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Sam and Carly arrive at yoga class, followed by Nina and Maxie. Maxie asks Nina if she wants to leave, but she refuses to be scared off. Carly meanwhile tells Sam she won’t be chased out either.

Maxie asks Nina how visitation with Wiley is going. Nina hasn’t seen him and has a plan to avoid a court battle. Maxie is stunned to learn Nina asked Harmony to help her with Willow. Maxie feels this is risky, but Nina is out of options. This is her last shot before having to take the legal route.

Before class begins, Nina tries to be polite and tells Carly that she heard about what Joss is going through, and she knows Joss is strong and will pull through this. Carly casts a smug look at her. Nina approaches her to talk about Wiley, disregarding Maxie saying it’s a bad idea. They bicker, and Nina says Wiley is all she has left of her daughter and she will be in his life whether Carly or Michael likes it. Carly tells her to stop playing the victim because she did this to herself. Carly tells her that she’s not thinking about Wiley, she just wants to stay connected to her dead daughter. Nina decides to leave, and Maxie follows her out saying, “Told you it was a mistake.”

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At Charlie’s, Esme tells Nikolas and Spencer that if Nikolas and Victor hadn’t shown up, she doesn’t know what Sonny would have done to her. In the background, a mysterious man reads The Invader article on Joss and Cam and stares at Esme. Esme wonders what it will take for people to believe she’s innocent. Spencer reveals he went to see Trina and told her that he believed Esme. She’s shocked he stood up to Trina, but it doesn’t make up for the other things he’s said. She knows Spence will always think the worst about her. Esme rushes off claiming she feels sick.

Nikolas asks Spencer to try and be kinder given that Esme is possibly pregnant. Nikolas reveals that Victor told him. Spencer admits for so long he’s trusted Esme over everyone and he doesn’t know why he didn’t this time. Nikolas thinks it’s because he has feelings for Trina. Nikolas knows he’s going through a complicated time, but Esme is afraid and alone, and that can’t be good for the baby. Spencer isn’t sure there is a baby, and there has been so much hurt and distrust between them. As they speak, the man, who is Neil’s brother Brendan (played by Josh Coxx), focuses on Alexis’ photo in the paper.

Esme returns and says she’ll head back to her room at Kelly’s, and hope she’s not kidnapped again. Spencer suggests she move into Wyndemere for her safety, and he’ll move back with her. Esme is touched he’d do that. Nikolas believes it’s what’s best, so Esme agrees to move in.

In the Corinthos kitchen, Joss and Cam discuss the article, which has blown up. Cam agrees they made the right decision, but it’s still difficult. They agree not to let this define them for the rest of their lives.

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Talk turns to Trina, and they both believe Esme framed her. Cam realizes Trina’s arraignment is today, and they should go support her.

At the courthouse, Scott explains that after Trina enters her plea the judge will decide if bail is to be set. Trina insists she’s pleading not guilty. Meanwhile, Curtis runs into Molly outside the courtroom and he figured she’d be on the case. Molly is working as second to the Assistant District Attorney and hopes it won’t be a problem. Curtis knows it is her job. They head into court, and the ADA tells Scott and Trina she has a deal to offer.

The ADA tells Trina that if she pleads guilty, they will drop the felony charges and she will recommend three years of probation. The ADA leaves them to discuss the offer. Portia knows if Trina takes the deal it will be on her record for life. Scott feels it’s Trina’s decision to make. Curtis notes Trina still could be sentenced to jail time should the judge decide, but Scott says it will be minimal. However, if she pleads not guilty and is found guilty, she’ll spend up to five years, likely in Pentonville. Scott feels she shouldn’t take the deal, because the evidence isn’t airtight and he can almost guarantee a not guilty verdict. Curtis tells Trina she needs to decide what she feels comfortable with and the outcome she can live with.

Trina decides to take a minute alone to think. Officer Cabrera informs Portia and the others that he’ll stay with her. They head outside of the courtroom. Trina is stunned when Cam and Joss arrive to support her. They all hug.

Trina updates them on the plea deal, and Joss feels she should fight the charges. They both offer to testify in support of her. The officer tells her it’s time to head back in. Back in court, the judge takes the bench, lists the charges, and asks how Trina pleads. Trina says she pleads…

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At the Metro Court, Diane warns Michael and Willow that Nina’s attorney likely will use Michael’s latest assault charge to show he’s a danger, has a violent track record, and cast doubt on his character. Michael reminds her what Nina has done to his family. Diane tells them this is all moot as she has a plan to make it all go away. Diane thinks if they offer the reporter Smoltz some kind of exclusive then perhaps he’ll drop the charges. She heads off to see Alexis and says she’ll be in touch.

In The Invader office, Alexis celebrates that the article has gone national. Harmony arrives to see Alexis after the way they left things. Alexis tells Harmony she can stay, but she needs to be honest with her from now on. Harmony thanks her. Alexis says she’s feeling generous, as she hasn’t felt this good since she fell off the wagon. Harmony flashes back to killing Neil and says she is glad to see Alexis is doing better. Alexis assumes Harmony isn’t. Harmony has decided to talk to Willow on Nina’s behalf. Alexis restates she’s against it, but tells her Willow is open-minded. Harmony thanks her for the talk, and is happy Alexis has her life back on track. Harmony departs.

Back in the Metro Court, Michael apologizes to Willow for causing them trouble, but Willow respects him for standing up for his family. Willow once again is feeling tired but swears she was just up late studying. Harmony arrives to see them and brings up the idea of allowing Nina to see Wiley to avoid the courtroom. Willow asks if Nina asked her to lobby on her behalf, and Harmony admits she did. Nina made her realize what is best for Wiley is if they can settle this on their own. Willow knows what this is about, it’s about the time they lost as mother and daughter. Willow has tried to consider Nina’s side, but they have to think about what is best for Willey. Harmony promises not to bring it up again. Willow admits she had compassion for Nina once too and Michael comments, “It must be genetic.”

Back in Alexis’ office, Diane asks Alexis if there is something they can give Smoltz to drop the charges against Michael. Alexis doubts it as he hates her for rejecting his story on Joss and Cam. Diane figured as much and says she’ll have to think of something on her own. She departs. Later, Brendan knocks on Alexis’ door. He says, “Hello Alexis, it’s been a long time.” Stunned, Alexis responds, “It’s you!”

On the next General Hospital: Spencer questions Esme’s reluctance to take the pregnancy test. Ava asks someone to trust her on this. Nina tells Harmony she has no recourse but to fight legally. Alexis faces Neil’s brother.

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