Dante catches Sam on his Phone GH
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Dante and Sam arrive at the Metro Court, and she wonders why the change of venue for their dinner plans. They sit at the bar, and Dante explains it was a tough day and he wanted to appreciate what they have. Sam assumes this has to do with the new evidence he asked the rookie to log. Dante admits it does and suggests they get a table.

Sam and Dante dinner date GH

Scott, Obrecht, Britt, and Nina are having dinner when Ava interrupts to speak with her lawyer. She pulls Scott aside and wants him to find another way for Spencer to make restitution to her instead of working at her gallery with Trina. Scott says the judge will have his head if he asks to change a court order over some teenagers fighting. She orders him to figure something out.

Ava next interrupts Dante and Sam and takes the detective aside. She asks if he’s started looking into Esme yet, but Dante can’t talk about an open case. He also notes he’s not the lead detective, and they are following the evidence. She wishes they’d follow it straight to Esme.

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Dante returns to Sam, and Sam suspects he doesn’t believe Trina is guilty. Dante promises to make sure the appropriate person in the case is punished. When Dante excuses himself, his phone pings, and Sam takes it out of his jacket pocket. She sees a message from Rory about the evidence. Same uses Rocco’s name to crack his phone and access the file.

Dante and Sam's date GH

Meanwhile, Obrecht points out that she and Nina have men in their lives, and asks Britt how the matchmaker is working out. Nina asks, “Matchmaker?” Britt says she’s filled out the questionnaire and that’s as far as she’s got. Nina wishes her luck and excuses herself as she must meet Phyllis. Scott rejoins them, and Britt becomes grossed out watching Scott and her mother fawn over one another. She excuses herself to get a refill.

In the alcove, Britt checks her messages from the dating services and has six matches. She returns to the table to find Obrecht has summoned Dante over. Obrecht wants him to make his father stop manhandling and threatening her Scott. Dante will do his best and departs. Britt reveals to her mother that she just received some matches from her matchmaker. Obrecht offers to take a second look over them, so Britt hands over her phone.

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Dante returns to Sam only to catch her on his phone. He asks, “What the hell are you doing?”

At Charlie’s, Sasha and Brando are on their phones looking for a place together. They still can’t believe how well the IPO did. Sasha says it will provide them with the home of their dreams. Sonny arrives and congratulates the happy couple on their marriage and welcomes Sasha into the family.  Sonny introduces Brando and Sasha to Phyllis. She congratulates them on the marriage and gives them her condolences on the loss of their son.

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Sonny and Phyllis head to the bar, and Sonny has a favor to ask of her. He asks Phyllis to take Charlie’s off his hands. She’d love to own it but can’t afford it. Sonny offers to sell it to her for one hundred dollars. She laughs, but he says he’d give it to her for free, but the taxes would kill her. She asks if this is misplaced guilt over the Tan-O. Sonny says she gave him a home and took him in, and this is a way to repay her.

Sonny makes Phyllis an offer GH

Back at their table, Brando asks Sasha if she’s okay. He knows Phyllis’ mention of Liam upset her. She doesn’t need a mention of their son to remind her of him as she thinks of him all the time. Nina arrives and congratulates Sasha on her amazing day and her speech at the party.

Nina hopes she takes Sonny's offer GH

Nina heads to the bar, and Phyllis asks Nina to talk some sense into Sonny who is practically giving away the bar to her. Sonny fills her in, and Nina loves the idea and pushes Phyllis to accept the offer. Phyllis agrees, but before they finalize the deal, she needs to drop a deposit off at the bank. The guy who usually does that isn’t in tonight, so Sonny has his bodyguard escort her to the bank. Phyllis departs, and Sonny fills Nina in that Scott plans to subpoena him.

Meanwhile, Brando and Sasha continue to talk about finding a place. When Brando mentions he never thought this far ahead, Sasha wonders if he only agreed to marry her because she wanted to get married. He assures her that he wanted to marry her, and he did it for the two of them.

Sasha wonders why they got married GH

Brando and Sasha head out, as do the other regulars. Nina offers to help Sonny close up and wait until Phyllis returns. Suddenly two masked gunmen enter.

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At Liz’s place, Joss and Cam are studying, and the talk turns to Trina’s trial. Joss notes they have to find evidence tying Esme to the burner phone before it’s too late. Later they decide to take a study break and make out. Suddenly, Joss thinks she hears something and exclaims, “Someone’s here!”

Joss thinks she hears something GH

Cam searches the house and finds no one. He points out the alarm is still set. Cam wonders if the kiss was moving too fast. She tells him she wanted that kiss, and she won’t let a horrible video get in between them. Cam gets a call and is shocked by who it is. After the call ends, Cam reveals it was the head of Lila’s Kids and he’s not allowed to return or act as a head counselor because of the tape. Joss again blames Esme for this. They decide to call it a night.

Spencer arrives at the gallery to see Ava, only to find Trina. She tells him that Ava’s not there, so he can go. Spencer doesn’t budge and asks if Trina’s okay. Trina scoffs, “What do you think?” She rails at him for believing she could be vicious enough to post a sex tape. She also knows Esme isn’t pregnant and can’t believe he’s still with her. Spencer reminds her how drunk she was at the cabin. Trina says that doesn’t mean she taped Cam and Joss, and she certainly didn’t hold onto a burner phone for weeks. She reminds Spencer that she was with him in the cemetery when the video was sent out. She lied to Jordan to protect him when he once again decided the rules don’t apply to him. Panicked, Spencer asks if she told her lawyer that he’s her alibi?

Trina names Spencer her alibi GH

Trina says that hasn’t come up, but she will bring it up if it keeps her out of prison. She won’t go to prison for him or his girlfriend, and asks how far he’s going to go to defend Esme? Spencer cries, “I’m not doing this for Esme, I’m doing it for you!” Spencer says he knows she’s innocent and Esme set her up. He explains he invited her to Wyndemere and is staying with Esme until she slips up and he can get the evidence that she’s behind the video. Trina asks why he’s doing this for her? He says it’s because he’s falling in love with her. As they move in to kiss, Spencer snaps back to reality.

Trina shocks Spencer GH

Trina asks Spencer again, why is he defending Esme. Spencer wishes this wasn’t happening to her, but she can’t blame Esme for everything that goes wrong in her life. Trina shoves him and orders him to get out.

At Wyndemere, Esme asks Nikolas if Alexis left. Nikolas says she did. Esme knows his aunt doesn’t want her there, but Nikolas says that doesn’t matter. Esme butters him up and says the more time she spends with him, the more she realizes what a great father he is. She laments about her adoptive parents being distant and wonders why her birth parents threw her away. Nikolas says her parents may have loved her and had a good reason to give her up. She notes a lonely childhood which is why she and Spence bonded. Nikolas thought she had brothers and sisters. Esme says they became distant after their parents died, and all she had was her nanny, Maggie. However, they lost touch when she went to boarding school.

Later, Ava returns home and asks Nikolas if Esme the snake is still there. Nikolas says she is, and they had an interesting conversation about her childhood. Nikolas wants to talk about more pleasant things and offers to make her a drink. She turns him down and wants to go to bed. He asks to join her, but she rejects him. She notes as long as Esme is in this house, his bed will be very cold. He questions, “Even after the vowel renewal ceremony?” Ava informs him there won’t be one. She tells him any vow he’d make to her now would be meaningless.

In her room, Esme finds a box of letters. She reads one from Maggie, and it reads that she’s happy to hear about her and Spencer, but being in New York could be dangerous. Maggie wrote, “No good can come in having any contact with your father.”

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