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Nina and Sonny go to lock up Charlie’s when two masked gunmen enter. Sonny tells them to turn around and go and this can all be over.

Outside, Brando and Sasha head back to Charlie’s and see the robbery in progress. Brando tells her to call the police.

Back inside, the gunman tells Nina to hand over her purse and jewelry, and one orders Sonny to open the cash register. Sonny spots Brando peering through the window, and the gunman order Sonny to hand over his watch. Sonny refuses. Suddenly Brando bursts in and takes down one gunman, and while Sonny handles the other. Nina grabs one of their guns, and Sonny tells Brando, “You did good.”

Brando and Man Fight GH

At the Metro Court, Dante catches Sam on his phone and asks what she’s doing. She admits she was forwarding his forensic file to her email. Carly tries to interject and says this is her fault, but Drew pulls her away.

Dante tells Sam he never thought he’d have to guard his phone against her. He thought they had gotten to a place of mutual trust. She claims they have, but Dante isn’t sure. Dante explains he is going to get privileged information that he can’t share with her, and it has nothing to do with how he feels about her. Sam understands. Dante’s phone rings, and he says he has to trust her for this to work. He answers and is called into work. Dante heads out without saying another word.

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In the alcove, Drew tells Carly he stepped in to save her from herself. He asks her when inserting herself into another couple’s problems ever worked out. Carly admits never and he’s right. They order some beers and catch up. Carly vents to him about Esme framing Trina and exploiting Joss and Cam in the process and how badly she wants to take her down.

Back outside of Charlie’s, Sasha and Brando watch as the cops take the robbers away. Sasha tells Brando that he could have been killed, but he explains he had to do something. She asks him not to make this a habit.

In the bar, Nina thanks Sonny for protecting her. He says if she protects him from Baldwin then he’ll always protect her. They laugh as Dante enters. He asks if they are up to answering a few questions, and wonders if Sonny thinks they targeted this place because of him.

Brando and Sasha enter, and Brando thinks he should talk to Dante. Alone, Sasha pops a pill. Nina confronts her, and says, “I think you know what I’m going to say.” Nina thanks her and Brando for coming back and notes Brando really saved the day. Sasha says Nina must have been terrified. She was and says they wanted to take her necklace. Sasha tells her even if they did, a mother’s love can’t be stolen. Later, Nina notes how shaken up Sasha is. Sasha cries she could have lost Brando tonight, and after Liam, she couldn’t bear that.

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Meanwhile, Dante excuses himself to check in with an officer. Sonny thanks Brando for returning. Brando explains it was pure luck they came back because they forgot to invite him to the wedding reception. Sonny asks Brando if it’s possible the crooks knew he was connected to the place. Brando tells Sonny he’s heard chit-chat around the garage that there is a sense that Sonny’s base of power isn’t what it was, and with only two families in charge, and Jason gone, some see an opening. Sonny fears after this every low-life punk will think it’s open season on him. Sonny plans to remind everyone that he’s the boss.

At Sonny’s gym, BLQ and Maxie arrive to get a workout and run into Chase, Spinelli, and Austin. They approach the boys and Spinelli explains he called the doctor there because he had to pay for his indiscretion with Maxie. Maxie says they need to talk and pulls Spinelli aside.

Chase congratulates Brook Lynn on the IPO’s success. She asks how he’s doing, and he feels terrible that he let her down with the song request. She says his future as a detective is what matters and excuses herself.

Maxie tells Spinelli that Austin is a good man, but Spinelli doesn’t believe he’s worthy of her. She points out that he feels that about every man. She likes Austin and wants to see where things go, so she asks him to give Austin a chance. Spinelli departs.

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Back at the Metro Court, Spinelli finds Sam sulking at the bar. She admits she may have ruined her relationship and tells him about snooping on Dante’s phone. Spinelli tells her that she made a mistake, and mistakes can be rectified. He advises she let Dante know that he comes first. Later, Sam sends Dante a text, which reads, “I messed up and I’m sorry.”

Elsewhere, Drew tells Carly that he understands her wanting to take Esme down, as he felt the same about Peter. However, he realized that wouldn’t get him anywhere in life. Carly admits she is pouring her energy into everything except figuring out where her life goes without Sonny. Drew toasts to life and what’s to come, noting they are just getting started.

Back at the gym, Austin approaches Chase and asks if he wants to talk about Brook Lynn. Chase feels he keeps hurting and letting her down.

Meanwhile, Brook Lynn and Maxie chat across the gym. Brook Lynn says Chase apologized for rejecting her. Maxie thinks that’s a good thing, so she wonders what is bothering her now? Maxie asks, “Is it that Chase said no to her song, or that he didn’t come running when she called?”

Brook Lynn and Maxie approach Austin and Chase, and they all decide to go out for smoothies. Chase tells Brook Lynn he can’t wait to hear how her song went over.

At the gallery, Joss arrives after getting Trina’s text. Trina fills her in on Spencer’s visit, and it made her realize that she should have listened to Joss about Spencer from the get-go. She also admits she still cares about him, which is why this hurts so much.

Spencer arrives at Liz’s place to see Cam, who tells the Cassadine he’s come to the wrong place. Cam lashes out at him for turning his back on Trina and blaming her for Esme’s crimes. Spencer hates that Trina thinks the worst of him, and asks if he can come in. Cam lets him in, and Spencer reveals Esme isn’t pregnant. He also admits he let Trina down. Cam is sick of Spencer and tells him he’s done being his friend. Spencer screams, “I know Esme did it! I know she framed Trina! And now it is my turn to save Trina.”

Spencer says he knows Esme is guilty, and he’s only stayed with her to try and get her to let her guard down. It killed him that he had to hurt Trina, and he regretted leaving the cabin that night with Esme the second he did it. Cam realizes Spencer has feelings for Trina. Cam suggests he tell Trina the truth, but Spencer can’t. He feels it’s too dangerous. Cam asks, “Even if Trina hates you for it?” Spencer is willing to accept that. He says they need to find something foolproof against Esme. He explains Trina can’t know what he’s up to, and neither can Joss. He asks Cam not to tell Joss, because she’ll only tell Trina. Cam promises not to tell Joss but warns Spencer better find something that exonerates Trina. Cam swears this is the last time he will stick his neck out for him.

Joss convinces Trina to go to Kelly’s for dessert. They grab a table and as they talk, Joss notices a guy staring at them from the bar. She approaches him and asks, “Are you staring at the video star or the criminal mastermind?” Rory is left speechless, and Trina runs to his defense. She explains who he is to Joss, and Joss apologizes. Rory is just glad Trina has friends looking out for her and tells Trina to keep her chin up. He pays his bill and heads out. Joss and Trina chuckle over her reaming out a cop. They get back to their table and talk about Spencer. Joss feels he’s lost her friendship for good, and their days of enabling him are over.

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