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Alexis returns home to find Molly and TJ waiting and with a home-cooked meal to thank her for letting them stay there. Alexis is going to miss them and tells them not to worry about her as Harmony is going to stay with her for a bit. Alexis sees their disapproving faces and suggests they get it all out. TJ says Shawn doesn’t trust Harmony and is concerned she still has secrets.

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Harmony stops by Charlie’s to see Phyllis, who called her. Phyllis wants to talk about her and Nina and explains her past with Nina and her mother Madeline. Phyllis asks her to try and convince Willow and Michael that Nina is no danger, and she can use her relationship with Nina’s mother to make the point. Harmony claims she doesn’t know Nina’s mother. Phyllis reminds her she was the blonde with the penthouse, and they walked dogs together. Harmony claims she didn’t know she was Nina’s mother, and they weren’t really friends. Phyllis disagrees, saying she never saw Madeline the ice queen so chummy with anyone as she was with her. Harmony sees what is going on and tells Phyllis to pass the message on to Nina that she gets the point.

At a table, Curtis asks his father why he has such a strong reaction to Sonny. Marshall doesn’t like men like Sonny, mob kingpins who love to call in the debts they are owed. They are interrupted when Curtis gets a call.

Harmony enters Alexis’ place just as Alexis tells TJ and Molly that whatever secrets Harmony has doesn’t concern any of them. Harmony assures TJ and Molly that Alexis has been a good friend, and she means no harm. Molly and TJ excuse themselves to the kitchen. Alexis and Harmony sit, and she tells Alexis how Nina has unleashed a former colleague on her to help her get visitation with Wiley. As they talk, Alexis accidentally spills her drink. Harmony rushes to grab something to clean it up with. She later returns with the carpet cleaner, and Alexis is surprised she found it in the basement. Harmony claims she just assumed it would be there based on her years working as a caregiver.

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At the Metro Court, Nina meets Scott at the bar and asks where her aunt is. Scott explains she’s running late. Scott knows she feels he blindsided her in court and would like to put it behind them because they both care for Liesl. Scott orders them martinis and brings up Nina speaking with Martin about suing for visitation rights in regard to Wiley. Nina reveals she has another plan in the works that doesn’t involve the court. Scott wonders why she doesn’t want to go down the legal road.

At their table, Esme asks Nikolas if she can stay with him. Nikolas explains that would put him in an awkward place with his son given she and Spencer broke up. Esme cries that he’s turned his back on her too. At a nearby table, Portia tells Taggert that she is glad Trina is out of Esme’s path, and she’s sure Esme is behind that sex tape.

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At the PCPD, Dante spots Joss and wonders why she’s there. She’s waiting for Trina to get done talking with Jordan. Dante advises she head home as this may take longer than she thinks. Joss feels they should be talking to Esme, and wonders why she hasn’t been brought in.

In Jordan’s office, Jordan explains to Trina that they are investigating what happened to Joss and Cam. Trina wants to help find who set her friends up and make them pay. Jordan questions her if she saw anyone go into Joss and Cam’s room at the cabin, but she didn’t see anything. She suspects Esme did it and had many chances to plant the camera. Jordan asks where she was after Esme and Spencer left. Trina tells her about the drinking game, how she was hit hard by the hot toddy. Trina didn’t even know Spencer and Esme left until hours later because she blacked out. Jordan reminds her she can call a legal advocate or parent, but Trina has nothing to hide.

Jordan reveals the reason she brought Trina in was that someone sent a tip that she was seen looking at the video on her phone weeks before it was released. Trina says that is a lie and offers to show Jordan her phone. She digs through her bag and is stunned to find the second phone Esme planted. Trina insists she’s never seen the other phone and has no idea how it got in her bag.

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Jordan steps out and calls Curtis. She can’t legally reveal what is going on but drops enough hints about a hypothetical situation that Curtis understands Trina is in trouble.

Curtis returns to Marshall at Charlie’s and explains something came up and he has to go. After he leaves, Marshall goes to pay his bill, and Phyllis chats with him about her relationship with Sonny and Nina.

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Curtis contacts Portia, who is still at the Metro Court with Taggert, to let her know Trina is at the PCPD.

Esme smirks as she sees Taggert and Portia rush out. She later continues to cry to Nikolas. She tells him that she is sure he’ll work things out with Spence, but right now she has to find a place to stay. Nikolas can’t let her worry about where she’s going to sleep, and Esme smiles. Nikolas arranges for her to stay in the room above Kelly’s. She thanks him and jumps into his arms giving him a huge hug.

At the bar, Nina wonders where her aunt is, and realizes Obrecht set her up to talk to Scott. Scott thinks she doesn’t want to drag Michael to court because she has it bad for Sonny. Scott advises she can’t have both Wiley and Sonny, she’ll have to make a choice. He promises to do everything he can to help her get Wiley, but if it’s Sonny she wants then she’s on her own. Nina gets a call from Phyllis, who relays her conversation with Harmony didn’t go well.

At the PCPD, Trina is moved to the interrogation room, and Joss asks Dante what is going on. Jordan appears with the second phone in an evidence bag and hands it to Dante. Jordan explains Trina claims it’s not her phone, and there is no password on it. Dante feels this is a little too convenient. He takes it down to forensics. Taggert and Portia arrive, and Taggert lashes out at Jordan saying he thought they were friends.

In the interrogation room, Trina swears to her parents that she doesn’t know where the second phone came from, and she didn’t think talking to Jordan was a big deal because she hasn’t done anything wrong. Taggert and Portia advise she talk to no one else until their lawyer arrives.

In Jordan’s office, she fills Curtis in on how the tip led them to Trina and the second phone. Curtis notes this seems too easy. Taggert rushes in furious at Jordan, but she says she had to do her job. Dante knocks on the door and Jordan exits with him. Taggert vents to Curtis that Trina is being framed. Jordan returns and Taggert knows he won’t like what she has to say.

Jordan returns to the interrogation room and tells Trina that she needs to come with her. Jordan explains evidence was found on the second phone linking Trina to the video. They head out to the squad room, and Trina swears Esme set her up. Joss agrees and told the detective she spoke to as much. Dante is forced to place Trina under arrest and takes her down to booking. Portia cries in Curtis’ arms.

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