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Brick greets Sonny in his office and asks how he can help him. Sonny tells him there has been a void in his life he’s been trying to fill since Jason died. Sonny can’t run the business alone. Brick accepts the job. Sonny explains another matter he needs his help with and brings up the tape of Joss and Cam. Brick knows about it and calls it disgusting. Sonny has a lead on who made it, but no proof. If they can find evidence on Esme, it will get her out of Spencer’s life.

Brick offers to look into it, but wonders if anyone is looking out for Sonny. Sonny tells him about Nina, and the connection they had in Nixon Falls. Brick says a future without Jason is hard, but a future without love is not for Sonny. Sonny suggests they regroup after Jason’s memorial, but for now, he wants Brick to find out how Esme orchestrated the video.

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In Alexis’ office, she’s shocked when Brendan, Neil’s brother appears at her door. She remembers him all too well and asks what he wants. He explains he was in pain when he lashed out at her at his brother’s funeral, and he’s sorry. He explains he’s run into some bad luck lately, a failed marriage and business, and it’s humbled him.

Alexis doesn’t believe his sudden turnaround, and manages to break his false façade and causes him to show his true colors when he again blames her for Neil’s death. He says funerals are expensive, and she needs to pay up for the part she played in Neil’s death. Alexis says she isn’t completely convinced his death was an accident, and she won’t be browbeaten by his good-for-nothing brother.

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At Charlie’s, Nina asks Harmony how things went with Michael and Willow. She tells Nina that Willow doesn’t feel it’s in Wiley’s best interest to have contact with her. Nina says if they want a fight then she’ll give them one. Nina wishes she had known Nelle was her daughter before she died because she might have been able to save her. Now she’s forced to beg to allow her grandson to get to know her.

Harmony says if she gives it time, Willow may come around. Nina doubts it because Willow is incapable of standing up to Michael or Carly. Angry, Harmony snaps, “Willow is just as strong as her mother!” Nina says she’s not, and Willow would be lucky to have one drop of Harmony’s courage. Harmony claims she has an appointment she forgot about and rushes out.

Harmony arrives at Alexis’ office, sees Brendan, and assumes Alexis is busy. Alexis says she’s not and introduces Brendan to Harmony. Brendan thinks he recognizes Harmony, but she’s never met him and assumes he knows her name from the Dawn of Day scandal. Brendan tells Alexis if she thinks of an opportunity that can help him, to reach out. He departs.

Alexis fills Harmony in on the visit, and that Brendan is in financial trouble and thinks she owes him. Alexis admits he brought up Neil’s terrible death all over for her, and she wonders if his addiction caused his death. Alexis turns out the lights and they go to head home, when she remembers she left her phone behind. Alexis goes back into her dark office, and an ominous-looking Harmony follows.

Brendan goes back to his motel room and looks through a briefcase of Neil’s paperwork. He finds a thick file on Harmony Miller and knew he recognized her name.

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Nikolas brings Esme and Spencer home to Wyndemere. Nikolas promises Esme will be safe there. Spencer wonders when his father will loop Ava in on this. Nikolas explains that Ava is at Trina’s hearing. Esme scoffs that she can’t believe Spencer isn’t there. Nikolas tries to change the subject, but Spencer says it’s useless as Esme’s obsessed with Trina. Esme storms off to take her bag to her room.

Nikolas asks Spencer to take it easy on her, but Spencer says Esme pushes his buttons. He also asks if there is a bomb shelter on the island, as he’d like to be in it when he tells Ava about Esme. Spencer warns his father that Ava loves Trina and will likely throw Esme to the wolves. Nikolas thinks she won’t if Esme is pregnant and suggests it’s time to find out that answer.

In court, Trina pleads not guilty. The judge releases Trina without bond, and Trina is free to go pending her trial date. Portia, Curtis and Ava all rush to hug Trina and tell her how proud they are of her. Joss and Cam join them and vow to prove she’s innocent.

Trina prepares to enter her plea GH

The ADA warns Scott that Trina should have taken the deal, and she will make an example of her and send her to prison for the maximum term. Scott joins Trina and the others and says they need to strategize as the ADA is out for blood. Trina just wants to go home, so Scott says they’ll begin tomorrow. Ava helps Trina and her family sneak out the back to avoid reporters.

Smoltz appears and ambushes Cam and Joss for a story. They have nothing to say to him. He asks if Trina is guilty, and they tell him she didn’t do this. He asks who is responsible, but they say nothing. He realizes they know who it is and offers to help them get the goods on whoever set up their friend in exchange for an exclusive.

Ava returns and tells Smoltz to get away from Cam and Joss. Smoltz tells them it’s their loss and marches out. Cam says Smoltz was right about one thing, Trina is in trouble. Ava says the truth will come out and Trina will be vindicated. She says she’s spoken to someone who has a vested interest in this and to trust her that Esme will get what’s coming to her. Ava departs, and Joss suggests to Cam that they can help Trina by proving that Esme can be in two places at once.

Portia and Curtis bring Trina to their new home. Trina thanks them for their support, and Curtis offers to break out his PI skills and help find evidence against Esme. Trina expresses her concern that she’ll be found guilty, but Portia tells her that won’t happen. Trina heads to take a bath, and Portia breaks down. She worries Trina could be right, and she can’t handle losing her.

Back at Charlie’s, Scott meets with Nina, who explains her plan to work things out with Willow and Michael failed. Scott agrees to take her case, but only after she admits she was wrong not to take his initial advice. He also warns that Diane will dig up anything she can to use against her, but Nina thinks her life is pretty much an open book. Scott tells her she won’t regret hiring him.

Back at Wyndemere, Esme tells Spencer that she just read that Trina pled not guilty. Spencer hopes she can prove it and asks Esme why she hasn’t taken the pregnancy test. Esme admits she’s scared. Spencer wonders if she’s scared she’s pregnant, or if she’s not. Esme claims she wants to take the test, but she also wants to be with him, with or without the baby. She points out that having her here is to his advantage as it will drive a wedge between his father and Ava.

Later, Ava returns home and is shocked to find Esme sitting in the living room and reading a book about pregnancy.

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