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Drew arrives at Portia and Curtis’ place for their housewarming party. Drew asks Curtis about Marshall, but Curtis says nothing else has turned up, and Sonny wouldn’t help him. Drew feels it’s for the best, as he doesn’t want to owe the mob. Curtis thinks about Selina’s offer.

TJ checks in with Trina. She says she’s trying to enjoy the party, but all she wants to do is scream to the world that she’s innocent and has been framed. TJ understands as he was in a similar situation when he was her age, though not nearly as severe.

Stella talks to Portia and again reiterates she misjudged her, and her initial concern about her and Curtis getting together was that it was so soon after his divorce. Suddenly Stella has a vague memory of taking the divorce papers from Jordan’s office.

The doorbell rings and Stella asks who else Curtis invited. Curtis says no one, answers the door and finds Marshall there. TJ reveals he invited Marshall, so Curtis asks him in.

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Portia checks in with Trina. Trina feels supported by everyone who believes in her, but she can’t stop thinking about Spencer assuming she is guilty. Portia explains part of growing up is learning who her true friends are. Trina thinks part of Spencer believes in her but he also is still beholden to keeping Esme happy.

Curtis makes small talk with his father and reveals he and Portia are hoping to take a vacation. He says Portia’s always wanted to go to Buenos Aires and asks if Marshall’s been there. He says a long time ago and excuses himself.

Marshall heads to the patio and pulls out his bottle of pills. Stella joins him and asks what he’s doing popping pills out in the open. He says it’s only his heart medication. Stella hopes it’s not something else, and she needs to know this isn’t going to blow up in her face and affect her relationship with Curtis and TJ. Marshall tells Stella he appreciates what she’s done for Curtis and TJ in his absence, but if anyone is their family it’s him. He heads back in.

Stella follows Marshall and finds the family is gathering for a family photo. Suddenly, Aunt Stella appears out of sorts and collapses.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas is surprised to see Ava back, especially after making her feelings about Esme known. Ava has realized some things are more important and declares this is her house too. Laura suggests to Esme they give them privacy, and they step into the foyer.

Spencer returns, and Laura departs to meet Kevin for dinner. Spencer explains to Esme he went to the gym and had a lot of thinking to do. Esme admits they’ve said awful things to one another lately, all because he’s falling in love with another girl. She asks him to admit it.

Spencer admits his feelings for Trina are complicated. Esme cries he knows now she’s not responsible for that video, so is there a path forward for them? Or should she leave Port Charles, and cries without a baby nothing is keeping them together. She tries to storm out, but Spencer stops her. He asks her to stay so they can figure things between them out, one step at a time. They embrace.

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In the living room, Nikolas thinks Ava has come around regarding Esme, but Ava hasn’t. She won’t let the off-brand sociopath drive her from her home and marriage. Ava reminds him what she is capable of and what he is capable of. She says he’s smarter than this, to fall for Esme’s act. Ava informs him as long as he protects Esme, they won’t be sharing a bed.

Nikolas reminds her the evidence points to Trina, but Ava says evidence can be planted. Nikolas notes Spencer wants to stand by Esme, and he needs to support his son. He asks her not to back him into a corner where he has to choose between her and his son. Ava says are plenty of bedrooms for her to stay in while she keeps an eye on things and until he opens his eyes.

At the Metro Court, Victor meets with Yohan to explain he must leave town for an overseas business trip. Yohan reminds him that Anna, Laura, and Robert are trying to connect them to what happened in Austria. Victor says there is nothing to connect them to, and soon they’ll have a new suspect to blame.

Laura arrives and sits at the bar. Victor excuses himself from Yohan to join her. Laura knows he heard about Esme’s possible pregnancy, and reveals it was a false alarm. However, she’s upset that he offered to handle it for Spencer. Victor thinks she of all people wouldn’t want to see Spencer tied to Esme for life.

Laura knows what it means for a Cassadine to handle something, and she wants better for Spencer and Nikolas. Victor agrees, and he cares deeply about the next generation and leaving them a better world. He asks Laura to imagine them not as enemies but working together toward a common goal.

Anna calls Valentin and leaves a message with him asking when he’ll be back. She heads into Sam’s place, where Dante is. Sam explains she’s had Spinelli monitoring the dark web, and they are trying to connect Luke’s murder, Victor’s return, and the Ice Princess being stolen. Sam reveals Spinelli got a hit on a black-market auction and a description that sounds like the Ice Princess. Anna reads it and believes they’ve found it. Anna says Duke left her a hefty sum of money in his will, which she invested in cryptocurrency. She feels they should use it and make a bid to get an invite to the auction.

Anna and Sam make a big GH

Later, Sam’s computer chimes, and they’ve been invited to the auction. Sam says it’s being held at a hotel in French Polynesia. Anna will make arrangements to fly there. She heads out and calls Valentin again. She leaves another message worried about him being so unreachable.

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At Sonny’s gym, Selina meets with him to discuss business. Selina is working to finance a new operation, a high-stakes poker game, which will start small, but build up over time. Sonny says she never mentioned gambling before. She notes it won’t conflict with his business, and she will still offer him a portion of the profits. He reminds her no drugs at the games, and if he finds out dealing is going on then he will shut it down. Selina agrees and feels they have a deal. They shake on it.

Selina brings up how important their working relationship is, especially with someone unknown amassing a presence out west. Sonny says Brick mentioned a rival family on the West Coast. Selina notes people who amass power in secret usually are the most dangerous. They both agree to keep one another in the loop should they hear anything.

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At a beach hotel in French Polynesia, Jennifer Smith makes a call to her “darling,” and explains she won’t be there much longer. She explains she’s attending this auction because the Ice Princess was so dear to her ex-husband. She feels it belongs with her, then corrects herself and says, “I mean, us.” She explains if they get this diamond, it will allow them to expand their operations, show they are a force to be reckoned with, and finally strike Port Charles.

Jennifer orders another drink, and a naval officer arrives and says the drink is on him. He asks if the empty chair at the table is taken. The man is revealed to be Valentin.

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