets a phone call and a male voice says, “Don’t forget me.” She responds, “What?” A patient then says not to forget his blanket and they are in room 11.

Valentin turns up at Anna’s as Robert is taking off. Robert jokes, “Speak of the devil!” Valentin tells Anna that he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her.

Back at the café, as Britt is about to confess something to Brad, Selina appears and tells Brad that she has a job for him starting immediately. She orders Brad to come with her as they have much to discuss.

Down at the pier, Alexis spots Brendan’s body floating in the water and gasps.

On the next General Hospital: Portia questions whether Jordan can be impartial. Joss asks Cam whose side he is on. Britt asks Spencer if he believes Esme may have filmed the sex tape. Valentin tells Anna he would have done the same thing. And Drew informs Michael that he’s summed up his situation perfectly.

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