Harmony tries to pay off Brendan GH
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At his place, Chase steps out of the shower to answer his phone. He tells the person on the other end that he’s on his way, and he has this covered.

At Kelly’s, Aiden looks at an Ouija board app on his phone. Laura says hello and asks what he’s looking at. He shows her the app, and she laughs and tells him she used to play with one as a kid too. She explains it is pretend and just a game. She asks why he’s so interested in this? Aiden explains it was just something he saw on TV.

Lucy walks by, and Laura congratulates her on her IPO. Lucy thanks her, and says she’s been getting flowers from all her former flames, and even from Martin. She quickly says not that Martin, but Laura knows she’s still dating her brother. Lucy is fond of Martin, but trying to avoid Valentin has been difficult. She jokes she’s been asking the spirits to help her convince Valentin that she and Martin as a couple is a good thing. Laura decides to get a cup of coffee and asks Lucy to keep Aiden company.

Lucy sits down with the boy, and he asks if she really believes in spirits. She does, so he asks if she can contact ghosts. Lucy says she doesn’t do that anymore and leaves it to professional mediums. She says it can be tricky, and for all the good forces out there, there are evil ones too. Lucy says she just puts positive vibes out there and opens up her heart to the universe. Lucy sees Laura returning, says she enjoyed the chat and takes off. Aiden looks at the app on his phone again. Laura returns and tells Aiden they should get going.

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Finn stops by Liz’s place to check on her after spending the night alone. Liz explains Cam was with her, and Jake and Aiden are safe at Laura’s. She also says nothing happened last night. However, she can’t feel at peace until she finds out who is behind this. Finn wishes he stayed with her, but Liz thinks having him there could make things worse if this person is motivated by her moving on from Franco. Finn has a possible solution, and the doorbell rings.

Chase arrives with a bag and apologizes for being late. Liz asks what is going on, and he realizes Finn didn’t tell Liz. Finn says he was about to. Finn thought Chase could stay there to keep an eye on things and find out who’s been trying to scare her and her family. They discuss the case, and Chase has been digging into suspects. They can cross Heather off the list because she’s still in Darkham Asylum and has had no visitors. Liz says whoever it is, they know intimate details about her and her marriage. Chase believes they can catch this person on camera. He shows her the motion sensor cameras he plans to place around the house. Liz feels this is invasive but agrees to it.

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Carly arrives at Charlie’s to find Sonny telling his associate that once he no longer owns this place it won’t be targeted. Sonny sees Carly and asks his man to give them a moment. Carly heard about the robbery and needs to know, is this a sign that his enemies are smelling blood in the water? Sonny explains now that they are down to two families, there are a lot of wannabes trying to come up. Carly needs to know if Avery and Donna will be safe. He reminds her that he always protects his kids. Carly asks if that includes his grandkids.

Carly fills Sonny in on Nina’s petition to see Wiley and gathering character witnesses. Sonny tells Carly that Nina assured him that she wouldn’t put him in a position to go against Michael. He believes Nina should be in the boy’s life, but he’ll respect Michael’s decision. Carly wishes he had put his family over Nina before now. Phyllis arrives and jokes with Sonny about all the club soda he’s been going through. Sonny explains to Carly that he’s cut back on the drinking because it interferes with the meds. Carly tried to tell him that for years and has one guess what’s changed. Sonny says his drinking or not drinking is not entirely about Nina. Sonny departs, and Carly feels like a drink herself. Phyllis tells Carly that before it comes out in court, she wants her to know she vouched for Nina’s character to Willow’s mother. Carly is stunned Phyllis knows Harmony. Phyllis explains they worked together years ago at a hospital.

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Nina arrives at Alexis’ office and wonders why she asked to see her. Alexis asks Nina what her relationship with Harmony is. Nina explains she only asked her to speak to Willow on her behalf regarding Wiley. Alexis tells her when Harmony told Carly what she did, she felt that she owed it to Nina. Alexis wonders if she knows what that is about. Nina has no clue and suggests it’s just sympathy as Wiley’s other grandmother. Alexis thinks it’s more than that. Nina swears she has no history with Harmony.

In the Metro Court, Willow and Michael give Smoltz a story on Nina. Michael insists he needs it published before the first visitation hearing. Smoltz is on it but says he will have to reach out to Nina for her side.

Harmony speaks with Brendan on the phone, and he demands they meet immediately because he’s leaving Port Charles. He says if she gives him the money then she’ll never hear from him again. Harmony is counting on it and looks in her purse where she has a hypodermic. As she is about to leave, Willow spots her mother, approaches her, and asks for a second. Michael joins Willow as she tells Harmony some news stories are going to come out in the media, and her past may get dredged up. However, they know she’s paid for her mistakes and grown. Harmony thanks Willow, gives her a hug, and tells her to remember she’s the most important thing in the world to her.

Up in Alexis’ office, Smoltz arrives to pitch a feature and finds Nina there. He explains she’s the feature, tells them about the interview with Michael and Willow over Nina dragging them to court, and asks Nina for a comment. She tells him to go to hell and congratulates Alexis on doing a great job cleaning up this tabloid.

Nina storms out, and Alexis refuses to run Smoltz’s piece. He thinks she’ll change her mind once she reads it. He pitches the story as putting a human face to the flawed legal system that doesn’t always serve justice. He also suggests she’d jump at the story if she didn’t know those involved. Alexis agrees it’s a good pitch, but he must write it in a non-exploitive way and allow Nina to tell her side of the story. She also warns him she’ll kill the story if he does anything underhanded.

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Back in the Metro Court, Michael and Willow return to their table, and Willow wishes this was all over. Suddenly Nina appears and can’t believe little miss sunshine has decided to get down and dirty with the rest of them. Nina and Willow bicker back and forth about the story they pitched Smoltz, and Willow tells Nina that she won’t let her play the victim. Michael warns Nina she chose this route. Nina says if they want a battle then she’ll give them one and storms off.

Harmony meets Brendan in the woods and holds the hypodermic behind her back. She eventually pockets it into her purse and gives Brendan all the money she has. She promises him more in installments. Brendan snarks that if she can’t keep her end of the deal then why should he keep his. Harmony points out that he’d be foolish to tell anyone about her because for now, she’s in his debt. However, the minute he tells Nina or Willow then there is no one else he can pump for money.

Harmony Pleads With Brendan GH

Brendan disagrees and suggests if he told Michael the truth, that he’d pay him to keep this quiet because it would complicate his visitation case with Nina. He yells at her to keep her down payment, throws her money back at her, and scoffs he can do better. She begs him to listen but he pushes her away, and she falls to the ground. The hypodermic falls out of her purse and he exclaims, “What the hell?” He grabs it and asks what’s in the needle, is it heroin like Neil was hooked on? Did she turn his brother into a junkie? Brendan then realizes Harmony killed his brother, and wonders if he threatened to turn her in. He yells at her that his family has blamed Alexis all this time, and now Harmony’s living with her. He states he’s going to the police. Harmony goes into a rage, begins to strangle him, and screams, “I won’t lose my daughter!” Suddenly, Brendan slips and goes over the nearby cliff.

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