Jordan and Dante get evidence against Trina GH
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Carly meets with Sam in her office and hopes Sam’s connection with Dante can help find out what evidence the PCPD has in the sex tape case. Sam points out Dante isn’t the lead detective, and he doesn’t discuss the case with her. Carly is sure Esme framed Trina, and worries who she will go after next if she gets away with this. Sam can’t and won’t ask Dante for privileged information. Carly figured but thought it was worth a shot to ask.

Carly wonders who she'll go after next GH

Down in the Metro Court restaurant, as Nina confronts Michael and Willow, Brendan enters and asks the bartender who the woman is confronting the young couple. He informs Brendan that’s Nina Reeves. Brendan asks the bartender to take his photo and try and get Nina in the shot. He gets the shot, and Brendan asks about the couple. He learns the woman is Willow Tait.

Meanwhile, Nina tells Michael and Willow that they left her no choice but to file the petition with the court. They argue as Brendan approaches them and begs their pardon.

Nina versus Millow GH

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At the PCPD, Dante and Jordan meet with the ADA in the squad room. She asks if there are new developments in the case against Trina, and Jordan says they are waiting on some. The ADA wants to prosecute this crime to the fullest extent of the law, and so far, all they have is circumstantial evidence. She departs, and Jordan pulls Dante into the interrogation room.

In private, Jordan admits to Dante that she has a conflict of interest because her job is to help the ADA. However, she doesn’t think Trina is guilty. Dante reveals he is also on team Trina, and they need to find evidence to exonerate her.

Jordan finds a smoking gun GH

Rory knocks on the door and delivers a forensics report they’ve been waiting on. Jordan opens it up and says this is bad. Outside, Rory listens as Jordan and Dante discuss the report. The burner phone found in Trina’s bag also used Trina’s credit card to purchase some artwork online. Jordan says this will be the smoking gun the ADA needs to go after Trina. Jordan tells Dante while they have to hand this over, there is nothing stopping them from following Dante’s gut regarding Esme. She thinks Esme is a classic mean girl, and there must be something out there on her they can use against her.

Dante learns of new evidence GH

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Trina arrives at the gallery for work and Ava is happy to see her. Trina is glad to be there, and Ava admits she is too. Ava reveals Esme and Spencer have moved into Wyndemere, but Esme isn’t pregnant. Trina says it doesn’t matter as she knew Spencer would go back to Esme eventually. Ava feels she’s to blame for Nikolas bringing Esme into the house and tells her how she went to Sonny for help, and it backfired. She says Spencer asked for him and Esme to stay there to keep her safe, but they are in separate rooms. Trina asks about Ava and Nikolas’s relationship. When Ava stays silent, Trina fears they broke up because of her. Ava admits she almost moved out, but for now, she and Nikolas are in separate bedrooms. Trina feels Ava is giving Esme exactly what she wants.

Ava sets rules with Trina GH

Trina begs Ava to show Esme that her marriage to Nikolas is stronger than her schemes. Ava thanks her, but insists whatever happens next is between her and Nikolas. Ava changes the subject to Spencer. Ava wants Trina to know if she doesn’t feel comfortable managing him then she’ll have Scott arrange a new restitution deal. Trina thinks they don’t have to decide on that this second and pushes Ava to go home and work things out with Nikolas. They hug and Ava takes off.

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Alexis runs into Harmony sitting at the docks alone. Alexis explains she’s on her way to see her nephew, but wonders why Harmony is sitting there. Harmony explains she often comes there to reflect. Alexis assumes she’s thinking about the job she approached Carly about. Harmony lets her believe she’s correct. Harmony needs the job to get out of her hair, and notes there are too many memories in that house. Alexis thinks she’s speaking of Dawn of Day and Kristina and wants to be there for her friend. Suddenly Harmony receives a text from Brendan with a photo of him and Nina in the background. Troubled, Harmony tells Alexis there is nothing she can do to help her, and the past always has a way of catching up with you. Harmony takes off, and Alexis recalls Carly saying that during her job pitch that Harmony claimed she owed Nina.

