Brendan reveals Harmony's Secrets GH
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In French Polynesia, Jennifer steps out of the bathroom of her bungalow just as Valentin cracks her safe. She asks what he’s doing, and he claims he dropped his phone which he shows her. He managed to close the safe back up before she saw anything. Jennifer makes moves on him, and he stalls by insisting they order champagne.

Out at the beach bar, Anna and Felicia arrive for the auction. Felicia is going to the auction as Anna is too recognizable as a WSB agent. Felicia reveals she’s learned about several of the potential buyers from the waiter. A man arrives, and Anna recognizes him as a WSB agent and decides to find out what he’s doing there. She approaches the man, Leeman, and learns he is there on a tip about the Ice Princess. Leeman reveals the auction won’t happen as they know where the diamond is and who stole it. Anna pushes him to let her in on the operation.

Back in Jennifer Smith’s room, as she and Valentin toast, there is a knock at the door. Anna announces, “Open up, WSB.” Jennifer thinks this must be a mistake. She opens the door and Leeman identifies Jennifer to Anna as the suspect. They enter her place as Valentin slips out the back. Leeman says they have evidence tying her to stolen property and Luke’s murder. They open her safe and find the Ice Princess inside.

Jennifer swears she is here to bid on the diamond and would never kill Luke. She blames the Frenchman for framing her. Jennifer swears she didn’t do anything wrong. She’s cuffed and carted off. Leeman tells Anna they’ve found evidence connecting Jennifer to the man who sabotaged the cable car in Austria, so it’s an open and shut case.

Valentin books it to the beach and tries to find the boat to the main island. Felicia notices him taking off, but doesn’t see his face. After Jennifer is brought out in cuffs and courted off, Felicia questions the waiter. He confirms that Jennifer was talking on the phone about the auction, and later to the French officer who just took off for the boat.

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Anna and Felicia regroup, and neither believes Jennifer is behind this. Felicia relates what she learned from the waiter. Anna thinks this has Victor’s handwriting all over it, and they need to find this Captain Francois Olivier. A spying Valentin rips off his mustache and sneaks away.

Anna arrives on the island GH

At the Metro Court, Willow asks her mom why a text has her so upset. Brendan sends another text to Harmony saying that Willow might be interested in what he has to say, and then he’ll call her real mom. Harmony tells Willow it’s work, and she must go. She heads out, takes a call from Brendan, and asks where to meet him.

Harmony agrees to meet Brendan GH

Willow rejoins Michael at their table. Michael fills her in on the deal he made with Smoltz. Not only may the articles cause Nina to withdraw her petition, but they also could help their case if she doesn’t.

Willow's mom an asset GH

Scott speaks with Nina on the phone and tells her that he will be in touch about her case, but right now he must get some ducks in order. Scott arrives at Sonny’s restaurant and informs him that he plans to call him to the stand as a character reference for Nina.

Scott warns Sonny no matter how this turns out, he will lose. Scott chuckles over the fact that Sonny will have to choose between Michael and Nina, and perhaps Nina will finally see the light about him. He fears Nina is going to end up another victim in Sonny’s path of destruction. Sonny admits he underestimated him. He tells Scott now that he’s shown what a contender he can be, he’ll get exactly what he deserves.

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Portia returns home and yells at the reporters on the lawn to get off her property. Portia asks Marshall and Trina if Curtis is upstairs with Aunt Stella. Marshall explains Stella is sleeping, and Curtis is headed to The Savoy. Portia hopes there is no trouble. Portia heads to check on Stella, and Marshall talks with Trina. She’s worried about Stella and thinks having these reporters around must be causing her stress.

MArshall advises Trina GH

Marshall tells Trina that she is not responsible for Stella’s panic attack. Trina feels the longer this goes on, the more people she cares about will be hurt. That includes her parents, Curtis, Joss, and Cam. She wonders if it is not too late to take the deal. Marshall can relate as he found himself in a situation that could cause trouble for his wife and sons. Ultimately, he chose to take himself out of the equation for his family. The choice he made was one he thought would cause him less harm, but now that he’s back, he feels his decision cost his family too much.

Trina worries about pleading guilty GH

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Curtis meets with Selina at The Savoy. Selina is glad Curtis has rethought her offer and assures him everything will be above board. However, she deduces his change of mind must be because he wants something from her. Curtis needs her to gain access to Marshall’s witness protection file and arrest records. He also wants her word there will be no drugs and guns in his club, and he isn’t looking for a battle with Sonny. She gives him her word and assures him that she’s done her due diligence with Sonny. Curtis also says there will be no games until he gets the information he needs. She says they have a deal and shake. Nina enters just in time to see them sealing their agreement.

Wu makes a deal with Curtis GH

Nina approaches, and she jokes it seems like she’s always interrupting them. Selina says they were just discussing an event, a family reunion. She tells Curtis that she’ll be in touch and heads out. Nina is confused as he told her Ms. Wu was trouble, and this seems fishy. She worries her friend is in trouble and wants to help him. He assures her that he’s okay and asks why she’s come to see him. She tells him about her petition to the court and needs him as a character reference. Curtis is glad to help her.

Nina seems upset GH

On the pier, Brendan tells Harmony that he’s read her file as one of Neil’s former patients, and it’s full of interesting information on her and her daughter Willow. She yells at him to keep her daughter out of this. Brendan says, “You mean Nina’s daughter.” Brendan reveals Neil kept notes on all the crimes she confessed to, including stealing Willow. She says she didn’t steal Willow, and that Madeline gave Willow to her. Brendan read the whole story, including that there wasn’t just one baby but two. One baby went to a black-market adoption and the other to her.

Brendan reveals Harmony's secrets GH abc

Harmony asks why he’s come to her now after all this time. Brendan was only looking for old bank slips in Neil’s things, but then he remembered the file on her. Harmony laughs and notes if this is a shakedown that she doesn’t have money. He says Willow does as the mother of a Quartermaine heir, as does her friend Alexis. He also could take this to the heiress Nina. She tries to call his bluff and says he’d go down for blackmail and releasing private medical records. Brendan has nothing to lose and tells her to get him his money.

Curtis returns home and is surprised to see Marshall still there. Portia informs him that he’s been a help and a comfort to Trina. Trina laughs as she plays cards with Marshall.

Back at the Metro Court, Willow yawns and tells Michael it’s been a long day. He thinks what she needs is to read Wiley a bedtime story. Suddenly Nina enters and stares them down. Following Nina is Brendan.

On the next General Hospital: Jordan finds a smoking gun. At the gallery, Ava says to Trina they need to go over some ground rules. Sam offers her help. Carly wonders to Alexis who she’ll go after next. And Nina tells Michael and Willow that she didn’t start the fight, but she will end it.

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