Liz is left another reminder of Franco GH
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At Liz’s place, Finn prepares to meet with Chase and his father for dinner and asks if Liz doesn’t want to come. Liz thinks it’s the first time Gregory’s been back in a while, and probably wants to spend time with him, Chase and Violet. Finn says if she changes her mind to come by as his dad likes her.

Laura arrives as Finn heads out. She asks Liz how Cam is holding up. Liz admits better than she is. They discuss Trina’s arrest, and both agree she never could have done this. Laura has faith the PCPD will uncover the truth. Liz hopes so as she can’t deal with another crisis, and the police still don’t know who has been leaving mementos of Franco. Liz admits she thought Jake might be behind it, but he wasn’t. However, he has been in contact with her parents without her knowledge or permission.

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Laura has known Jeff for so long and doesn’t understand why he and her mother don’t want to have more of a relationship with Liz and her boys. Laura can see it hurts Liz not having her parents there for all the milestones she’s gone through in life. Liz thanks her for saying that. Laura suggests with them reaching out to Jake that maybe this is the time to let them back into her life, for herself and the kids.

Laura takes off, and Liz locks the door behind her. Suddenly she hears a loud crash. The lights go out and a dark, faceless, blurry man appears in front of her. He says, “Don’t forget me.” Liz asks, “Who are you?” She suddenly wakes up on the couch and is stunned to find the words “don’t forget me” painted in red on one of Franco’s drawings.

Maxie and BLQ meet with Amy at the Metro Court to go over Brook Lynn’s song. Chase appears, along with Violet, and they say hello to Brook Lynn and the others. Amy immediately suggests Chase should do the duet with her, but BLQ explains he doesn’t want to do it and she’s already asked him.

Chase and BLQ excuse themselves to talk privately. He thought they were good about him not doing the song. Brook Lynn insists they are and Amy didn’t get the memo. Gregory arrives, and he and Chase embrace. Chase introduces BLQ to his father, but Gregory knows exactly who he is. Gregory blames her for his son’s suspension. Chase says that isn’t true, but Gregory remains cold towards Brook Lynn. Gregory and Violet go to grab the table, and Finn arrives. Brook Lynn tells Chase to enjoy his family and gets back to Maxie and Amy. Amy departs as her shift is starting soon.

Finn and Violet excuse themselves from their table to wash their hands. Alone, Chase chastises his father for being so rude to Brook Lynn. He defends what Brook Lynn did risking her life for a child that she knew she’d have to give back. Gregory wonders if Chase has feelings for her. He insists they are only friends.

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Meanwhile, Maxie points out to BLQ that it appears Chase was defending her honor. Gregory approaches them and apologizes to Brook Lynn for his assumptions and rudeness. She says he was only looking out for his son. He looks forward to getting to know her better.

In Terry’s office, Britt thanks the doctor for giving Brad an interview, and insists he has grown during his time in prison. Brad arrives, and Britt takes him outside to give him advice for the interview, which is for a patient care advocate and explain medical testing and procedures to families. As they talk, a man appears and tells Britt that she needs to come with him. Brad recognizes his aunt’s bodyguard Mr. Lee, and Britt explains she has her meeting with his aunt tonight. However, she didn’t expect a personal escort.

Back in her office, Terry gets a text from Chet, who has been overseas. He can’t wait to see her for a date when he returns. Brad enters for the interview and she claims the only job she’d give him is as an orderly, but Brad makes his case for why he’d be good at the job Britt suggested. Terry is impressed but would have to talk to Lucas to make sure he’s okay with this. Terry says she will be in touch with him. He thanks her for her time, and she sees him out.

Amy catches Brad in the hall and immediately screams for security. Brad explains he had an interview, but the nurse doesn’t believe him. Terry arrives and Brad exits. When she learns Brad was being truthful, Amy begs Terry not to let him work there. Terry explains that is her decision, and orders Amy back to work.

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At Wyndemere, Nikolas promises Spencer that he will stand by his side if Esme is pregnant if he wants him there.  In the living room, Ava is stunned to find Esme relaxing and reading a book. She tells her to get out before she throws her out. Esme tells her there has been a misunderstanding, and Nikolas invited her to stay along with Spence. She also realizes Ava hasn’t been brought up to speed and reveals she may be carrying Spence’s baby. Ava screams for her husband.

Spencer and Nikolas arrive in the living room, and Spencer and Esme leave to give Nikolas and Ava privacy. Esme thought he’d want to listen to the fight, but he pushes her to take the pregnancy test. Esme cries she’s afraid, because if she’s not pregnant, then she’ll be alone again, but if she is, they’ll be tied together forever. Spencer promises her that she can stay there no matter what the test says. She thanks him.

Spencer urges Esme take test GH

Esme heads into the bathroom, takes the test, and leaves it on the counter. Spencer says when it’s ready they’ll look at it together. The timer hits zero, and they prepare to find out if they’re having a baby.

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Meanwhile, Nikolas explains to Ava that Esme was snatched by Sonny, and Ava of all people knows how dangerous he is. Ava does and reveals she asked Sonny to take care of Esme. Ava calls Esme a monster and says her claiming to be pregnant is the oldest trick in the book. Nikolas says they don’t know if she is yet or not, but Ava doesn’t want her in the house either way. She demands Esme go, but Nikolas says he’s made up his mind. Ava declares that either Esme goes or she does. When Nikolas says nothing, Ava responds fine and storms out.

Britt is brought to the Port Charles Grill to meet Selina. Selina bought it out for the night, so they have privacy. Selina explains that she wants what is best for Brad, and so does Britt. Britt says Brad wants to work at GH again and he can’t turn his life around working for Selina. Selina reveals that she knew Britt’s father, but Britt points out that a lot of people know him.

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Selina reveals she knows what Britt and Faison did in 2016 when they were traveling together. She thinks the WSB would love to know what they were up to in Lisbon. Britt accuses her of bluffing, or fishing. Selina claims she has the proof to send her back to prison for good. She then orders Britt to steer Brad in the direction she sees fit.

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