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At Wyndemere, Nikolas finds a drink waiting for him in the table along with a tray of cheese and crackers. He assumes Ava prepared them and says she knows how to make him happy. Spencer appears and reveals Ava is working late. Nikolas wonders who set this up. Esme enters and says, “I did, it’s the least I could do after blowing up your life.” Esme feels guilty about ruining his marriage. Nikolas assures her that he and Ava will be fine, and Esme isn’t going anywhere and is staying with them for now. Esme remarks, “As a guest and nothing more.”

Nikolas gets a visit from Alexis GH

Alexis arrives, and Spencer lets her in. After embracing, Alexis assumes something happened to bring him back home. Spencer explains what’s going on with Esme.

Back in the living room, Esme tells Nikolas she can stay in the gardener’s house, and that way Ava wouldn’t have to see her. She cries that even though her adoptive parents did their best, she never felt she belonged. That is why Esme doesn’t want to see Nikolas’ family break up. Spencer and Alexis enter, and Alexis tells her nephew that he’s just full of surprises. Esme thanks Alexis again for including her in her Thanksgiving plans and gushes about what an amazing job Alexis has done with the paper and the interview with Joss and Cam. Spencer excuses himself, and Esme follows him out.

Alexis tells Nikolas He's Full of Surprises GH

Alexis grills Nikolas about Esme. Nikolas explains he’s only protecting Esme, who has done nothing wrong. She thinks they are talking about two different Esmes. Alexis changes the subject as she came to talk about something else, his Cassadine DNA.

In the foyer, Esme stops Spencer before he can leave. She asks if she said something to upset him. Spencer explains he needs to go see Ava and tell her that he can’t work with Trina, and they need to figure out some other type of restitution. Spencer leaves, and Esme smiles.

Spencer thinks they should move out GH

Esme spies on Nikolas and Alexis’ conversation in the living room. Alexis says in the brief time Nikolas knew his father that he was always trying to control him. Alexis tells her nephew now he’s doing the same thing with Spencer. Nikolas assures her that he’s done his best not to repeat his father’s mistakes. Alexis notes he doesn’t have his father’s cruel streak, but if he keeps pushing Spencer then he’ll end up lonely and unlovable like his father.

Back at the Metro Court, Harmony arrives as Brendan introduces himself to Michael, Nina, and Willow. He explains he has an investment firm and wanted to pitch an idea to both Crimson and Aurora Media. Michael suggests he send his proposal over to his office. Harmony sends Brendan a text that he wins, and Brendan thanks Michael for his time. Brendan heads out and tells Harmony they’ll speak later. Willow spies her mother’s brief interaction with Brendan and asks if she knows him.

Up in Carly’s office, Sam asks if there is anything else she can do for her. Carly tells her to just go enjoy her time with Dante. Sam knows Joss and Trina will be okay, but Esme won’t. Carly responds, “Damn straight!”

Sam wants to help GH

Carly heads to the restaurant just as Harmony tells Willow she doesn’t know Brendan. Harmony claims she came to meet Alexis, but left her phone in her car and rushes out.

Carly spots Nina and asks what is going on. Nina explains she’s hired Scott to make sure she gets to see Wiley as much as Carly does. They all argue, and Michael warns Nina that whoever ends up as the judge in the case will get to know the real Nina Reeves.

Back at the station, Dante and Jordan exit the interrogation room as Sam arrives. Sam reminds Dante that they have a pizza date, but Dante suggests they do something fancier. Dante asks Rory to log the file Jordan is holding as new evidence in the Trina case and email it to the ADA. Sam takes note of the envelope.

Harmony meets Brendan at the docks. She assures him that he’ll get what’s coming to him.

Spencer arrives at Ava’s gallery only to find Trina.

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