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Nina drops by Sonny’s office to give him news so he’s not blindsided. She immediately notices the bandage over his eyebrow and asks what happened. He tells her not to worry and asks what she needed to tell him. Nina reveals she’s filed the legal paperwork to be a part of her grandson’s life, and she hopes one day to have an amicable relationship with his parents. However, the way Carly, Michael and Willow act it is like she’s a physical threat to Wiley. Sonny points out that Nelle was.

Nina reminds him that she didn’t even get a chance to raise Nelle, so how can she be blamed for how she turned out? Sonny says Nelle was bad to the core, and Nina scoffs, “So what it’s in the DNA?” Sonny notes he sees the entire Nina, brushes her cheek with his hand, and thinks maybe Michael and Willow will too someday. She returns to the topic of his eye, and he explains it happened at the gym during a match. Nina dabs his wound clean, and they end up in a kiss. Later she suggests he mend fences with Michael, even if it puts him at odds with her in court. Sonny is on Wiley’s side and feels kids need all the love they can get. In fact, he thinks everyone needs love.

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At Portia and Curtis’ place, Stella collapses, and Portia and TJ immediately attend to her as Curtis calls 911. Stella recovers, and TJ and Portia reveal it doesn’t appear to have been a heart attack or stroke. The ambulance arrives, so TJ and Marshall help Stella out to it. Portia tells Curtis that she thinks Stella had a panic attack.

Stella arrives at the hospital and gets a clean bill of health. Curtis feels something, or someone has her rattled. He asks if it is Marshall. She tries to brush it off, but Curtis is determined to protect his family, even from his own father.

Back at the house, Marshall gets off the phone and tells Trina that Stella is being examined. The two talk about the case against her, and how to deal with people who think the worst of you.

Later, Stella calls Marshall and tells him that she had a panic attack, and it got her thinking of everything she’s keeping a secret. She warns him that the truth won’t be good for both their places in this new family Curtis is building, so if Curtis asks him about his past again to stick to the story.

Meanwhile, in the hospital halls, Curtis calls someone about revisiting their proposition.

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At the Metro Court, Harmony drops by to see Carly in her office. Harmony explains she won’t take up much of her time, but she’s looking for a job. She explains her job at Spring Ridge doesn’t bring in enough money, and she needs a second one so she can get out of Alexis’ hair and put a down payment on her own place. Harmony’s phone rings, but she ignores it.

Carly asks if Harmony has hotel experience, and she does in cleaning and serving. Harmony says in full disclosure, she recently tried to help Nina with Willow regarding Wiley. She wishes she didn’t, but she felt bad and that she owed it to Nina. Carly finds the statement odd, and Harmony clarifies she meant it as someone who also doesn’t get to see Wiley much. Carly thanks her for being honest, and asks her to fill out an application online and she’ll be in touch. As she heads out, Harmony’s phone rings again.

In the restaurant, Michael and Willow arrive to meet the reporter, only to be served papers by a delivery person. They open the envelopes and find out Nina is taking them to court. Michael realizes he must make the assault charges disappear, otherwise, Nina and Scott will use them against him.

At the bar, Victor urges Laura to forget the past and look to the future, and if she knew the threats to the ones they love then she wouldn’t hesitate to join him. Laura asks if her family is in danger. Victor says not yet, but they live in an uncertain world. Laura tells him his rebirth as a family man is laughable.

Victor knows he and his family made horrid decisions in the past, and he’s been trying to make amends. He says his life has been horribly lonely over the past few years after faking his death, and he dreamed about being a real father to Valentin, and a grandfather to Charlotte. Laura is shocked that he almost appears sincere. Laura gets a text that Kevin can’t make their lunch. Victor hopes she knows he’s being honest and cares about Nikolas. Laura says she also knows he’s someone who sees what he wants and takes it.

Smoltz confronts Alexis, who is on the phone in the alcove discussing an invitation to appear on TV. He tells her the article has made her famous, the article she stole from him. Smoltz threatens to sue her for what she did, but won’t if she gives him a five-column feature in The Invader. Alexis finds his threats laughable, but Smoltz says he has a huge following on social media and can turn them against her. She tells him to let her know if he comes across another story but makes him no promises.

Smoltz later runs into Michael. He jokes he hopes Michael isn’t going to hit him again. Michael wants to hit him with an offer that will benefit them mutually. Harmony interrupts to pull Willow aside.

Michael offers to fill Smoltz in on Nina’s history with his family, including the abduction of Avery Corinthos. Intrigued, Smoltz says Michael has his attention. Michael promises him enough material for several articles, including the inside scoop on Nina’s relationship with his father. Smoltz agrees they have a deal and he knows who will run the story.

Willow tells her mother about Nina’s petition to the court, and that any chance of civilly working this out is in the past. Harmony points out that Willow is the most forgiving person she knows, but Willow won’t compromise when it comes to Nina. Harmony ignores another phone call, and Willow asks why she’s not answering it. Harmony claims it’s a telemarketer. She then gets a text from Brendan, who tells her to answer him or his next call will be to her daughter.

Alexis goes to see Carly in her office, and Carly assumes it’s about Harmony and the job. Alexis came to inform Carly that she’s been invited to take part in a panel on television about cybercrimes. She then asks what about Harmony’s job. Carly fills her in off-camera. Carly’s still troubled that Harmony talked to Willow about Nina, and she found it strange that Harmony felt she owed Nina. Alexis ignores a call from Smoltz and tells Carly that she can vouch for Harmony’s work ethic. Carly asks if she can trust Harmony.

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In French Polynesia, Jennifer invites Valentin to join her at her table. He introduces himself as Captain Oliver and asks what has brought her to the island. She reveals an auction of something priceless to her that belonged to someone special. He asks if that someone special is here with her. She tells him there is no one special in her life at the moment. She asks the same of him. He admits he has someone back home, but he’s not sure they are destined to be together.

Jennifer would like to get to know him better, but Valentin explains he’s on leave only for one night. She says a lot can happen in one night. They toast.

Jennifer invites Valentin back to her cabin. She opens her safe as Valentin watches and takes note of the code. She places her purse inside and tells him that she’ll be back in two shakes after a shower, which she attempts to lure him in to join her. He politely declines. As she showers, Valentin pulls out a black velvet pouch from his pocket. He tries to break into the safe but doesn’t have the full code. Eventually, he cracks the safe, just as Jennifer comes out and asks what is going on.

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